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By: KittyKatt

I glance around the room, checking to make sure everything is in order. Tonight will be very special. My seduction has been well planned.

The wine is chilling next to a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream. The fire is slowly burning and the pillows are all arranged in front of it. The candles are ready to be lit and soft music is playing in the background.

I can’t wait for my lover to come home. We have been apart for what seems like an eternity, and tonight I want to give him a night to remember.

I go into the bedroom, where I have lit more candles. Lying on the bed is a black lace cat suit. I have taken a shower and shaved everything, because I know you like me bare like a little girl. As I remove my robe, my nipples harden from the change of temperature. And the thoughts of what I have planned for you.

I get the bottle of jasmine oil that you love so well and slowly start to massage it into my skin. Caressing myself, imagining your hands in place of mine. I rub the oil onto my breast, feeling their fullness. I work around the nipples, feeling them harden even more, the areoles are tight as I begin to feel the nerves in my belly start to contract. I love my breast played with. I pinch one nipple, then the other. Pulling a little making it feel like when you tug on them with your teeth. Mmmmm, I just can’t get enough of that.

Slowly my hands glide down my body working the oil in good. I run down my belly, tracing circles in the oil. My hands move past my pussy to work the oil into my legs, and down to my feet. I work the oil in between my toes. Working on the nerves of my feet, making me hotter. My hands slowly inch up the inside of my thigh, until they just brush against the lips of my pussy. I pour more oil into my hands and massage it into the lips, just barely touching my clit. It jumps as my hand connects with it. I softly moan. I can’t wait to have your lips there. I want your hands running over my body, teasing me into full awareness.

I feel a tremor start in my belly as I continue to rub my clit, then i insert one finger inside myself, stroking, wanting to feel your cock there instead. As I imagine you stroking deep within me, I feel myself cum. My body jerks as the orgasms run through my body. As I slowly drift back to the present, I get up and remove the towel from my auburn hair, feeling it as it brushes my bottom. I love the feel of my hair skimming along my back and I know you love to run your hands through it when we make love. I run the brush through my hair until it crackles with life.

You must get home soon, my body is hot for you and I need your body badly.

I have just stoked the fire and opened the wine to let it breathe. I take one of the strawberries and roll it around in the cream. I lick the cream off and bite into the succulent fruit. Mmmm, it tastes good. I go into the kitchen, licking the juice from my fingers. I reach into the freezer for the little surprised I have set up for you. I take it into the living room and set it beside the wine and berries.

One last inspection confirms everything is in order. Good timing because I hear your car pull into the drive.

As you walk in the door, I notice your hair is damp, you must have stopped by the gym on your way home. You look around and ask if you have forgotten an anniversary or birthday or something, and I tell you no. This is just something I put together for us. I love to watch you move. You are not skinny but well built. Athletic. Your hazel eyes are always smiling. I could drown in your eyes. You throw your stuff on the floor and move to me taking me into your arms.” Mmmm, you smell good “, you tell me as you take my lips in a soul searing kiss.

Our tongues dance back and forth intertwining, becoming one. Mating like our bodies will be soon. We breathe into each other as the kiss deepens. Your hands wander all over my back, then end up buried in my hair. I feel your desire as we kiss. I hold you tighter, as you break the kiss, to rain more all over my face and neck, leaving a love bruise as you move. I return the bite, marking you as mine. As much as I hate breaking the moment, I have plans and I intend to carry them out. I move out of your arms, and walk over and pour us both a glass of wine. You grab a strawberry on your way to me, and when you are standing in front of me you take a bite and reach for me sharing the strawberry with me. MMMM, the only way to eat a strawberry, well maybe.

We sink to the floor in front of the fire, stopping long enough to set our wine down. Our lips touch once again, I nip at your bottom lip, teasing it with my tongue. You groan because you know where else I will do that. Your tongue darts into my mouth, swirling around mine, as your hands reach up to massage my breast thru the lace over them. My nipples reach up to meet your touch. You slowly kiss over to my left ear, licking along the outside of it, and then moving to suck lightly on the lobe. You whisper that I am very naughty, and bite me lightly. I groan. You move further down my neck, kissing and nibbling, you know how much I like that.

One of your hands is rubbing my nipples while the other one pulls me against you, I want to feel your skin, so I pull on your t-shirt, you lean back to help me. I pull it over your head, and reach out and lick one of your nipples. Oh, God, you turn me on so much. You pull the straps of my catsuit down my shoulders kissing and licking as you do. My breast are bared for your eyes to feast upon, your tongue to lavish wet kisses on. You take a nipple in your mouth, teasing it gently with your teeth, licking it where you are holding it between your teeth. I lay back to give you better access.

You reach up and get a strawberry and dip it in the wine. Bringing it to my nipple and moving it around. You then take a bite of it, and put my nipple back in your mouth…You moan and whisper that it tastes so good. You then take some of the whipped cream and put a dollop on each nipple. The coolness causes my nipple to harden a little more. But you are licking it off, not stopping even when the cream is gone. I don’t want you to have all the fun, so I take some cream and put it on your nipples and return the favor. It tastes so good.

Your nipples pucker from the onslaught of my tongue, I smile against your skin as I hear you moan. You like it as much as I do. Slowly I reach for the little surprise, some chocolate syrup, I take a small fingerful and rub it on your nipple, mmmm, I love a good tasting man laced with chocolate. My tongue bathes your nipple clean of the chocolate, not to be outdone you push me back and pour the chocolate over my breast, then add whipped cream on top, laughing seductively you begin to eat your dessert. Your tongue licks and nibbles down between my breast, taking the gooey chocolate and whipped concoction to reveal my love blushed skin. You lick and suck on my breast cleaning up every last drop. But you don’t stop there, you continue down my stomach teasing my belly button before traveling further.

As you go you pull my catsuit with you exposing all my treasures to your view, you lean back and just gaze at me. I see the desire smoldering in your eyes. I ask if my fireside seduction has been a good idea, you grin at me devilishly, and I notice your hand moving to the wine bucket. I giggle and try to squirm away but you have gotten the ice and flip me over onto my stomach, running the ice cube down over my neck and along my spine. I arch away from the ice, only bringing my bottom fully into the air where you continue your icy torture. You run the ice cube between my butt cheeks, spreading them as you do. Little shivers run thru me as I feel the ice beginning to melt as you move closer to my pussy lips.

Your tongue follows the trail made by the water; I am up on all fours now as you bury your face between my legs. But you want better access so you flip me back over and retrieve another ice cube. Spreading my legs you run the cube through the folds of my pussy, trailing it past my clit and around teasing me. My clit has become so swollen, that it hurts, you reach down and lightly kiss it. Warming it only to take the ice and rub over it, I moan as the coolness causes my clit to become harder. I beg you to warm it with your tongue. You oblige me, sucking my clit into your mouth and slowly teasing it with your tongue. I feel the first of my orgasms building in my stomach as I arch to meet your mouth.

Your tongue follows the trail left by the water. Delving into the folds of my pussy lips, driving me wild as you move it back and forth, inching closer to my hole. Your tongue reaches into me, tasting the juices you have inspired. The tip lapping them, you moan as you lift my bottom to bring me even closer. I am whimpering with need, my hands grabbing a hold of your head, pulling you in closer. I can’t get enough. Then you move to take my clit fully into your mouth sucking on it, teasing it with your tongue and teeth. The stars explode within my head as I reach for another orgasm, my world shattering. Oh, such sweet ecstasy.

My need for you reaches new heights, I want to pleasure you also. I tell you it is your turn. To roll over I need to taste you. Our lips meet and I taste my juices on your tongue as our tongues come together. I trail soft, whisper soft kisses down your throat, stopping to lightly nip at your Adam’s apple. Moving further, my hand finds a ice cube and I trail it over your nipples. They harden as I lick and nibble them. I love to tease your nipples as much as you do mine. But I must reach my ultimate goal, I need to take your cock into my mouth, I need to taste you at that point where your scent is most concentrated. I need to taste your need.

I kiss and lick my way down your stomach, teasing your ribs as I reach each one. I know you are ticklish there and you giggle like a little boy, making me smile as I journey lower. I stop to dip my tongue around your navel, teasing it. Your cock is standing proud, waiting for my mouth, but I circle around it. Causing you to moan, I tell you to have patience. Another ice cube has found it’s way into my hands and I run it lightly down the shaft then back up. Then down over your balls. My tongue follows suit and I suck your balls into my mouth, working them with my tongue. I suck and lick on your balls then I lift them to lick at that spot right between your balls and your asshole. I feel the shivers work thru your body as I do this. Your fingers are clenched in my hair, pulling my head in. I work my way back to where I am staring at your beautiful cock. The head is swollen, and the vein that runs the length of it is standing up.

A small drop of pre-cum is peeking out, and I reach with the tip of my tongue and take it. Mmmmmm, it tastes good. Ever so slowly I take the tip into my mouth, working my tongue around it. I feel your breathing becoming a little more raspy as I begin to take your cock deeper into my mouth. I suck down to the base, my tongue working designs as I move. I start to hum, I so enjoy tasting you.

I begin to make my way back up only to go back down. My pace quickening only to slow when I feel your hips moving up to move with me. I am teasing you, and I love the results. Your cock has become rock hard and the tip is beginning to redden. I know that soon you will explode. I back off and you let out a disappointed moan. But it doesn’t last for long as I position myself above you and taking your cock in my hand guide you to my waiting heat. You grab my hips to help guide me as I feel the shaft at the entrance to my wet spot. I impale myself on it, taking it deep within me only to rise and go more slowly. Oh, it feels so good. Stretching me, filling me.

Slowly I start to ride you, my breast thrusting out, bouncing as I take you inside me. My hair is falling around your legs and teasing your ball sack as I move. You reach up to grab my breast, pinching at the nipples. Then rising to take them in your mouth. I begin to grind my hips in a circular motion as we ride the storm of our passion. But you want more and taking my hips, pull me away from you. I know you love to give it to me from behind, I am on my knees now, and you come up behind me. Reaching around your fingers part my lips as I feel the tip of your cock enter me from behind. Your fingers start teasing my clit as you begin the pump into me. We are both groaning as our bodies’ heat up, matching thrust for thrust. Slowly I lean forward opening myself up to you more, with my breast on the pillows, and my ass up in the air, you thrust deeper. Oh, I am going to cum again.

As you feel me cumming your thumb finds my asshole and you work it slowly in. Caressing me with the other hand. You ask if I like having your thumb in my ass, and my only reply is more moaning. The fire burning in front of us and in us has caused a fine sheen of sweat to form on our bodies. Harder and faster you drive into me, taking me over the edge again. All of a sudden you pull out of me, flipping me on my back. Raising my knees to your shoulders, you re-enter me. And as our lips meet your paces quickens and you tell me you are so close, you want to watch me as you cum, you want us both to go over the edge together. We are both matching each other stroke for stroke, the little spasms raking through my body are coming one after the next. Building to become one. I feel the head of your cock, rubbing against the perfect spot and tell you not to stop, that I am going to cum. I want you to cum with me. Your body begins to shake as you get closer, then as I start to slip over into that little death, I feel you stroke deep and explode, filling me. Our cries of completion echo around the room.

You collapse on top of me and I wrap my arms around you, as we both ride the wave of pleasure rippling through our bodies. Your hair falls in damp tendrils, teasing my neck and breast. I feel you smile. Slowly you lift your head and I ask what you are smiling at. You grin and ask just who seduced who? I smile back and ask if it really matters. As long as it worked. We kiss and cuddle among the pillows, as we plan our next rendezvous.

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