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By: latesummernight

My eyes open. The red light of the digital clock shows 2:54 AM. A lone street light shines in through the window. It’s a rainy November evening. The only sound, besides the soft fall of the rain outside, is the steady in and out of my breathing. As I settle back in to sleep more I realize there’s another sound. More breathing. I turn to my right and see you. Your back is to me. I smile. I love the way your hair spills on the pillow under your head. I turn on my side to look at you.

Your neck is exposed more than normal and I trace it with my eyes. I start at the first part of skin visible under your hair. I follow it down, slowly. To your shoulders. Then down your spine to just above your lower back where the sheets lay across you. Your skin is incredible. Beautiful and perfect. I stare at your back for several minutes. Imagining the feel of it.

In the dim light your back looks like a field the morning after it snowed all night and before anyone had tracked across it. I want to be the first one. I want to be the first to touch that freshness. That beauty. Have it for my own.

I reach forward and my lips meet your skin, just below your left shoulder blade. Your skin is warm, like a bed on a stormy Sunday morning. I melt. I am touching you, but just the feel of your skin under my lips makes me melt.

I kiss gently. Slowly. You stir slightly. I am really trying not to disturb you. I don’t want to ruin the beauty of your skin as it is at this moment. Soon though, I cannot control my body. My kisses get harder. More determined. Every fifth kiss my tongue sneaks out to taste your skin. Then every third kiss. Soon every kiss. I try to wrap my mouth around as much of your skin as possible.

My left hand reaches out to your hip. Touching lightly at fist. Very lightly then it slides up your side. Just like my kisses, my hand touches you lightly at first and get more and more determined to be as close to your skin as possible. I wrap my arm around you and pull your body closer to your mouth as I kiss more of your back. Back and forth across your spine. Both shoulder blades then across your shoulders.

Now you are awake. I FEEL you moan. I hear your breath grow quicker. I revel in the smell of having you so close. Your hips push back against me. I slide my other arm under your head, around your neck and across your shoulder pulling you even closer to me. You move your head down and start kissing, licking and softly biting my arm.

I’m cannot stop kissing your back. The way your body has begun to move has made me even more frenzied to continue the assault with my mouth. My left hand, which by now has found your breast and has been toying with your nipple, slides back down the side of your stomach and grabs your hip. I pull you back even tighter against me. Then it slides down between your legs to find that you are incredibly wet.

I busy my hand between your legs to start to make you get closer to cumming. You arch your back and tilt your head back. You breathing is deep now. The moans come quicker. A quick glance up shows me that your neck has been completely exposed by the movement of your head. Suddenly your neck becomes the desire of my hunger.

I pounce on your neck. My right arm still around you. My left, between your legs. I kiss. I bite. I suck. I lick. I want your neck to never leave from being this close. The smell of your hair, in which my nose is buried. I want you completely. There is no one and nothing I want more than you, as close to me as possible.

Your left leg slides up over mine. With one swift movement, and without removing my mouth from your neck, I slide into you. I slide in deep and use my arm to push your hips back towards me. I am insane. I’m filled with an indescribable feeling. You are warm and soft and tight and wet around me. There’s nothing else I want than this. Nothing.

The only movement now comes from the heaving of your chest and my mouth on your neck. I’m staying as deep in you as I can. You can feel me grow even harder inside you. This is heaven. PURE HEAVEN.

My left hand is still between your legs and between it’s touch and me being inside you, you are close to cumming. Very close. Your hips begin grinding against me and that soon puts you over the edge. I feel you completely release yourself around me and there is nothing more I need than that.

Your hips move faster and faster against me. I start sliding in and out of you. All this time I’m still kissing your neck. I move from time to time to your ear, but my mouth NEVER leaves you. We both take turns moaning. We are lost in each other completely. There is nothing like this anywhere.

You reach back and grab my head. Pulling it forward until our mouths meet. Our tongues collide. I taste your mouth and that is it. I cannot hold back anymore. This final kiss has pushed me over the edge and I release deep inside of you.

Our bodies locked together. We lie motionless. Our breathing starts to slow. I wrap both my arms around you. Holding you close, never leaving from inside of you. Not a word is said. A content sigh escapes you. My kisses return to gentle pecks on your neck. I continue to kiss as I hear your breathing get slower. Heavier. Soon you are back asleep. My eyes grow heavy and my kisses slow. Sleep is overtaking me. I drift off with a grin. My arms around you. Inside of you. The rain outside slowly overtakes the sound of my breathing and soon I hear nothing but dreams.


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