A Shy Wife

Reading Time: 67 minutes


By: Karenkay

Jessica was standing in the front window watching the men unload the moving van that had been parked next door all morning as she stood drinking her coffee. Jessica was spending another weekend alone while her husband Don played golf with his buddies.

Jessica sat on the arm of the sofa as she crossed her legs and took another sip of her coffee wondering who was moving in the house next door. Jessica had just turned twenty-nine and she and Don had married right out of college and just calibrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

Of coarse, It was just like any other day at their house because Don spent that special day out with his friends again and forgot their anniversary all together. Jessica didn’t mind so much because she was getting use to it since it was the third year in a roll that he forgot and went out with his friends.

Being very shy all her life, Jessica didn’t get out much to meet new friends and had lost contact with most of her college and high school friends over the years. Don would bring home one of his buddies on occasion and watch football on the television while she became their waitress serving beer and snacks all day.

Don worked at an auto dealership selling cars and spent six long days a week selling cars and he always complained he didn’t have time to take her anywhere. He always seemed to make extra time to spend with his friends when he did have spare time.

Jessica’s parents both died and had left her enough money that she didn’t have to work outside of the house. She enjoyed selling crafts she made on the internet and developed some distant friends over the past couple of years.

Still sitting on the arm of the chair, Jessica placed the coffee cup down on the table next to the sofa and stretched one of her legs out feeling the little stubbles as she moved her hand along her leg and thigh.

Jessica was a very pretty blonde with long flowing hair and at 5′, 8″ tall with long slim legs and a natural thirty-six, c-cup and could have been a model when she was younger but passed up that opportunity to go on to college.

She glanced one more time outside at the moving van before getting up and walking into the bedroom where she dropped her rob and stepped into the shower. Jessica stood in the shower using the razor on the back of her legs thinking about Don again. Don hardly touched her anymore and when they did have sex it was over in five minutes. Seemed like it was just long enough for him to get on top and cum than getting off and falling asleep. Jessica tried to persuade Don to go to the fertility client with her but they’re always seemed to be more important things for him to do so she finally gave up on the idea of having children.

They had tried having children for three years when they first got married but they later found out that Don had a very low sperm count which made it almost impossible for them to have children the normal way.

Jessica finished applying her makeup and finished with the lipstick as she closed her purse and looked in the full length mirror on the wall at her refection. She had chosen a white pair of shorts and a green stretch top since it was going to be another hot day in South Florida.

She slipped into her heels on walked out the door and was ready to step into the car when someone yelled out. “Hello.” Jessica turned and saw an attractive black woman standing in the driveway next door.

Jessica turned and stepped back out of the car as the woman walked toward her extending her hand out to shake hers. The woman said. “My name is Jasmine and I’m going to be your new neighbor.”

Jessica smiled and took her hand noticing how attractive this woman that just introduced herself was. Jessica replied. “I’m very pleased to meet you. I’m Jessica and my husband Done and I live right here. I was just going out to do some shopping and if I can get you anything while I’m out I’d be happy to.”

Jasmine raised her finger and said. “Would you mind if I came along with you, it would only take me a minute to get my purse? Besides. These moving men can finish everything on their own. They don’t need me standing around here in their way.”

Jessica smiled and said. “It would be nice to have you come along shopping with me.” Jasmine smiled back and said. “Good. I’ll go and get my things and let these men know I’ll be right back.”

Jessica watched Jasmine as she walked back into her house and thought that they were about the same size including the shapely round tight looking butt that Jasmine had. Jessica always got many wolf calls out on the street when she was shopping and took pride in her figure.

Jasmine’s hair was even the same length as her own and when Jasmine returned back to the car she smiled and said to her. “It’s really nice to have someone to spend a Saturday with for a change.” Jasmine smiled back as she got into the car and they drove off.

Jessica and Jasmine spent the trip to the store talking like lost sisters as they compared everything about their lives. Jessica had found out that Jasmine’s husband was in the service and was killed three years before in a military accident so she was living off the pension from her husband and worked at home selling on the internet just like Jessica did.

Jasmine even shared the same birth month as Jessica and both were the same age. The ride back was just as entertaining for both women until Jasmine asked Jessica about her husband.

Jessica replied. “He spends most of his free time away from home but I suppose that’s why we’ve been together for so long.” Jasmine didn’t reply but she could sense this woman lived an unhappy life with her husband and wish she could help her.

A couple days later Jasmine met Jessica’s husband Don and he only waved at her as he walked out the front door to play golf with his friends. Over the next several months, their friendship grew and they spent every day together working on their internet businesses, shopping, and taking day trips together.

It gave both women something to look forward each day as they grew closer together as friends. They now shared almost every intimate secret about each another as sisters would. One day Jasmine came over with a little present for Jessica and leaned against the kitchen counter as she watched her friend open the little box.

Jessica opened the lid and closed the box real fast as she looked at Jasmine with a gasp and said. “What is this thing?” Jasmine laughed and said. “Go ahead and take it out. It won’t bit you.”

Jessica opened the box again and looked inside with a smile and said. “Oh my God. It’s a vibrator.” She smiled at Jasmine and said. “What on earth I’m I going to do with this little thing?”

Jasmine laughed as she walked over and hugged her friend and said. “Do you remember how you told me about Don jumping on you like a rabbit and falling back over and going to sleep?”

Jessica smiled and nodded her head in agreement as Jasmine continued to say. “You can use this to make yourself cum when he’s not around.”

Jessica giggled and looked at her friend and said. “I’ve never used one of these in my life!”

Jasmine replied. “Its about time you at least brought yourself a little pleasure. Your husband isn’t going to take care of your needs than you have to find other ways.”

Both women laughed as Jessica said. “I better go put this away somewhere Don’s not going to find it.” Jasmine had a feeling that Jessica was going to get a lot of use over that little toy in the future. She thought to herself how a man could leave such a beautiful wife at home by herself all the time.

Two weeks later, Jessica had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off when she remembered the vibrator that Jasmine had bought her. Last night was another one of those five minute fucks that her husband was famous for and left her hanging again.

Jessica pulled the toy out of the drawer and laid down on the bed and pulled her legs up and rubbed the little toy along her pussy slit.

She closed her eye’s as she rubbed it in little circles rubbing it along her clit. She clicked on the button and wenched as she felt the tingling it was giving her pussy. She slowly pushed the vibrator into her pussy as she took her free hand and began to rub her clitoris. Jessica began to fantasize she was being screwed by some big jock as the tingling the little vibrator made her arch her hips up as she began to fuck herself with the little toy. The feeling was getting more intense as Jessica pushed the vibrator faster into her pussy as she played with her clit.

Jessica felt herself tighten up around the little toy as her legs went straight out and stiff and she began to orgasm. “Oh Yeah . . . Fuck Me . . . God. Yes. It’s so good.” She was screaming out for her imaginary lover to keep fucking her as her legs relaxed but kept up the stimulation on her pussy with the little toy.

She held the little toy deep inside her pussy while she played with her clitoris bringing herself to a second orgasm than shutting off the vibrator while she continued to massage her pussy lips. This was the most relieved she felt in months as Jessica slowly pulled the plastic toy out of her wet pussy and laid back on the bed and rubbed her fingers along her tits making her nipples stay hard.

A few seconds later the phone rang and Jessica reached over and grabbed the phone next to the bed. It was Jasmine wanting to know what she would be doing this coming Friday.

Jessica replied. “I don’t think I have anything planned, just an average Friday with Don going out with the guys again.”

Jasmine replied. “Good. Do you know that club we always pass on our way to the mall?” Jessica replied. “You mean the place that you can see them dancing outside near the water?”

Jasmine replied and said. “That’s the one I was talking about. Why don’t you and I get dressed and go out and check it out on Friday?” Jessica hesitated and said. “I really don’t know if I should. If I’m not here when Don gets home he’ll be mad.”

Jasmine replied. “Tell him before Friday comes around that you and I are going out to a movie or something. Why would he care as long as you tell him your going out with me?” Jessica replied. “I guess I could tell him we are going out.”

Jasmine said. “Good. I’ll give you a call in the morning and we’ll go out and buy something to wear.” Jessica felt excited but nervous because she had never gone out to a bar without Don before but she was getting excited thinking about going there with Jasmine.

That Friday afternoon Jessica was slipping on her new dress she had bout special for that night. Jasmine had helped her pick out the dress which was a nice contrast to her own.

The dress was low cut in the front with a very low back which came down to her waist in the rear and hugged her hips coming down just above the knees. Jasmine had picked out a similar dress in green that was made almost the identical way. Jessica remembered how they laughed when they both tried on the dresses and came out of the dressing rooms at the same time.

Jessica was just finishing applying her lipstick as Jasmine walked in and said. “Don’t you look hot tonight?” She laughed as she looked her friend up and down and Jessica did the same with Jasmine.

Jasmine reached out and adjusted Jessica’s dress around her tits and said. “We don’t want these things to spill out of here tonight do we?” Both women’s dresses showed off enough cleavage that would surely bring attention to any of the men in the club tonight.

Jessica said. “I don’t think Don would approve of me wearing a dress this revealing out to a club. Even if he were with me.” Jasmine replied. “Honey. Don’t worry about what Don would think. You look hot and you deserve to go out once in awhile and if he won’t take you, I’ll go with you.”

Jasmine brought her own perfume and gave herself a squirt around her neck while Jessica did the same using one of her favorites. Jessica slipped into a pair of black heels and they were on their way to the club.

They drove off reaching the club within thirty minutes as Jasmine said. “See. If we drink too much, it won’t be that far to drive home tonight.” They both laughed as they got out of the car and walked toward the club. It wasn’t dark yet and anyone in the club could have seen them walking up to the building.

Jessica said. “I hope there isn’t anyone I know here tonight.”

Jasmine replied. “Does it really matter in the scheme of things if there were someone you knew in there?” They both laughed again as they entered the building.

They were seated in a nice booth by a hostess and ordered their drinks as they looked around the club. There appeared to be both couples and singles as the women checked everyone out. Jessica looked toward the bar and seen a couple dozen men standing around looking at the women around the club.

Jessica said. “We better stay away from the bar area tonight. It looks like a bunch of guys over there looking to pick up some women.”

Jasmine laughed and said. “If you were single again, you would be over their flirting with some of those guys.”

There was music playing with a disc jockey over in the corner with a large dance floor in the center of the club right in front of the bar where all the men were standing. They sipped their drinks watching some of the couples dance as Jasmine said. “Would you like to go out there and dance with me?”

Jessica smiled and said. “I can’t go out there near any of those men in this dress. They’ll be all over us.” Jasmine replied. “Just stay close to me and don’t even look at them. Just pretend they are not there.”

Jessica followed Jasmine out onto the dance floor staying as far away from the bar as they could and picked a spot where they had plenty of room to dance. They had fun dancing some fast songs and on the forth song it went into a Latin Salsa and some of the women left the floor with the exception of a few.

Jessica laughed and said. “We better go and sit this one out.”

Jasmine laughed and said. “No. Stay here with me and give it a try.” They began to dance to the music watching the other women on the floor and started to imitate their moves having fun dancing very seductively.

The music was loud so Jessica had to speak over the music and said in a loud voice. “If Don could see me now, he’d slip out of his skull.”

Jasmine replied. “Don’t worry about him tonight. He’s never around to make anything flip.” They both laughed as they continued to dance to the song.

When the song finished, both women were out of breath and laughing as they walked back to their booth and sat down. Jasmine was just about ready to order new drinks when the waitress walked over carrying a tray with two drinks on it and placed them down on the table.

The waitress said. “These drinks are from a couple guys over at the bar that saw you two dance together.” She walked away before either of them could ask who they were and just looked at each other.

Jessica said. “You see what I mean about all those guys at the bar?” Jasmine replied. “Don’t get upset, they are just being nice and gave us a complement on our dancing skills.”

Jessica was looking around the bar but couldn’t really see anyone looking at them as she wondered who sent the drinks. Jasmine stood up and pulled Jessica to her feet and took her back out onto the dance floor again as they giggled there way onto the middle of the floor.

The women were on there second dance when someone taped Jessica on the shoulder and said. “Would you mind if I cut in?” She turned and saw a very tall handsome black man standing behind her and smiled and said. “You want to dance with me?”

The man replied. “No. I was referring to your friend here.”

Jessica moved out of the way so the man could dance with Jasmine and no sooner than she moved out of his way that she was taped on her shoulder again and turned the other way and saw a tall handsome white guy smiling at her and said. “Would you like to dance?” Jessica smiled and nodded her head as she began to dance with this man.

The song ended and the next song was a slow one and the man asked her again if she would dance with him and she did let him put his arms around her. The man said. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Bob and my friend dancing with your partner is Ben and watched you two out on the floor and sent those drinks over to your table.”

Jessica waited before giving him a reply and said. “Thank you for the drinks, my name is Jessica and my friend’s name is Jasmine.”

Bob replied. “Are you and your friend from this area?”

Jessica replied. “We are neighbors and thought we would check out this club tonight. We drive past it all the time and always see a big crowd of people in here.”

Jessica asked. “Are you guys regular customers here?”

Bob replied. “This is our first time here tonight and we are roommates right now.” The song ended and both Jasmine and Jessica looked at each other and thanked the guys for asking them to dance and walked back to their booth. Jasmine spoke first and said. “Those two guys are handsome!”

Jessica replied back and said. “Yeah. They are the two that bought us those drinks.”

Jasmine took a sip of her drink and said. “Ben told me they bought them, and what is the guy’s name who was dancing with you?”

Jessica replied. “His name is Bob and he had asked if we were from around here so I told him we were neighbors.”

Jasmine said. “Ben told me they are roommates and own a construction company in town.” Jessica laughed and said. “I didn’t get that far because the song ended.” They both laughed as they sipped their drinks and saw both men coming over to their booth.

Jessica looked nervous as she looked down at her wedding rings and tucked her hand under the table and slipped it off her finger and placed it inside her purse. She wanted to hide the fact that she was married so these guys wouldn’t cause any problems so she decided to take them off.

There wasn’t anytime to tell Jasmine as they approached their table as Ben said. “Would you ladies mind if we joined you tonight?”

The women both looked at each other as Jasmine said. “You most certainly may.” Ben caught the waitress and asked if she could bring a new round of drinks for everyone and as the women scooted over in the booth, Ben sat with Jessica and Bob sat next to Jasmine.

The women starred at each other as the opposite man they thought wanted to sit next to each of them sat in with the other as Jessica made a face at Jasmine.

Jessica was nervous as Ben sat down next to her and smiled and said. “If you don’t mind me saying, what is a beautiful woman like you sitting without a date tonight?”

Jessica was almost too nervous to answer Ben’s question and said. “It was a last minute decision for Jasmine and me to come to the club tonight.”

Ben was tall, maybe around six foot five or even taller and sat within inches of Jessica in the booth and Jessica couldn’t help but notice how Ben was starring down at her cleavage. There wasn’t any way she could cover herself as she squirmed in her seat and finally brought her left hand up to her shoulder as if she was trying to scratch an itch.

Ben immediately took hold of Jessica’s hand and massaged her fingers and said. “I had thought I saw a wedding ring on this finger when we were dancing. I was kind of worried for a while that you might be married.”

Jessica glanced over at Jasmine but she didn’t hear what Ben had said because Bob was busy talking to her. Jessica hesitated wondering what she should tell this man. Should she tell him the truth or should she tell a little white lie.

She finally replied. “I’m separated from my husband at the moment and forgot I was wearing my rings when I walked in here tonight and slipped them off after I danced with you.” Jessica took a deep breath and a shy of relief knowing she told this man the truth. Sort of the truth anyway.
A Shy Wife Cuts Loose

**Author’s Note: It’s been a few years since I published a story on Literotica, and here is my latest effort. As you can tell from many of my stories, I have a bit of a thing for married women. So any ladies who are looking for another man’s affections and are interested in chatting or having me write a story for them, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!


My wife and I are very different people. I was raised in San Francisco by two parents who lived and breathed the free love movement and eventually became suburban professionals, and Melissa group up in Charleston, the socialite daughter of a wealthy Southern family. They had instilled hundreds of years of strong Christian values into her, and maybe that was the attraction for both of us. That dichotomy. I was a fast talking lawyer with money and enough charm to at least convince her I was handsome, and she was a beautiful, faithful, Southern lady with a heart of gold and more class than a college.

And when I say beautiful, that is no exaggeration folks. Long strong legs toned from years of cheer leading, wide flaring hips with a flat but soft belly, and two perfectly shaped c cup breasts. Green eyes, a perfect little nose and soft full lips made for kissing are all a part of her package. But what really drove me wild? Her hair. Long, thick, with just the slightest bit of curl, soft, and dark mahogany. She has been compared to Kristin Davis more than once, but in all honesty, she has every one of those Sex and the City chippies beat, hands down.

SO remember how I said she was raised religious? Baptist, to be more precise, and nothing except bucket seats has done more to keep men and women apart than the Baptist Church. We dated 8 months before we had sex for the first time, and then it was rushed. Afterwards, she acted like she was ashamed. But over the next few months, she started to change. Melissa went from a church girl who literally thought she could get pregnant is I rubbed against her while still wearing underwear (Man, was it hard not to laugh when she asked about THAT one) to absolute loving to fuck. She went from a girl who though oral sex was dirty to a fellatio expert who could deep throat me and hold my cock down her gullet while I came. “I love the taste of your come,” she once told me, and if actions speak louder than words, she has proved that more than once.

So, before we go further I should tell you that I am not the most faithful man. My parents had an open marriage, and I have always had a very cosmopolitan idea of sex and monogamy, so even when I made the vows, I suppose I never had any real intention of keeping them. But I love Melissa, and didn’t want to hurt her, so I tried. It lasted longer than I would have thought, about ten years. Over the next seven after that, I had four affairs, and they were all amazing. But the day came when I was caught, and when that happened, it seemed to shatter something in Melissa. She stayed with me, and marriage counseling helped, but she was no longer confident. She was always suspicious, always asking where I was going and how long I would be gone. It was then that I realized I had a problem: Do I swear off other women, or risk it all again. Melissa and I have a sixteen year old son, David, who is the apple of my eye. I only had a few more years living under a roof with him, and be damned if I would lose those years to some strange.

By this point, I should mention, sex between Melissa and I had gotten stale. She was 39 and still as gorgeous as the day I met her, if not more so. I had gone a bit gray, but had held together pretty well, I suppose. SO what to do? Give the rest of my forties to sexual frustration? Then it hit me. The solution to everything. The solution to Melissa’s confidence issues, our stale sex life, and my own problem. How could I get my sweet Southern wife to agree to let me fuck other women? The answer lay in my own darkest fantasies about her. A fantasy I had had for years and never shared. A fantasy I had only dared dream I could one day live out.

I had to convince my shy, sweet wife to fuck another man. And let me watch.


Okay, so in most stories like this, it goes pretty simply. Well, it didn’t with us. I will skip over the many, MANY times I brought the subject up, the many angry resentful refusals, all of which took the better part of a year. It was not until I happened to stumble upon a very fortunate find that I was able to make this seem more than a wild flight of fancy. One day I came home and found Melissa sitting on the couch in her white terrycloth bathrobe after work.

“HI honey,” I said, pecking her on the cheek.

Melissa looked a bit flushed, her cheeks red and her color beautiful, like she had been working out. She smiled, chewing a carrot, her legs crossed and one foot bouncing sexily. “Hey baby. Good day?”

I nodded. David hadn’t gotten home from school, I could see. Odd that Melissa isn’t dressed, I thought. Then I went into the study to email my boss about something I had forgotten to mention, and noticed a towel laying across the computer chair. And on the computer was Melissa’s open Facebook page. I picked up the towel. Damp. I held it to my nose and inhaled, and I could smell her. The sweet scent I knew so well: my wife’s pussy. She had been masturbating. Looking at the computer and rubbing one out, right here. And what was on screen? Not a picture of me, that’s for sure. Instead was a series of photographs of the nineteen year old son of a woman Melissa worked with. We had known him for years. He was going to college, right her in Atlanta. Melissa was his Facebook friend, as she was with more than 1000 other people. But this young man, who was named Jason Lance, it would seem, was special. So special that she had pulled up a series of pics he had posted of him working as a lifeguard. He was tall, maybe 6’3″, well built, with sandy blonde hair, tight pecs, and honest to god abs. I used to have abs.

That was when I heard Melissa running down the hall. “Shawn! Shawn, don’t go into the…” Then she turned the corner and saw that I was holding the towel. She was shocked, embarrassed, vulnerable. Not because I knew she masturbated, or that she had a fantasy life, but because it had been to someone we KNEW, someone who was real to us. She had probably expected anger. But all I could do was smile.


A month. It took me a month to convince her to try to entice young Jason into her bed. I won’t bore you with the details of those many conversations, except for the last one, the one where I informed her that I had asked around a bit, learned that he didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, and frequented a bar called The Lazy Tiger on Friday Nights. “Today is Thursday, sweetheart. Just think of it. Tomorrow night. You could have him between your legs tomorrow night.”

Melissa sat on the bed, dressed in jeans and a t shirt, her hair in a ponytail, biting her lip. “How… how can you want me to do this?” She asked.

“Turnabout is only ,fair, babe. I had my fun, and I would rather see you have yours than live with the guilt. Besides…” I traced my finger along her throat. “You are gorgeous. I have always wanted to watch you move that beautiful body of yours, sweaty and naked, being taken. Ravished. But I have to admit, right or wrong, the idea of it being another man? It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time.”

She shook her head. “He probably won’t even want me.”

I put my finger beneath her chin and raised her face, looking her in the eye. “Melissa. EVERY man wants you.”

She smiled. “Well, what do I do? I can’t just go up to him and ask him to… you know.”

“Fuck you while your husband watches?”

She nodded.

“Okay honey. I’ll tell you what. We’ll go to that bar, tomorrow night, and I will… broker the deal.”

She looked stunned. “You mean you’ll ask him?”

I nodded, smiling.

“You’re crazy, you realize that?” Melissa said, shaking her head and grinning.

“Yes,” I said. “Crazy like a very horny fox.”


We showed up at the Lazy Tiger the next night around 9 PM. I was dressed in slacks, a nice shirt, and a sports coat, but Melissa looked like a goddess. She wore a silk sleeveless black blouse, low-cut, and a short, tight denim skirt with thigh high stockings. We sat down at the bar, and I bought her a drink. Now, Melissa doesn’t drink much, but that first drink she quaffed like it was nothing, and then had another. And another. “Will you slow down?” I asked.

“I can’t help it,” She squeaked. “I’m so nervous.” We looked around a minute or two, when I heard her say suddenly, “Oh my god! There he is!” I looked over to the bar and low and behold, one Mr. Jason Lance. He was sitting to the side, talking to a pretty but distracted looking young woman. “He’s with someone!” Melissa said. “Damn, I knew this was a bad idea.” I could almost hear the groan in her voice.

Jesus, how long had she had a crush on this kid? She was sounding like a jealous high schooler.

“No,” I said. “He’s trying to chat her up. She came with that girl sitting beside her.” I didn’t know that this was true, but I did know one thing: if Melissa thought she would have to compete with a girl half her age, she would run out of that bar ASAP. Never mind that the little mynx couldn’t hold a candle to my wife on her best day and Melissa’s worst.

“Do you think so?” she asked nervously.

“I know so,” I said. “Watch. You want me to prove how gorgeous and desirable you are? All I will have to do is ask that kid, straight up, and he will be drooling all over you.”

Melissa’s face went red with embarrassment. “You… can’t just proposition him! Are you insane! He’ll… he’ll flip out!”

I smiled. “Like I said, darling. Watch.”

I went to walk across the bar to young Mr. Lance, and I could hear Melissa’s audible squeal of dismay behind me. She grabbed for my shoulder but I shrugged her off and strode across to Jason. This, and this alone, was the only thing I was sure of that night. “Jason Lance!” I called to him, and he turned and smile at me, putting out his hand.

“Mr. Cobb!”

We made just a bit of small chat. I asked about his mom, he asked about David, and then, as I knew he would, Melissa. “Well,” I said. “It’s funny you should ask. She’s right over there.” I pointed over my shoulder to her. Melissa was sitting on a stool at a high table, stirring her apple martini nervously and staring at it like her life depended on it.

“Is she okay?” Jason asked.

“Well, Jason, honestly, I don’t think so.” I said. “My wife is a beautiful, desirable woman, would you agree?”

“Yes sir,” he said politely.

“But believe it or not, she doesn’t seem to know it. And she just won’t take my word for it, so I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind dancing with her. Making her feel as beautiful and sexy as she is. The attentions of a young man like you would put a lot of steam in her stride.”

He seemed a bit flummoxed. “Well… Okay. I would love to dance with Mrs. Cobb.” Jason said. I could see I would have to be a little less subtle.”

“Jason,” I said. “My wife likes you. She think you are an attractive young man. Dancing would be very nice. But I can go ahead and tell you, she would like to do a lot more than dance. And anything, and everything that the two of you would like to do… other than dancing… would be just fine with me. As a matter of fact,” I leaned in to speak confidentially. “Why don’t I pay your bar tab and take up residence right here. I would like to watch you dance with her. And maybe later tonight the two of you would need a designated driver, and wherever you two end up, I could watch there too.”

He was flabbergasted. Speechless. “You… You…”

Dense. I hoped this kid was better in the sack then he was at getting the point. I nodded, trying not to be exasperated. Was I going to have to literally ask him to fuck my wife? “Yes, Jason. I am. And my wife is a sure thing, if you play your cards right. She want this. I want this. The question is, do you?”

He stayed stunned for just another moment, then nodded. “Yeah… Yeah, I think I do.”

“Good boy,” I said, patting his shoulder. “Go get em.”


I ordered a Whiskey soda as I watched him walk over to Melissa. She almost jumped when he spoke to her. They were both blushing. I sat and sipped my one drink of the night as they smiled and talked, warming up to each other. Then I could see he was asking her to dance. She laughed, shook her head, and then he took her hand and tried to convince her again. Then Melissa looked at me. I smiled, raised my glass, and nodded. And just like that, my wife was out on the floor with a man half my age.

The first dance was a fast one, and the barely touched, but after that things slowed down. Second song, his hands were on her back. Third song, his hands were lower, and her arms were around him, and they were nose to nose. I began to get an erection when Jason slid his hands down Melissa’s ass and squeezed. She looked over his shoulder at me, with panic. Smile and nod, that’s all I did. And then, my shy wife moved her hips against his in a fucking motion. And they kissed.

Jason began to kiss down her throat, and Melissa’s face pointed toward the ceiling. When the band started playing Purple Rain, she turned around, and began grinding his cock with her ass as his hands slipped around her hips. His hands made their way upward as he kissed the nape of her neck, and before I knew it, he was kneading Melissa’s perfect breasts through their blouse. Jesus, I thought. They’re gonna get us thrown out of here. But as if she heard my thoughts, Melissa spun away from him, and with a wicked grin, beckoned him to follow with a curled forefinger. She took his hand, and practically danced over to me.

“Honey,” my wife said. “If you don’t mind, I would like you to take Jason and I for a drive.”

I reached into my pocket for my keys. “Where am I taking you two lovebirds?” I asked.

“Home,” Melissa said, and then looked up at Jason and winked. “And to bed.”


I hadn’t even put the key in the ignition and they were all over each other. Jason was sitting in the back seat of my Escalade, and Melissa pounced on him, her skirt riding high on her gorgeous legs as she threw one over his lap and straddled him. He hair was wild and everywhere as she kissed his passionately, and he kneaded her ass, pulling her against him in short humping motions. And she was breathing like a freight train. I hadn’t seen her like this in years, I thought with not a small pang of jealousy.

I closed my door, cranked it up, and pulled onto the road, glancing back in the mirror. Jason had unbuttoned her blouse, and though I could only see her back, I could see it billowing open. “Yes!” She hissed. “Here! Here!” She arched her back and ran her finger through his hair, and I watched as she brought his face to her breast. Then there were small slight sucking noises as she took her nipple in his mouth. She continued to hump him through their clothing, and I could tell they were whispering, though I couldn’t make out what was being said. “AHHHHH!” Melissa cried out, and I saw that Jason’s hand was moving beneath her skirt. “Oh god! Just… Just like that. Oh god! I can’t believe another man is… YES!” Melissa cried out as he slipped his fingers inside her. Jason withdrew them then and slipped them into his mouth.

“You taste sweet… Um…”

“Mrs. Cobb,” Melissa said, and I could hear the smile in her voice. “I am a married woman, after all, Jason. Call me Mrs. Cobb.”

I was nearly half way home, and during that time Melissa had come at least once, when the whispering and giggling got louder, and suddenly she turned around and leaned forward between the driver and passenger seats. “Honey,” Melissa whispered. “Jason was wondering if… You know, if you would mind if I…”

“If you what, sweetheart?”

“You knooooow!” She was grinning.

“Yes, I do know. But I want to hear you say it.”

Melissa blushed. “He wanted to know if… if I would suck his cock?”

“Well dear, tell me. Do you want to suck his cock?”

She shuddered with lust. Then , just above a whisper. “Yes.”

“Say it.” I demanded.

“I want to suck Jason’s cock,” She replied.

“Then by all means, do,” I said.

“Honey,” Melissa asked. She was whispering, this time to low for Jason to hear. “What if he…um… You know.”

“What if he does what?”

She was silent a moment, and then, “What if he comes?”

I looked at Melissa. She was huffing with excitement, and so was I. “Do you want him to?”

She smiled a smile that made my cock almost burst through my jeans. And then she nodded.

“Say it!” I hissed.

At this point Melissa became a different woman. I temptress. A Sex goddess. A teasing whore. She realized, then I think, just how much I wanted this, and how much it was turning me on. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I want to suck Jason’s cock, Dennis. I want to suck it until his hot come spurts in my mouth, and then I am going to swallow ever drop.” With that, my beautiful wife turned back to her young lover, and kneeled to the floor of the Escalade between his legs. I saw her tie her hair back into a pony tail, and though I could only see her from behind, I could tell her arms and hands were moving as she opened his pants. “Ooooh my god!” She exclaimed and laughed. “Jason, honey! If I had known you were this big we would have done this ages ago!” And then I want her head dip down into his lap and begin to bob back and forth slowly. Jason arched his back and groaned.

I knew it wouldn’t last long. NO man could resist that soft, sucking mouth moving up and down his shaft. Jason put his arms up on the back of the seat and settled back as my wife sucked his cock. She was using her hands, getting her whole body into it, sucking up and down his knob. I wished that I had a better view, but this would have to do. Even though I couldn’t see the in and out, watching Melissa’s head bob up and down on Jason’s lap, hearing her moan as she sucked him off, and watching his mewling reaction was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Then it happened.

“Oh god… Mrs. Cobb… Melissa… Oh get ready honey. Get ready… EEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!” Jason arched his back and thrust his pelvis up, and suddenly Melissa plunged downward, and I knew what she was doing. The same thing she had done for me hundreds of times. At the moment she felt his cock lurch, she deep throated him, holding her breath, and taking his cock in all the way. “EEEEEEERRRRRR! FUUUUUUCK!” Jason exclaimed, and I knew that his cock was spurting over and over its copious globs of semen into my wife’s pretty mouth.

Jason’s body relaxed, and he fell back to the seat, grinning. “Oh Jesus. Oh God. ”

Melissa pulled from him and purred, giggling, then turned around and leaned between the front seats again and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over and gasped.

She was smiling with her mouth open, and it was filled with pearly white spunk. Then she closed her mouth and gulped, sighed, and said, “Yum!”

“Was it good, sweetheart!” I asked

She grinned. “Yes honey. Would you like to kiss me and find out just how good?”


Midnight. Our bedroom.

I sat, fully clothed, at the chair by Melissa’s vanity table, watching my wife and her young consort making out on our bed. Jason was on his back with Melissa straddling him, her shirt bunched up around her ass, dry humping him and unbuttoning his shirt like there was a bomb beneath it and she alone had the disarmament key. He ripped open her blouse (hey! I bought that!) and was sitting up, pulling her bra down and stuffing her tit into his mouth. I could tell at this point they didn’t even know I was there, and that was all to the good. I has been worried that Melissa would be nervous with me there. But that, it appeared, was not a problem.
A Shy Wife Cuts Loose

“I want to taste you!” Jason said.

Melissa smiled. “Yeah, stud? You want to taste my pussy? Right here on my marriage bed? You naughty boy!” She whipped her skirt up her body and over her head, then fell back on her pillow. She was naked except for black thigh highs and her panties, which she slipped down over her legs

Jason settle in between her legs, kissing up her left thigh, then her right, trialing his tongue upward. Melissa, I could see, had waxed her pussy in anticipation for tonight’s events. It was, as always, a perfectly groomed pink little rosebud, with plump lips like flower petals. She was wet, and I could see those petals glistening as Jason’s tongue found it. He swirled around her labia, then slid his tongue inside her.

“Aaaaahhhh yes!” Melissa groaned. She arched her back as his tongue found her clit and began to flick against it. He worked her clit, played it like an instrument, and after a few minutes, slid his fingers inside my wife’s hot pussy, his tongue never stopping. He worked her and worked her, and a few minutes later she came like a freight train, arching her back, her glorious tits pointing to the sky. “JASON! OH HONEY! YES! YES! FUCK! I’M COOOOOOMMMIIING!!!!!!” Melissa has always been able to ejaculate when very aroused, but if I ever saw more flood from between her legs, I don’t remember it.

“On your back! On your back!” She said, pushing first his face, then his chest, upward. Jason laid backwards, his feet at the head of the bed, and Melissa reached over to the box of condoms on the nightstand. She pulled one out, ripped it open, and carefully rolled it down the impressive length of Jason’s cock. Then she threw a leg over him, her hair hanging in a gorgeous tangle around her shoulders, and straddled him without allowing him to enter her. This was it. This was the moment I had waited years for. And now I was about to learn Melissa had waited years for this as well.

She looked at me as she reached between her legs and gripped his cock, rubbing the head against the entrance. “I want him to fuck me, Dennis. I want him to fuck me in the bed where I sleep with you. I want him to claim me and make me his, right here. How do you feel about that?” She asked with a sneer.

I smiled right back and massaged my cock through my pants. “Can’t wait for the show, darling.”

She was looking right into my eyes as she lowered herself and felt his cock enter her pussy.


What followed was the most intense seen of pornstar style fucking I had ever witnessed. Melissa road him like a horse. She settled in, bucking her hips back and forth as he gripped them, her hands on his chest. Two minutes, and her eyes closed and her thrusts became more frantic. “I’m coming! Make me come, Jason! Yes baby! YES!” She rode through that one, then began grunting like an animal and looking me in the eyes. “IS this what you’ve wanted, Dennis? To see your gorgeous wife fucking a younger man? To see a stud pleasure my pussy? To see me become another man’s hot little fuckslut?”

I had my cock in my hand, a smile on my face. “Yes maam. I have wanted to see this for quite a while!”

“Well, I hope you have a lot of patience, because something tell me I am going to be fucking this stud all night!” She leaned down and kissed him, never missing a stroke. “Bend me over and fuck me baby. I want my husband to see me on all fours for you.”

With that, Melissa dismounted and got on her hands and knees facing me, holding onto the footboard for support. Jason was behind her in a moment, pushing her legs open wider and sliding his cock into her. “Oh god, Mrs. Cobb… fuck, you’re tight!”

Melissa looked over her shoulder at him, “Tighter than those little sluts you find at school?”

Jason held her hips and began to pound into her even harder. “Yes maam!” he exclaimed, the sounds of his flesh slapping hers wetly exploding across the room.

Melissa looked at me. “Hear that honey? I think my new little boy toy may want to come back for seconds!”

This was not something I was prepared for, the idea that they may fuck more than once. But I decided to roll with it. “As much as you want, pretty lady. Hope you’ll invite me to the party once in a while.”

Melissa leaned back, their bodies spooning now, and she reached behind Jason’s head and ran her finger through his hair. “Would you mind stud? Do you like giving Mr. Cobb a show?”

To answer, Jason sped up his rhythm, and Melissa went back down on all fours, crying out. “Hell yes! I want to give him the show of his life!” He sped up further, bucking his hips against her, and Melissa looked me in the eye and we both knew this was the moment. Jason was about to come.

“Ooooh, slow down stud,” Melissa said, and slowly lay forward, allowing his cock to slip out of her with a wet plop. “If you really want to give Mr. Cobb a show, I want it to be a truly grand finally.” Melissa beckoned me over to her, and I stepped forward, leaning down as she put her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me close. “Dennis,” She whispered. “I have a very naughty idea.”

I pulled back and looked her in the eye. She was grinning wickedly, and I knew what she wanted. “Say it,” I hissed back.

“I want him to take the condom off… and let him come inside me.”

This… this could be a problem. My tubes were tied years ago, so Melissa was on no birth control, and we both knew it. “You… know what that means?” I asked.

She nodded slowly, they lust glittering in her eyes. “Yes, I know,” Melissa said, now loud enough that he could hear. She sat up and reached behind her, taking his cock in her hands. “And I think at this point it is going to happen whether you want it to or not. I want his cum. My pussy, my womb, is thirsty for it.” She slipped the condom slowly Jason’s cock, looking over her shoulder and smiling at him. “And he can pump me full of it as much as he wants, any time he wants.” There was a small snap as the condom slipped completely free. Melissa giggled and tossed it over to me, and I caught it. “Hold that for me, will you, love? Jason’s not going to be needing it tonight. Or any night from now on.”

I stood there stunned, immobile. But Jason wasn’t immobile. A low guttural growl began to rise in his throat, and he grabbed Melissa by the wrist and spun her around flat on her back. Then he was on top of her. On a bed I bought. On top of sheets I slept on, plunging his cock into her pussy to the hilt in a single thrust. “YES! FUCK ME! FUCK MY BRAINS OUT WHILE MY HUSBAND WATCHES!” Melissa called out.

She wrapped her arms around him, and be settled in to ride her deep and hard, plunging his cock in and out like it was a jackhammer. Their bellies clapped, the headboard smashed against the wall, and Jason suddenly grabbed my wife’s arms and pinned them to the mattress. “SAY IT! SAY WHERE YOU WANT IT! I WANT HIM TO HEAR YOU SAY IT!”

Melissa’s gaze burned with lust. They weren’t making love. They weren’t even fucking. They were mating, breeding, like animals in the jungle. And I couldn’t help but stroke my cock as I watched in awe.

“FUCK ME AND CUM IN ME! YOU HERE ME? YOU SHOVE THAT BIG COCK IN DEEP WHERE IS BELONGS AND COME DEEP INSIDE MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” And pinning Melissa to the mattress, that is just what Jason did.

He held her down, thrust his cock in deep, and I could almost imaging the balloon head of his prick swelling as it burst like an over ripe fruit inside my wife’s pussy. “UUUUUUUGH! UUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! UUUUUUUUUUUGH!” he cried.

As this happened, Melissa came with him, locking her legs around him and arching her back. “YEEEEEEEEESS! IT’S YOURS! THAT PUSSY IS YOURS! MAKE IT SWIM IN YOUR CUUUUUUUUM!”

Thrust. Thrust. And then Jason collapsed on my wife, and she held him close as their breathing slowed and calmed.

And me? I came like I hadn’t in years. Shot it all over the floor. My weak, useless seed was spent on the carpet while that hung young stud’s virile, thick semen flooded my wife’s fertile womb. Millions of his sperm swimming in deep and searching… searching… searching…

A Shy Wife

Jessica looked over at Jasmine hoping she would get some support but saw her friend leaving the booth and walking out onto the dance floor with Bob.

Ben asked. “Have you and your husband been separated very long?”

Jessica nervously replied. “Not long, we just aren’t getting along right now.”

Ben replied. “I’ve never been married myself but I guess its just breaking up from someone you dated for a very long time. How many years were you married?”

Jessica said. “We were married for seven years and just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary.”

Jessica sat thinking for a few seconds before adding to her statement and said. “I spent our last anniversary alone. He didn’t even remember what day it was. I was so upset and cried most of the day.”

Ben put his arm up around the back of the seat behind Jessica and said. “I’m really sorry for you. How could a man be married to such a beautiful and sweet woman not remember about an important day like your anniversary?”

Jessica replied and said. “My husband hadn’t taken me out in the last three years of our marriage. He can remember the birthday or an important date of one of his friends but he can’t remember something as importantly as our anniversary or my birthday.”

Jessica began to cry putting her hands up to cover her eyes as Ben reached over and gave her a napkin from the table and said. “I have a feeling that your life is going to take a big turn and your going to meet someone who will treat you as a very special lady.”

Jessica wiped the tears from her face, her hand was shaking as she reached out and took a sip of her drink. Ben put his arm around her and gave her a gentle hug as she sniffled and gave Ben a smile.

The band began to play something slow and Ben said. “Why don’t we go out there and enjoy that beautiful song they are playing?”

Jessica smiled and said. “All right.”

Ben got up and took her hand as walked her out onto the dance floor near Jasmine and Bob and took Jessica in his arms and held her close to his chest. Jessica had got herself upset and felt vulnerable at the moment as she placed her hands on Ben’s shoulders and got in step with the music.

Jessica could see Jasmine and Bob dancing near them and they seemed comfortable together as she herself felt the same with Ben. She felt embarrassed telling Ben her personal business just after meeting him. She didn’t mean to tell him about her marriage but it just came out and she felt relieved along with embarrassed.

Ben was holding her tight as they danced to the music and Ben whispered in her ear and said. “Do you feel better now?”

Jessica nodded her head that she did as she tightened her hands on his shoulders as they danced.

The next song turned out to be slow so they decided to dance to this one as well as Jessica watched Jasmine walking back to the table with Bob. Ben was rubbing her waist just above her ass as they danced to the music.

Jessica could see Jasmine siting in the booth with Bob’s arm around her and saw Bob kissing her on the lips as she felt Ben’s hands tighten around her waist. Jessica was startled when Ben whispered. “Bob and Jasmine seem to be enjoying themselves without us in the way.”

Jessica looked up into Ben’s eyes as they quietly danced to the music. Ben unrespectably bent down and kissed Jessica on the lips while she responded by kissing him back. Jessica suddenly broke the kiss and said. “I can’t do this. I’m still a married woman.”

Ben was surprised as Jessica walked away toward the booth as he followed and sat down next to her. Jasmine was smiling and said. “Is everything all right with you?”

Jessica nodded her head that she was all right and looked over at Bill and smiled and said. “I really enjoyed dancing with you tonight.”

Jessica seemed to be giving reassurance to Ben that he didn’t do anything wrong to upset her as she gently put her hand on his thigh. Bob was sitting with his arm around Jasmine as she leaned her head on his shoulder and looked over at Jessica who was now smiling and said. “I’m really glad these guys decided to join us tonight. Are you Jessica?”

Jessica smiled back at Jasmine as she rubbed the palm of her hand on Ben’s thigh and said. “Yes. Ben has been very nice and a real gentlemen and I feel very relaxed now that he’s here.”

Jessica moved her hand up and took a sip of her drink as she looked in Ben’s eyes and smiled and said. “I really want to go out on that dance floor again. Do you want to join me?”

Ben replied. “It would be a pleasure.”

Jessica knew that Jasmine wanted to be alone with Bob so she decided to dance with Ben as she walked out onto the dance floor and took his hand. Jessica was really trying not to feel upset as she began to dance with Ben.

The very next song went into the Salsa style again like she danced with Jasmine early in the evening. Jessica looked at Ben and laughed and said. “Come on. You can do it!”

Ben followed Jessica’s steps and watched and tried to imitate her moves. Jessica had turned and was now facing away from Ben as she backed up against him, Ben placed his hands on her hips and watched Jessica as she wiggled her ass to the beat of the song.

Jessica moved herself back even closer rubbing her ass into his crotch as Ben wrapped his hands further around her waist until he was touching her belly as she danced. Jessica felt like a different woman out on the dance floor as she let her mind concentrate on the moment.

Jessica stayed in that position for several moments before turning around to face Ben and leaned up to let him kiss her on the lips again. Ben didn’t hesitate as his lips met Jessica’s as she parted her lips and felt his tongue began to enter her mouth.

Jessica sucked on his tongue as they remained locked in the passionate kiss for several moments. When the kiss had ended, they embraced each other and just swayed to the music until the song had ended.

Jessica’s body was tingling after kissing this black man as he held her in his arms. Her mind was racing as she thought that this was the first time she had ever kissed a black man. The very first time she ever danced with a black man for that matter.

Jessica grew up thinking that interracial relationships were taboo and something that other people did and not herself. Jessica looked down and saw the contrast in there skin and it excited her as her body trembled in Ben’s arms.

It felt like experimenting with something new and she liked the feeling it was giving her as butterflies swarmed around in her belly. The song was ending and Ben gave her another kiss on her lips as they walked back to the booth and sat down.

It was getting late and Jasmine was writing her phone number down for Bob as Jessica and Ben looked on.

Jessica smiled at Ben and said. “Let me give you my cell phone number.” She wrote the number on a little paper and gave it to Ben.

Ben looked down at the note which had her name and phone number along with a smile and below that it read. “I had a very nice time tonight.”

Smiling. Ben said. “Let me borrow your pen and I’ll give you my phone number.”

He wrote his name and number down and gave it to Jessica as she said. “I really did enjoy meeting you tonight.”

The guys walked them to their car and both men kissed the women one more time before they got in the car and drove away. Jasmine looked over at Jessica and said. “I can tell you really had a nice time out there with Ben. Are you really going to meet him again?”

Jessica looked over at Jasmine and said. “If Don saw me out their tonight, our marriage would be over right now.” Jessica sighed and said. “I really don’t know what I’m going to do.”

They pulled up into the driveway and got out of the car and saw Don’s car parked in the driveway. Jessica said. “I better get in the house before he really gets furious.” They said good night as the women parted and Jessica walked into the front door.

The light was on in the living room and Don was sitting on the sofa drinking a beer and said. “Where were you at tonight?” Jessica replied. “I went out with Jasmine to a club.”

Don replied back and said. “I already knew you were out with her tonight. Are you going to tell me the rest of it or should I guess myself?”

Jessica put her purse down on the table and said. “We went out for a couple drinks and listened to some music.”

Don leaned forward and slammed his beer can onto the table and said. “One of my friends called me about an hour ago and was down at that club where you and that woman were tonight and told me they saw you dancing with a nigger.”

Jessica’s legs went weak as she listened to her husband as he continued to say. “He also told me that he saw you kiss that man tonight. What the fuck was you doing out dancing with another man and kissing him. Were you out screwing around behind my back?”

Jessica was getting angry as she replied. “I wasn’t out screwing anyone tonight. That man asked me to dance and I gave him a friendly kiss because he was such a good dancer and made me feel special tonight. You haven’t even tried to make me feel special in years.”

Don replied. “Oh. You weren’t out screwing him tonight. What is the matter with you, I can’t leave the house any more without you going out and cheating on me?”

Jessica picked her purse back up from the table and said. “You don’t even take me out anymore. All you do is go out with your friends and get drunk and come home and go to bed. You didn’t even remember our wedding anniversary the past three years.”

Don was drunk as he stood up he could barely keep from falling as he said. “That doesn’t mean you should go out and cheat on me with other men.” Jessica replied. “The way you have treated me the last couple years has made me think about our marriage and maybe we should get divorced since you don’t seem to care about me.”

Don tried to walk toward her and almost feel as he reached out to touch her shoulders. Jessica backed away saying. “I don’t want you to touch me while you’re this drunk and in this kind of mode.”

Don looked up at her slurring his words and said. “You must have got some of that black dick tonight. Didn’t you?” Jessica looked at him and said. “I didn’t fuck anyone tonight and I don’t want you sleeping in our room tonight. Go sleep in the guest room until you are sober enough to talk to me.”

Don Laughed as he held onto the back of the sofa and said. “Go ahead and fuck whoever you want because I already got even and fucked someone better than you.”

Jessica stood looking at her husband in disbelief as he said he already got even with her and said. “You are nothing more than a cheating bastard. I want you to pack your shit up and get out of here tonight.”

Don replied. “This house belongs to me too and I’m not leaving it.” Jessica replied. “I’ll put your stuff out into the hall and I want you to stay away from me from now on.”

Don replied back with a smirk and said. “She’s a better fuck than you are anyway.”

Jessica piled all of Don’s clothes in the hallway that night and went into her room and locked the door and cried herself to sleep.

When Jessica got up the next morning, she could hear Don picking up all of his clothes up off the floor. She just fastened her robe together when Don knocked on the bedroom door. Jessica walked over and unlocked the door and slowly opened it and saw Don standing in the hallway.

Don held out his arms and began to walk toward Jessica but she backed up and said. “Stay away from me.” Don replied. “I didn’t mean what I said to you last night.”

Jessica kept her distance from her husband and said. “Do you mean you lied about telling me you screwed another woman last night?” Don looked down at the floor hesitating before he replied and said. “It only happened once and I promise it will never happen again.”

Jessica pointed her finger at Don and said. “I want you to stay away from me from now on and if your going to stay in this house you better plan on sleeping in the guest room from now on.”

Don looked at his wife again and said. “I love you very much and I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary and I’ll make it up to you.”

Jessica just starred at Don as she put her hands on her hips and replied. “Do you think that’s all there is to it? You can go out and screw other women and come home here and tell me you’re sorry and expect me to forgive you? Forgetting our anniversary may be forgivable but I don’t think I can forgive you for cheating on me.”

Jessica had tears in her eyes as Don stood there with a look of disbelief on his face as he said. “Does this mean you want a divorce?” Jessica was crying as she replied. “I don’t know what I want right now except that I want you to leave this room.”

Don walked back into the hallway and picked up the remaining things she had put out there and carried them into the guests’ bedroom as Jessica slammed the bedroom door shut and began to cry.

Don and Jessica didn’t even speak to each other over the next three or four days. Jessica had told Jasmine that they had a big fight and Don told her he was screwing around with another woman. Jasmine had told Jessica that she could stay with her if she wanted because she had two other bedrooms that she wasn’t even using.

That following Thursday, Jessica told Don that she was moving out because she wanted a trail separation until she decided what she wanted to do. Don cried when she told him and told Jessica that he loved her and didn’t want her to leave.

Jessica felt sorry for him and said that she would be right next door at Jasmine’s house if he wanted to speak to her and wrote the phone number on a notepad. Jessica spent the day moving her things over to Jasmine’s house and when she finished she looked out the bedroom window and discovered that the window was in direct line with her own house.

Tears began to form in her eyes as Jasmine walked over and gave her a hug and said. “Everything will work out just well over here. You have everything you need including your own attached bathroom with your own private door going out to the pool.”

Jessica got herself settled in her new place over the next couple days. Jasmine had told her she was going out with Bob this Friday and would be in late and not for her to worry while she was gone.

Jessica lay on the bed that Friday evening reading one of her favorite books. Jasmine had already gone on her date with Bob and it was very quite in the house being all alone. She hadn’t seen Don’s car all day and figured he must be out with his friends again.

She was almost falling asleep and put the book on the night stand when the cell phone rang and she figured it was Jasmine checking to make sure she was all right. She was right as she answered the phone and listened to Jasmine on the other end of the line. Once she assured her she was fine, Jessica lay back down on the bed and started to fall asleep when the phone rang again.

Jessica answered the phone and said. “I’m fine Jasmine, now you go out and have fun with Bob and I will see you when you come home.” Jessica could hear a man laughing on the other end of the line as he began to talk and said. “I’m glad to hear that you are fine and Jasmine is out with Bob.”

It was Ben calling and Jessica felt excited but nervous as she responded and said. “Ben. I’m really sorry. I thought you were Jasmine calling to check up on me again.” Ben replied. “I was calling to say hello and to see how you were doing tonight.”

Jessica replied. “I guess I’m doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. My husband and I have separated and I’m staying at Jasmine’s house” Ben replied back. “I’m glad you have a good friend who is looking out for you right now. Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Jessica said. “I’m doing very well and thank you for offering, it’s very nice of you to think about me.” Bed responded back and said. “I really had a nice time with you and if you would like to get together and have dinner sometime I would be most happy to take you out.” Jessica replied. “Thank you and maybe I’ll take you up on that dinner soon. I have so many things to think about right now and just need to sort out what I’m going to do.”

Ben said. “Well. If you decide you would like someone to talk with and have a nice dinner than give me a call and I’ll be Salsa dancing my way over to see you.”

Jessica couldn’t help herself as she laughed at Ben’s comment as she replied. “Thank you for the invitation to dinner and if I do call I want you to keep your promise about that dance.” She told him good night and hung up the phone thinking how nice it was for him to call.

It was three in the morning when Jessica was awakened by sounds coming from outside her bedroom door. She was still groggy as the noise kept getting louder and she thought there were voices in the front room. Jessica sat up in bed and noticed a dim light under the door and got up to see if Jasmine was all right.

Jessica walked out into the hallway and noticed the light was coming from the kitchen and when she started to turn the corner she saw Jasmine and Bob standing naked near the counter mixing themselves a drink.

Not wanting to be seen, Jessica backed up into the hall and started to go back into her bedroom when Jasmine yelled out. “Jessica. Come on out here, we won’t bit!”

Jessica peeked around the corner and replied. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were all right.” Jasmine said. “Come on out here. Girl. Have a drink with us.”

Jessica replied. “No. Enjoy yours drinks and I’ll see you in the morning.” Jasmine cam running over to Jessica, her tits were bouncing with each step as she made her way into the hall.

Jasmine put her hands on Jessica’s shoulders and said. “Girl. You come out here with us and have a drink with us before you go to bed all by yourself.” Jessica was embarrassed as Jasmine took her by the hand and walked her out into the kitchen where Bob was waiting for them.

Bob was standing behind the sink and Jessica could only see him from the waist up and didn’t know if he was wearing anything below. Jasmine said. “Come on Jessica. Don’t be so shy with us.”

Jessica finally seen that Bob was completely naked as she turned her head away and put her hand up over her eyes and started to turn away from them. Jasmine held onto Jessica and said. “Don’t worry about Bob. He’s not shy and you’ve seen naked men before so relax. It’s perfectly natural for us to be naked.” Jasmine laughed as she looked at Bob trying to get him to help her with her friend. Bob said. “That’s right Jessica. Come out and join us in a little celebration and have a drink with us.” Jessica replied. “What is the celebration all about?”

Jasmine laughed and said. “We’re celebrating the fact that it’s the weekend and Bob doesn’t have to go back to work until Monday.” They all laughed when Jasmine told her what it was all about.

Bob gave Jessica a drink and when she reached out to take it she gasped when she got a look of his cock pointing straight out. Jasmine walked over next to Bob and put the palm of her hand over his large cock and said. “Bob’s a fairly good size guy and he scares a lot of women from time to time.” She laughed as she gave Bob a kiss and took the drink and gave it Jessica.

Jessica took the drink from Jasmine and got another look at Bob’s huge cock hanging between his legs. Bob was tall and built like a quarterback and his manhood matched his physic. They had a toast to the weekend as Jessica took a sip of the drink when Jasmine said. “You can do better with that drink than that. Go ahead and finish that one and I’ll make you another.”

Jessica finished her first drink and Jasmine gave her another in exchange for the empty glass. She may have drunk that too fast as she felt the burning liquor settling in her stomach.

They all walked into the family room and Jasmine waited for Bob to sit down before sitting on his lap and looked over at Jessica and said. “I’ll keep Bob covered so he won’t embarrass you.”
A Shy Wife

Jessica sat down on a chair across from them and watched as Jasmine playfully grabbed Bob between the legs as he kissed her on the lips.

Bob’s hand reached up to circle one of her tits in his big hand as Jasmine broke the kiss and looked over at Jessica and said. “Where is that handsome friend of Bob’s that you met at the bar? Why don’t you give him a call and tell him come over here to join us?”

Jessica replied. “I couldn’t. It’s after ten and its kind of late to have Ben drive all the way over here tonight.” Bob said. “Nonsense. I know Ben would be floored if you called him tonight. You’re all he talks about since he met you at the bar.”

Jasmine reached over on the table and picked up her cell phone and gave it to Bob and said. “Give Ben a call for her. She is way to shy to call him on her own.”

Bob dialed the number and waited for Ben to pick up the phone. “Ben. I’m over at Jasmine’s house and I was wondering if you could come on over here and join us.” The women listened to Bob’s conversation as they listened to him speak with Ben.

Bob continued. “There is an absolutely gorgeous beautiful blonde woman sitting just a few feet in front of me with a drink in her hand and is too shy to call you herself and tell you to come over.” Everyone listened as Bob spoke to Ben on the phone. Jessica wished she could hear what Ben was telling Bob on the phone when she got her wish when Bob handed her the phone and said. “Ben wants to speak to you before he comes over.”

Jessica took the phone and put it up to her ear and said. “Hello Ben?” Ben replied. “Hi Jessica, Bob was telling me that you would like me to drive over?” Jessica had butterflies in her stomach as she nervously replied. “Would you like to come over and join us?”

Ben said. “I would love to come over and see you tonight. I was praying that you would call me back and want to get together with me.” Jessica’s hands began to shake as she replied. “I’ll see you in a few minutes than?” Ben replied. “Yes. Bob gave me the address and you’re just a few blocks away. I’ll see you in a few!”

Jessica hung up the phone and started to hand it back to Bob but Jasmine had her arms around him and they were locked in a very passionate kiss. Jessica sat the phone down on the table and began to get up when Jasmine broke their kiss and said. “Honey. You stay right here and wait for your man. Bob and I will give you a little privacy and go into the bedroom.”

Jessica replied. “I better go and change into something before Ben gets I’m wearing this robe.”

Jasmine jumped up off Bob and walked over and took Jessica by the hand and said. “Come on with me really quick and I’ll fix you up special for Ben.”

Jessica looked stunned as Jasmine pulled her toward the bedroom. Jasmine looked back at Bob and said. “Honey. I’ll be right back to get you. I want to fix this girl up right.” She pulled Jessica into her bedroom and closed the door and started to rummage through some drawers and began to pull some things out.

Jasmine gave Jessica some articles and said. “Put this on for me and we’ll see how they look on you.” Jessica replied. “Maybe I should just go back and put on a pair of jeans or something.”

Jasmine responded and said. “Nonsense. Just try these on and we’ll go from there.” Jessica began to fumble with the items when Jasmine said. “Let me give you some help putting them on.”

Jessica stood while Jasmine placed the black brassier on her as she helped pull the straps up while Jasmine snapped it in place. Jasmine walked around in front of her and helped adjust it in place as Jessica said. “It only makes my boobs stick up and straight out. It’s not even covering my nipples.”

Jasmine laughed and said. “Honey. That’s the whole idea here is to make you look good enough to eat. Now. You let me finish before your man gets here.” Jasmine took the garter and put it around Jessica’s waist and snapped it on her and walked over to the drawer and took out a pair of nude stockings. She motioned for Jessica to sit on the bed and said. “Slip these on those beautiful long legs of yours and I’ll help you snap the hooks.”

Jessica sat on the bed and slipped on the stockings and stood up while Jasmine helped her snap them in place. When she finished she walked over to the closet and got out a pair of black heels with open toes and long straps that fit around her ankles.

Jasmine said. “We’re lucky we are the same size so sit down and put them on and see how they fit you.” Jessica sat on the bed and put each one on while Jasmine worked on the little clasps and once she had them on she stood up as Jasmine said. “You look hot.”

Jasmine picked up one of her perfume bottles off the dresser and gave Jessica a couple squirts. One around her cleavage and the other one near her pussy and leaned toward her and sniffed and said. “Now you smell and look good enough to eat.”

Jessica replied. “Jasmine. Maybe this is too much right now. I’m still a married woman and I shouldn’t be doing this right now.” Jasmine cut her off and took hold of her shoulders and said. “You might still be married but you are separated from him right now and remember that he cheated on you first.”

Jessica still felt this was wrong as she said. “If I cheat on Don like this than I’m no better than he is.” Jasmine said. “You’re not cheating on him now. Your not even living with him right now and you have a perfectly good excuse to date other men.”

Jessica started to say more when Jasmine cut her off again and said. “Jessica. You are a real live living and breathing woman and you have needs just like everyone else and Ben is a really nice man and stop thinking about your rotten marriage right now”

Jessica replied. “I can’t greet Ben at the door like this. I look like a whore waiting for a customer the way I look in this.” Jasmine walked into her closet and brought out another article and said. “Let me put this on you and it won’t make you feel so naked.”

Jasmine helped put the garment on Jessica which was black but also very sheer and you could also see right through it. It was a very sexy see-through robe with a fluffy collar and little fluffy sleeves. The garment was short and only came down level with her blonde bush. It tied in front and Jasmine tied it into a little bow and said. “Now you’re finished.”

Jasmine said. “Walk over to the mirror and take a look at how hot you look.”

Jasmine walked up behind Jessica as she looked at herself in the mirror and whispered. “Your going to get yourself screwed by that black stallion tonight.”

Jessica turned her head in shock and looked at Jasmine with her mouth hanging open as Jasmine laughed and said. “You herd me right. Ben’s coming over here to get himself some white pussy so you might as well face up to it and have some fun.”

Jasmine laughed again and said. “There is something exciting about having sex with a big virile man of the opposite color. I was seeing stars when Bob fucked me with that big white cock of his the very first time.”

Jessica could hardly speak as she looked at Jasmine and quietly said. “I’m not on the pill.”

Jasmine walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer and handed her a couple condoms and said. “Now you’re good to go.”

Jasmine put her arm around Jessica and said. “Wait until you feel a black cock inside you for the very first time. I want you to remember to let yourself go and enjoy the evening with Ben and stop being such a prude and just enjoy yourself for a change.”

Jessica looked at herself in the mirror and turned to Jasmine and said. “Are you sure Ben isn’t going to think of me as just a cheap whore in these things?”

Jasmine replied. “I wouldn’t be helping you do this if I didn’t think Ben wasn’t a nice guy. Bob told me everything about that man that he knew and he told Bob that he adores you and I don’t think you have to worry about him losing interest in you once you fuck him.”

Jessica finally smiled at Jasmine as Jasmine said. “That’s my girl. Now come on out here and let Bob have a look at you before your man arrives.” Jessica followed her out into the living room as she thought about everything Jasmine had said to her and got more butterflies in her stomach as she thought about doing this to fuck Ben tonight. Her legs even seem to get weak as she walked out in front of Bob and stood in front of him.

Jasmine said. “Check out our little princes here and tell me what you think.” Bob just starred at her as Jasmine motioned for Jessica to turn around so he could see the whole package.

Bob said. “You look absolutely stunning in that outfit your wearing. Ben will be shocked when he takes a look at you when he arrives here tonight.” Jessica nervously smiled as she gave Bob a little show and put her hands on her hips and arched her back making her ass stick out at him like one of those old pinup posters.

Jasmine laughed as she saw what Jessica did and said. “You’re finally getting with the program tonight.” She ran over to Jessica and said. “We have to put some makeup on you before Ben arrives here.” Jasmine looked over at Bob and said. “Turn the lights down and put on some lover’s music and bring out a bottle of wine and some wine glasses while I finish getting her ready.”

Jasmine just finished putting on Jessica’s lipstick when Bob walked into the bedroom and said. “Ben is already here waiting for Jessica.” Jessica’s heart dropped as she listened to what Bob had just said to them that Ben was already here and waiting. Her hands were shaking as she looked over at Jasmine for comfort. Jasmine gave her a big hug and said “Have confidence and go out and act like a woman in complete control of herself.”

Jessica nervously looked at Jasmine as she slowly tuned and walked out the door. Jessica was just about ready to turn and tell Jasmine she didn’t think she could go through with this when the bedroom door shut behind her.

Jessica never felt so nervous in her life as she swallowed hard and began walking slowly into the living room where Ben was waiting for her. As Jessica entered the room, she could see the back of Ben’s head as he sat waiting for her.

The lights were turned down and candles were lit on the tables and music suited for lovers was playing on the CD player as Jessica put a big smile on her face and walked around the sofa until she stood in front of Ben.

Jessica watched as Ben’s eyes got very wide as he looked her up and down starring mostly at her blonde pussy and her tits peeking through the thin material. Ben was the first to speak as he said. “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight.”

Jessica was so nervous standing out in front of Ben that she thought for a moment that she was going to run and hide but she gathered up some courage and turned herself around and gave the same pose she did for Bob just a few minutes ago with her hands on her hips.

Ben starred at her nice round ass sticking out at him as she moved her hips making her ass sway seductively. Then. As if she were a model, placed her legs apart while holding her hands on her hips and twisted herself around as she leaned forward and looked back at Ben and smiled. Jessica kept that pose for a few seconds and straightened herself up and walked over to the bottle of wine and poured some into the glasses and gave one to Ben with a big smile on her face and sat down next to him on the sofa. Ben was speechless as he looked into Jessica’s eyes and finally said. “You’re such a beautiful woman and I never would have thought to see you looking so ravishing when I drove over here tonight.”

Jessica couldn’t believe she was going through with Jasmine’s idea and if it wasn’t for the fact this was as spontaneous as it was and had time to think about it, she wouldn’t be sitting here half naked in front of Ben.

Maybe Jasmine had prepared the drinks for her tonight too strongly that made her feel more daring than she would normally be. Her mind kept debating why she was sitting next to a black man dressed so seductively and coming out of the bedroom and acting like an exotic dancer.

Perhaps this was something she desperately needed at the moment to be able to go forward with her life. Jessica was still hurting inside from the things that Don had said to her that night. The night Don confessed having sex with another woman.

Jessica kept thinking what Don had said about the other woman being better in bed than she was and perhaps tonight would prove that she could perform sexually than this other woman she didn’t even know.

No matter what she thought, this was reality and she was sitting here on this sofa next to a black man she found attractive.

Jessica held up her wine glass and waited for Ben to raise his glass as she said. “Here’s to us and whatever the future may hold.” Jessica sipped her wine as she looked into Ben’s eyes. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her since she entered the room a few minutes ago.

Ben was a gentleman and Jessica knew that she would have to force herself to make the first move tonight. The liquor she drank before Ben arrived was really taking its effect on her system and making her feel very different. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt this way but her mind was telling her to do things she wouldn’t normally do.

Jessica took another sip of her wine when sounds from Jasmine’s bedroom filled the room. They could hear Jasmine and Bob having sex and the sounds were defiantly having an effect on Jessica’s mind.

Jessica finally broke the ice and said. “Do you like my outfit?” Ben replied. “If I was dressing you, I couldn’t have picked anything more sexily for such a lovely woman like you to wear.” Jessica leaned over and gently kissed Ben on the lips. “Thank you so much. Jasmine helped me pick this out for you tonight.”

Ben slipped his arm around her as she said. “Do you see how the bra fits on me?”

She laughed and said. “It pushes my boobs up and doesn’t cover my nipples. Want to see?” Jessica parted the jacket and exposed her bare tits for Ben to see.

Ben leaned over and gave her another kiss only holding his lips to hers for a moment. They were starring at each other now as been pulled her tightly against his body and kissed her again only this time he pushed his tongue inside her mouth which she gently sucked.

Jessica took her free hand and began to unbutton Ben’s shirt as he broke the kiss long enough to help her get them done. Ben placed his drink on the table and reached for her glass placing it next to his and put his arm around her as he reached out to play with her nipples.

Jessica closed her eyes and tilted her head back as Ben massaged her tits. Her whole body was trembling as Ben continued to play with her tits while kissing his way down her neck. With a bold move, Jessica stood up and motioned for Ben to stand up with her and pulled his shirt off his shoulders as she worked on his belt and the buckle of his pants and slid them down his legs.

Ben kicked off his shoes followed by the pants as he stepped clear of them and kicked them to the side. He than untied the little transparent jacket she was wearing and pulled it off her shoulders and bent down to suck on one of her tits.

Jessica moved her hand over his head pulling him in closer to her tits as his tongue devoured the nipple he was sucking. Ben lifted his head and kissed her passionately on the lips as he whispered into her mouth and said. “You want some black meat inside your pussy don’t you?”

Ben was rubbing her ass with his hands as she moaned and replied back. “Yes. I want you to fuck me so bad.” Ben kissed her again as she reached down and gave his boxers a tug slipping them down his legs and onto the floor. He stood totally naked in from of her now as their lips remained locked for several moments.

Jessica’s tongue was mingling around with Ben’s as she felt his cock pushing into her tummy near her navel and broke their kiss so she could look down and see it herself. Ben kept kissing her neck and held her ass tight against himself as she tried to get a glimpse of his cock

Ben was making her giggle as he licked under her chin until she finally broke free long enough to see what had been pushed into her tummy these past few moments. Jessica almost went limp when she saw the massive size cock poking into her tummy below. Bravely she placed her had around its thickness as Ben continued to kiss around her face.

Ben kissed her on the lips again and whispered. “Put both of your hands around it and hold it tight. Feel the veins and rub your hand around the head and imagine how its going to feel deep inside your pussy.”

Jessica did just that as she slowly moved her hands around its giant mushroom head and played along the bottom with her finger tips feeling the large veins Ben mentioned that seemed to encircle its entire length. Jessica remembered how Bob had said this man was built like a horse. Nothing better could describe this massively large cock Jessica was holding in her dainty white hands.

Jessica was trembling so much that Ben could feel her fingers shaking on his cock as he kissed her open mouth and said. “Don’t be afraid of me, my darling angle. Think of me of a man that is going to give you more pleasure than you have ever experienced in your life. A man that will bring you to more sexual heights than you ever experienced before.”

Jessica’s eyes were closed as Ben continued to whisper gently into her mouth. “Reach down and cup my balls in your hands and feel how large they are for you. Feel how much they swell when you hold them in your hands. I want you to take hold of the balls that hold the hot African seed that you will soon feel inside your belly.”

Jessica was so caught up in Ben’s words that she followed every step he told her and had her fingers wrapped around his balls while the other hand continued to massage the head of his cock Ben had at sometime reached behind her back and unclasped the half bra she was wearing and her tits were now fully exposed.

Ben kissed her open mouth again letting her lick the saliva off his tongue. Jessica’s eyes were still closed and she looked as if she were in a trance as Ben sat back on the sofa pulling Jessica on top of him on his lap.

Jessica was straddling his legs with his cock pointing straight up between them. Ben had placed his hands around her tits and held them up and licked each nipple into his mouth as Jessica placed her hand on the back of his head and held him tight. “Oh God . . . Baby . . . Suck my tits. Suck them for me . . . That’s it . . . Baby.”

Ben stopped long enough to kiss her lips again as she passionately and ferociously worked her tongue inside his mouth. She was breathing heavy as she placed her hand back on his cock as their kiss continued.

Jessica moved her ass around on his lap as she continued to passionately kiss him. She was breathing so hard that her belly was gyrating like a belly dancer. She felt herself moving again as Ben slipped himself down onto the floor taking Jessica with him until he lay flat on his back with his head next to the sofa.

Jessica was still straddling Ben’s legs as he pulled her down to kiss her again and whispered. “Angel. I want to eat that white pussy and prepare it and season it for an African meal it will never forget. Climb on top of my face and hold onto the sofa.”

Jessica kissed him one more time before she slid herself forward until her ass was above his face and felt his warm tongue gently probing around the opening of her pussy. His tongue was teasing her clitoris as he flicked it gently along its tiny head making her tense up with pleasure. Her whole body was moving around above him as Ben skillfully worked his tongue on her clit. Jessica was leaning forward onto the cushion of the sofa which gave her some leverage to move her body around above Ben’s face.

Jessica was grinding her hips in rhythm with Ben’s tongue when her body began to violently shake as she moaned. “Oh . . . Yeah . . . Ben . . . I’m . . . going to cum . . . ” Ben had to hold onto Jessica’s ass to keep her from falling off his face as she came.
A Shy Wife

Ben held her ass as tight as he could as her body began to relax but was still gently licking her pussy in a much gentler way while she settled back down. Ben pulled Jessica down his body as he held onto her hips until the crack of her ass backed into his stiff cock.

At this angle Ben was able to take one of her tits into his mouth and nibbled on her nipple. Jessica looked down at Ben to watch him stimulate her nipples as her nose touched the top of his head. He smelled so different from her husband, she found the smell erotic as she arched her chest making her tits push into Ben’s face.

She closed her eyes as she felt the tiny nibbles he was giving her tits giving her shivers of pleasure. She could feel Ben’s huge cock rubbing against the crack of her ass and arched her body so she would receive stimulation from both Ben’s cock and his tongue as she sat above him with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open from the pleasure she was experiencing.

Ben pulled his mouth away from her tits and put his arms up around her shoulders and pulled her down to kiss her on the lips as their tongues mingled in passion. Ben starred into her eyes as he kept his mouth over hers and whispered. “Angel. Why don’t you turn your beautiful white body around and take hold of my cock with your delicate white fingers? I want you to experience the contrast of your white skin against my black cock.”

Ben continued to gently kiss on her lips while her eyes remained closed as he continued to whisper in her open mouth. “As you take hold of me with your beautiful white fingers, I want you to watch how you stimulate me. Watch how it responds to your gentle touch. As you take it in your sweat beautiful mouth, I want you to think how each swollen vein that you feel will bring pleasure to you when you feel it deep inside you..”

Jessica pressed her mouth on Ben’s open mouth and shoved her tongue deep inside his mouth as he gently sucked on it. She lifted away from his mouth and whispered to Ben. “You’ve got me so hot.”

Ben smiled as he starred into her eyes and kissed her lips than whispered. “You looked like an angel from heaven when I first set eyes on you tonight.” Jessica smiled back as she kissed him and held the palms of her hands around his face as she whispered back. “You can be my black stallion.”

They kissed passionately one more time before Jessica turned herself around until she was sitting on Ben’s chest and backed her ass up until she felt his chin than gentle kisses as Ben waited for Jessica to touch his cock.

Jessica leaned forward within a few inches of Ben’s massive cock and wrapped her left hand around its girth. Ben was pulling her hips back toward his face as she felt his tongue enter her pussy below causing her to moan from the pleasure of his hot tongue.

Jessica studied his cock and although her fingers only encircled around half of its thickness. She was comparing the contrast of her white fingers against Ben’s black cock. Ben was making her hips move with his tongue as she lowered her head down and kissed the large head.

The large veins were protruding out as she remembered Ben’s words to her and how they would bring pleasure when she felt them touching her inside. Jessica began to slowly lick the cock giving it long slow strokes with her tongue.

Jessica was resting her right hand down letting her finger nail’s touch his testicles as she let her tongue sort of float along Ben’s cock. The contrast was exciting her as she moved her left hand on his cock and licked the tip of its head.

She studied her fingers as she played with his cock and noticed she was wearing her wedding rings. Jessica was wearing them out of habit and forgot to remove them before Ben came over. Jessica lowered her head with her mouth open as far as she could and took the massive head into her mouth as far as it would go and she locked her lips while swishing her tongue around the tip feeling pre cum leaking from its head.

She lifted her head up and licked the side again feeling the veins with her tongue. Ben was flickering his tongue over her clitoris making her body spasm as she rotated her hips.

Ben was giving her so much pleasure with his tongue she found it hard to concentrate on his cock. Jessica glanced down again at her wedding rings and starred at the diamond. This wasn’t her husband giving her pleasure with his tongue. It was Ben, a black man she called her black stallion a few moments ago.

Jessica was starring at the way her fingers were wrapped around his cock. She was studying the contrast of them against his black skin. She thought about her husband, his cock, and how much larger Ben’s cock was compared to her husband’s.

This wasn’t her husband she was touching. It was a black man, much larger than her husband. She was imagining it was already inside her as she licked the head again. Would it hurt? Would Ben be gentle putting it inside her for the first time? Would she stretch?

If she stretched to accommodate Ben, how would her husband get any pleasure from screwing her? Why were these thoughts entering her head now? Why was she so concerned about her husband when he cheated on her?

Jessica was playing with Ben’s balls as she continued to lick the head of his cock. She wanted this man to fuck her. She wanted this black cock inside her. She wanted Ben to be her black Stallion.

Jessica’s mind kept drifting back to her husband and once this man fucked her she too would be an adulteress. She didn’t care at this moment as she moved her ass above Ben’s talented tongue. She would be getting even with her husband but this wasn’t about leveling the score. It was about passion, about how she felt, about what she wanted and needed.

Ben was on the verge of making her orgasm again but she wanted to experience her next orgasm with him inside her. Jessica knew it was time. She wanted to feel him inside her pussy and she wanted to be fucked and she wanted Ben to do it on her bed.

Jessica wanted to make the decision to bring this to the next level. The next level that would make her an adulteress and Ben her black Stallion and bring her the much needed pleasure she had been deprived for months.

Jessica lifted herself up balancing herself as she held onto his thighs and gave her ass a final wiggle above Ben’s face before raising herself and turning to take his hands into hers as he got up and followed her into the bedroom.

She was pulling on Ben’s hands as she took him into her bedroom and some how she did feel like an angel bringing her black Stallion to the place she wanted him to make love to her. This would become the bed used to become an adulteress. The very place that she would become his angel and him her Stallion.

Jessica climbed on the bed and pulled Ben with her as she kissed him on the lips while putting her arms around his neck. She moved her hands around and played with his cheeks than stroking his hair as she gave him little peeks around his lips.

Jessica had just noticed that Ben had taken off the garter belt she was wearing and removed the heels while she was sitting on his face and hurriedly pulled off the remaining stockings from her legs and through them onto the floor as she took hold of Ben’s face again and began to kiss him again.

Jessica desperately wanted Ben to fuck her that instant as he placed his hands on her waist and lowered his head to suck on her tits. Jessica leaned back on the pillow and scooted her ass toward the center of the bed as Ben licked and nibbled on her nipples.

Ben placed the palm of his hand on her mound inserting a finger inside her pussy feeling the wetness and the warmth his cock would soon feel. Ben moved into the center of the bed between Jessica’s legs and placed his cock on top of her mound as he leaned over to kiss her lips.

Ben was moving his cock along her belly as Jessica reached down and laid the tips of her fingers on top of its massive length as they continued to kiss. Jessica whispered into his mouth. “I want you inside me.”

Ben licked her lips than placed his lips onto Jessica’s while he reached between his legs and held his cock and adjusted his body and placed the head of his cock near the entrance of her pussy.

Jessica’s tummy was gyrating and her breathing began to increase knowing that she was getting closer to feeling Ben inside her. Ben had placed his cock between her labia and gently moved the head from the top near her clitoris and back down mixing both her juices and his pre cum onto the head of his cock.

Jessica raised her legs and bent them back making her knees come close to her tits as she placed her hands under her knees to hold them up. Ben pushed forward putting pressure on her labia lips as he continued to move the head along the opening of her pussy.

Jessica raised her head and looked down between her legs to watch as this large black cock would enter her for the first time. Ben gave himself another push forward as he watched Jessica’s eyes squint from the pressure.

Ben kept moving the head along the slit than decided to push forward again only this time it popped inside her pussy as Jessica’s head rested back on the pillow. Ben held himself very still for a few seconds than pushed forward again sending another fraction inside Jessica’s tight pussy.

Jessica starred up into Ben’s eyes not saying a word as he pulled himself back just a fraction than pushed forward sending himself inside her a couple inches. Jessica cried out. “Oh God . . . Ben . . . You’re so gentle . . . ”

Jessica was tight and to Ben she thought she must feel like fucking a virgin as she felt him repeat his moves several times sending more of his thick cock inside her. Once Ben had lodged several inches inside her pussy, she let go of her legs and locked them around his ass as he bent down and kissed her open mouth.

Their kiss was very passionate as their tongues mingled together as Ben began to fuck her pussy sending more of himself inside of her with each stroke. Jessica felt stretched and felt every vein touch her pussy just like Ben had said it would.

Jessica placed her hands around his head while they continued to kiss and sucked on Ben’s tongue as they fucked. Jessica’s pussy was making loud sounds from the pressure of the large cock inside her.

Jessica’s mind drifted back thinking about her husband, her marriage and how this would never have happened if he hadn’t screwed around on her. She continued to kiss Ben as he fucked her as her mind went back thinking about her first experience screwing her husband.

This felt so different, so much more erotic and taboo being a white woman getting fucked by a black man. She was still a married white woman and he was a very potent black man capable of getting her pregnant.

Jessica thought, Oh God. Ben could get her pregnant tonight! Where were the condoms Jasmine had given her? She must have left them on the dresser when she was applying her makeup. Her mind was telling her to get them before it was too late. She was enjoying the fucking she was getting from this man. She didn’t want to him to stop, or to think she didn’t want him fucking her.

Jessica didn’t want Ben to stop. She wanted him to stay inside her. He was fucking her like no other man had ever fucked her. Her mind told her that she would have him pull out before he came. She would make him pull out when he was ready to shoot his seed. Hot potent African seeds that was capable of impregnating her.

Ben was still kissing her rotating his cock inside her pussy now that she was getting accustomed to his size. Jessica looked into his eyes which had a determined look about them as she felt his cock stretching her pussy.

Jessica locked her hands around the back of his neck as she held onto Ben as he increased the speed of his strokes into her. Ben lifted himself up a few inches and put his arms around her legs to hold them back against her tits.

The sounds coming from Jessica’s wet pussy clearly were more defined now as Ben hammered into her. Jessica tilted her head and was able to look down between her legs and watched the stiff black shaft disappear into her pussy with each thrust.

Jessica closed her eyes as she felt her orgasm starting to build and within seconds she screamed out loud. “Oh My God . . . Yeah . . . Baby . . . Fuck me.” Her body was trembling as she came and Ben continued to fuck her at an even faster pace than before.

Her whole body shook with each thrust Ben made inside her, Jessica’s head was moving a few inches on the pillow each time his cock banged into her pussy. She could feel the head of his cock bang into her uterus with each thrust and she knew that he was inside her farther than any other man had been.

Jessica rested the palms of her hands on his shoulders now as he hammered away at her. She was starring at her white hands against his skin again, watching her red painted finger nails slightly dig into his skin. Jessica’s eyes focused on her wedding rings with the diamond glistening in the light. She was laying on her back pinned down to the bed getting fucked by a man other than her husband. A black man that had a very large cock who was stretching her pussy and was getting ready to shoot his seed.

Ben was knocking the wind out of her with each thrust he made into her and made Jessica gasp for air. Ben lowered his head and kissed her on the lips again, Jessica couldn’t hold her breath long enough to kiss him long.

Suddenly. Ben began to holler out that he was going to cum as his strokes slowed down and his cock swelled up as he got ready to shoot his load into her. Ben looked into Jessica’s eyes as his strokes became slower than Jessica watched as Ben closed his eyes and hollered out. “Oh God . . . Its going inside . . . Here it comes. Take it . . . ”

Jessica watched the expression on Ben’s face as she felt the hot seed hitting her cervix. It seemed hotter than his cock if that was possible as she actually felt it puddling inside her tummy. Ben didn’t stop fucking her as he began to pick up pace again.

Jessica’s mind came back to reality again as she remembered that this wasn’t her husband fucking her. It was a black man fucking her that just shoot his load of hot cum deep inside her belly.

Jessica lifted her head up and looked between her legs. She saw Ben’s cock as he continued to fuck her pussy but there was no sign of the seed he had just shoot into her. She laid her head back down on the pillow thinking that his cock must be plugging up her pussy. Keeping his seed locked deep inside her tummy.

She placed her hands near her navel and could feel Ben’s cock pointing out each time he thrust into her. He seemed to be on a mission right now as she looked at his face. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted up in pure pleasure and he seemed to be thinking.

Ben kept her legs pinned back against her tits as he continued to fuck her as Jessica’s mind kept flashing all of these different things she should be doing and she wasn’t. She should make him stop and let her up so she can clean up but her body was deifying her at the moment. She was enjoying this man fucking her.

Jessica watched Ben’s face as he let out another cry. “Oh . . . Angel . . . Here it comes again . . . Inside you . . . ” She felt the second wave on cum shooting inside her pussy as Ben held himself completely still inside her this time.

Ben was shaking as he emptied his load inside her pussy. Jessica came at the same time making her whole body quiver as she came. “Oh . . . Yeah . . . That’s it . . . That’s it . . . Ben . . . ”

Jessica was exhausted as she lay there with her eyes closed and felt Ben gently kissing around her lips. She was still out of breath as she opened her eyes to see him starring into them.

Ben was still inside her pussy but soon puled himself out as he let go of her legs letting them straighten out on the bed. Jessica placed her hand down on her pussy and brought her legs up and back again as she felt around the entrance which was gaping wide open from Ben’s huge cock.

Jessica felt a tiny amount of cum running down the crack of her ass and figured the largest portion must still be trapped inside her pussy right now. Ben laid down next to her and took his hand and placed it on her waist turning her over to face him.

Jessica looked into his eyes he leaned over and kissed her nose making her smile as she put her arm around his waist than placed her leg up over his. Ben took his hand and gently massaged her tits as she stroked his chin.

Her mind kept thinking about the seed that Ben had planted inside her tonight. She wanted to get up and wash up but her body was exhausted. Her mind drifted around thinking about her husband fucking that other woman. Would she go back to him after what he did? Was she any better than her husband now that she committed adultery?

What if she got pregnant with Ben’s child? A black child? Would he make a good Father? Jessica’s mind kept drifting around and soon she fell asleep.

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