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Texas Wildflower

Author: Susan Wiggs
Pages: 416
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: 2015

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"Known for her soulful stories brimming with adventure and heartfelt emotion, USA Today bestselling author Susan Wiggs has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. In Texas Wildflower, she sweeps readers into a tale of the American West, where a bold spy falls in love with the very woman sworn to bring him to justice. . .

Texas Wildflower
All her life, beautiful Shiloh Mulvane has wanted to follow in her father's revered footsteps as one of the Texas frontier's greatest detectives. Now, she finally has her chance--by bringing sexy outlaw Justin McCord to her employer, a powerful judge who wants him to marry the daughter he allegedly compromised. But Justin has other ideas. The secret spy has a mission to complete, one that holds the fate of a free Texas in the balance. He knows what will happen once they reach Houston: he'll be forced into a sham of a marriage that will allow the corrupt judge to destroy the dream of Texas independence he's fought for, unless. . .he's already married. In one bold moment, the tables turn, and Shiloh finds herself the captive of a new husband she cannot trust or completely resist. What begins as a desperate ruse soon leaves them both vulnerable to a passion as wild and unforgiving as the land they both love, even as they are pursued by those who would stop at nothing to destroy everything they hold dear. . .
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