A Big Surprise

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By: writer8648

Jade had just invited her date up to her apartment. She was a little hesitant; his big muscular body frightened her a little. Scott had a good-looking masculine face with blue-green eyes and bleach blonde hair.

Looking at Scott made Jade think of her own sexy body. At 5’3 and 105 pounds Jade had a thin muscular body with a nicely shaped ass and tits. Her White-Asian interracial heritage gave her tanned skin a beautiful light caramel color.

Jade’s hesitancy at being with Scott in his apartment for the first time was overcome by her anticipation of hot sex. Jade had been cock-teasing Scott all evening and had told Scott she liked to role-play; her wet pussy anticipated a night of hard and fast fucking. But Jade didn’t realize exactly what she was in for.

As soon as they entered the apartment, Scott locked the door behind them. He pushed her backward onto the couch, and said, “take off your clothes bitch.” Jade’s eyes grew wide with surprise. Scott had been so nice on their date; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

As Jade fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, Scott reached out and started ripping Jade’s clothes off, frightening her with his ferocity. Soon Jade was completely nude.

“Now take my clothes off,” Scott said. Jade hurriedly, but carefully, disrobed Scott. This was the first time she had seen him completely naked. His thick pink cock stood straight out from his muscular body, and his egg-sized balls hung down from their fleshy sac.

“Down on your knees bitch,” Scott said, commandingly. Now, Jade obeyed without hesitation. Scott grabbed a handful of Jade’s long black hair and slapped her back and forth across the face with far less power than he could have, but enough to make Jade’s face grow hot from the stinging slaps. “Now, let me at those tits,” Scott growled. Scott proceeded to slap her firm tits back and forth, first one then the other, “whap! whap! whap!” as Jade’s eyes began to tear up from the pain…and the pleasure.

Before Jade had a chance to gather her senses, Scott’s rock-hard-cock slides into Jade’s sensuous lips. Then Scott puts positions his hands on each side of Jade’s head, holds on tight, and starts fucking her face.

“Mmm…uuhh…aahhgg….” is the only sound Jade can make as Scott fucks her little mouth with his pulsing vein covered cock. “Now make love to my cock,” Scott commanded, as he pulled his cock from Jade’s throat.

Jade slurped on Scott’s cock like it was a melting Popsicle. She worked his cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. Alternately popping the head of his cock in and out from between her beautiful lips and sucking on his swollen balls. At the same time, her fingers slowly ran up his thigh in order to play with his ass.

Jade’s pussy was soaking wet. She couldn’t believe the intensity of what is happening. Scott groaned with pleasure as he cupped her perky tits in his hands.

“Get on the couch” Scott barked. “On your knees, put your head down, ass in the air,” Scott further ordered. Scott rubbed the pink head of his cock all over Jade’s pussy before ramming it in.

“Ohhh…ohhh…fuck…” Jade groaned and panted as Scott delivered a piston-like pounding to Jade’s pussy. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Jade screamed, her pussy liquid coming all over Scott’s turgid penis.

“I’m not done yet,” Scott said assuredly. “I’m going to fuck your ass.” With that statement, Scott slipped on a condom and spread her ass cheeks apart with his strong hands. Positioning his white cock against her tiny brown hole, he slid his glistening meat into Jade’s ass. Her ass clenched and relaxed… clenched and relaxed… on Scott’s swollen member.

“Oh..oh…I’m going to come again!” Jade cooed with passion as Scott played with her clit with one hand while cupping one of her soft tits with the other. “Oh…damn…goddamn,” Jade shrieked in unison with her mind-blowing orgasm.

“My turn,” Scott said matter-of-factly. Scott turned Jade around and stroked his straining member, jacking-off onto her pretty face. “Ahhh…ahhh,” Scott yelled as his creamy white cum sprayed onto Jade’s chin and open mouth.

“Mmmm…mmmm…” Jade moaned as she ate his come and then sucked out the last remaining drops from his cock.

“That was fun,” Jade said, while licking some remaining cum off of her fingers, “next time I’ll be the dominant one.”

A Big Surprise

…as I hear the pool-house door squeak, I start, and looking up from the picture in my hand, my eyes struggle to adjust in the sudden bright sunlight which comes streaming across the tiled floor towards me. There is an initial moment where I’m simply confused – the realisation that someone has interrupted my fantasy sinks through the fuzzy, warm, cannabis-induced fog which is momentarily clouding my awareness. I’m sprawled on the couch on my back, in full view of the open door, naked. A picture in my hand, a glossy magazine on the floor where I can see it.

And then almost immediately, the horror crystalises in that realisation. My right hand, wrapped around the base of my erect shaft – …releases, and gropes for my discarded clothes – a couch cushion – anything… my hardness springing free – standing upright, turgid, engorged. Finding nothing, I then let go of the picture in my left hand, grasping in the brightness, eyes half closed – and finally my panicked hand falls on my T-shirt – dragging it quickly across my body as I struggle against the soft couch to sit up… My mouth, which has fallen open in the wide-eyed look of shock-and-desparation – snaps shut again. And it snaps shut, as I reaslise that it’s you standing there, framed in the door way, staring back at me. You. A similar look – also open-mouthed – on your face, and wide-eyed in your surprise. All lithe, pert, twenty-year old sweetness, long dark straight hair framing your green eyes, staring back at me through the befuddling smoke as it clears. You, wearing that bikini.

The next door neighbour’s daughter who sometimes borrows my pool on the hot summer afternoons, you’ve probably suspected that I’ve secretly lusted after you. You’ve caught me staring on more than one occasion, as I’ve worked in the yard while you’ve lolled on a lounger by the poolside – and yes, you’ve admitted to yourself that sometimes your lounging is just a little-too-provocative, in an innocent-yet-teasing way. You’ve never really admitted it, but you’ve always enjoyed the attention, covert though it has always been. The first time you caught me, you felt confused – it made you wonder just how long I had secretly admired your body. It wasn’t like I’d ever said or done anything inappropriate over the years. It made you think back, to before my wife had left me and taken my daughters with her when they all moved away interstate. My older daughter had left the high-school cheerleading squad, which you had always captained – and since then, it had made you smile to yourself, as you wondered if I’d enjoyed the idea of driving the two of you to and from practices.

And now – here I am – naked, staring up at you, as you stand in that bikini – you, apparently transfixed, mouth open, staring down at me. And as I stare, the awfulness – that rushing sound in my ears, my face suddenly burning, the whole terrible hoping-the-floor-will-just-open-up-and-swallow-me-awfulness of the moment rises up inside me – the incongruity of my arousal, my hardness, like an accusation, tenting the t-shirt over my thighs. I reach forward, unable to say anything, mouth dry, down to the floor. The magazine, glossy but well thumbed, is open to a picture of a young, dark haired model kneeling, thighs spread wide, the fingers of one hand buried wetly between them. Her head is thrown back, eyes half closed, the fingers of her other hand pinching at a nipple, with her forearm crooked across her, half-cupping, and lifting both breasts as she does. The picture is taken partly from above her, as she leans back, the camera angle giving her a look of wanton abandon, almost hungry for release.

And as I reach for the magazine, the picture I was holding when you surprised me is dislodged – my hurried elbow, brushing it from where it has been dropped, face down on the couch, only a half-second ago. Spinning it off the edge of the cushion, it slides through the air, and then see-saws to the ground. Face up. Landing in between us, dividing the ten or twelve feet that separate the door and couch neatly, like some kind of marker. And as it comes to rest, there is further rushing sound – this time it is only in your ears, as your own face abruptly flushes – and you recognize the photo. It’s a cropped blow-up from a snap, a photo taken at your cheerleading team’s end of season party three years ago. The party was held outside the pool-house -right behind where you stand now. You recognize the picture, partly from the haircut – tied back in a pony tail, the way you wore it for cheering –and from the laughing grin on your face. You probably wouldn’t have been so happy at the time the photo was taken if you’d known the rest of the cheer team were going tease you about it for months afterwards – about the way that your bikini top had been brushed partly to one side, the tiny triangle of pink lycra over your left breast showing the edge of your areola, and the nipple clearly showing through the wet fabric. But it makes the photo instantly recognizable.

And in that flurried one or two seconds from the door opening, to the photo settling between us, there is silence, punctuated only by my initial gasp. Neither of us say anything once it has come to rest either. I’m still too stunned – aghast – as I glance from the picture – to the now-closed magazine cover – to my t-shirt – glancing up to your red, unmoving face, and back down. You, on the other hand, just stare at the picture – and stare – and stare. A tableau, frozen. And the stark reality – and the almost surreal, yet overwhelmingly palpable eroticism of the situation sinks in, as you look up, and take in the scene. The details that you missed in that first moment. The tube of lubricant on the couch beside me. The title on the magazine – ‘Naughty Teens’. The sweet smell of the smoke, which only now you become aware of. And you put your hands on your hips, as you stand in the doorway.

“You were…-”

You trail off, your tone accusing. You clear your throat, and again start;

“You were… – you were smoking… – smoking weed, weren’t you?

“You’re stoned! Mr Jenkin – I never – I never knew…!”

“…and – you were… – you were…”

With a meaningful glance – down, from my face, to look pointedly at the t-shirt. You bite your lip – obviously shocked – The outline – even the bulge of the hard head of my erection – all-too clear through the fabric…

“You were – …you were… – Well, you were…you know… – You were jerking off, weren’t you!?”

The rhetorical accusation – almost indignant now – and as you look down to the picture – and then, finally back up, up to my face again, and take in my fixed, panic-striken expression –

“You were jerking off , weren’t you!? And you – you – you were holding my picture, jerking off as you did…!”

Your initial surprise, mortified at seeing the picture again after so long, and your accusations, as the whole situation dawns on you. Your surprise, too, at the realization of what you’ve just uttered, only really sinking in, as you suddenly recall those occasional covert poolside glances, the idea twisting as the thought settles – into a mix of amazement, shaking your head, as you become aware that I haven’t moved – or even taken a breath.

There is another pause. Longer. You contemplate the scene – and this time I don’t look up. Until I hear your feet move on the tiles. And step over the doorsill. And you repeat – much more deliberately, enunciating each word clearly, almost as I you’re listening to the words yourself this time, as you say them. Hands still on your hips, looking down on me now.

“You were smoking, getting nicely stoned, and then jerking off, over my picture, weren’t you, Mr Jenkin?!”

At my name, I look up now – useless denial springing to my lips, I look, almost pleadingly –

“No – I wasn’t, no, no – no – I was… I was just…”

And this time, its my turn to trail off, realising that no denial, no excuse will hold a moment’s examination. As my voice falters, my gaze inadvertently drops, ashamedly, from your face – almost pleading – yet unconsciously taking in your body – your rounded breasts in your bikini top, fuller than 3 years ago. That same bikini top. The sunlight streaming from behind you – your slim waist outlined. Long legs. And in that moment, you suddenly realize, as you follow my gaze, as my lip flickers nervously over my lip, that you have me at a disadvantage.

“No – I was…” I repeat – blushing, all over again as I meet your eyes. I’m vaguely aware that your expression has changed. Subtle… – too subtle – almost expressionless, in fact. Somehow contemplative, yet mostly inscrutable, I’m unable to read it.

“Yes, Mr Jenkins? What were you doing…? You were saying…?”, one eyebrow – arched – imperiously, as you wait for my answer

My gaze drops again. “I was…”

“You were jerking off, weren’t you, Mr Jenkin? You were jerking off over my picture – and over that magazine!”

Silence this time.

“Admit it. Go on -…” – in a suddenly cajoling, almost conspiratorial tone “…its OK, really”

I look up – some faint hope of avoiding any further embarrassment – and realize that you’ve stepped closer, silent on the tiles in bare feet. And bending forward, you stoop to pick up the picture, and look from it, to my face, and then… – down to the tented-t-shirt in my lap. I swallow – looking down – and feel my head swim a little…

“Show me”

I look back up – No! – face burning again, unable to look away from your face, shaking my head in disbelief. Your sweet cajoling smile replaced now by a teasing, knowing grin.

“Go on – show me. Show me what you were doing… with this!” and suddenly stepping forward, one hand held out, the picture turned towards me, making me start, making me lean back, as you push it towards my face –

– and not seeing your other darting hand – snaking out – snatching – … the t-shirt suddenly gone. Cool air on my nakedness, as I look down at my achingly hard, my still-oh-so-so-achingly-throbbing-swollen-hard erection.

“Mmmm – …. I see….

“…yes – … I seeeee…” – one hand on your hip – your head cocked to one side – as you study my cock – and a long pause – before you speak again. Again, in that strange tone – ..

“Show me, you bad man, Mr Jenkin. Show me how you were going to…

“…to stroke it … –

“…to stroke your big, hard cock”

Suddenly galvanized – my words tumbling out…

“No! Don’t be ridiculous – I wasn’t – well – maybe –I mean… but I can’t – I mean – I won’t. I .. – look, just listen to me! There’s no way in the world I’m going to sit here, and let you watch, or make fun of me, or – or – or …with you – watching me, just because you’ve –you’ve wandered in and seen me… seen me -… well… well… you…”

And it’s the eyebrow again that gives it away, as you let my little rant gather its head of steam, and run on and on, and then trail off… into my silence.

“Yes, you will, Mr Jenkin”

– in that same meticulous, studied tone –

“Yes you wil. Because if you don’t… – if you won’t,,, I’ll show this to my father. This picture that you’ve printed. I’ll tell him that you were jerking off over it, and he’ll tell the police. And yes, I know, its not that it’s illegal or anything, I know, oh I agree – … but think of it. Everyone in the street knowing. Your wife not letting you visit the girls ever again. Maybe even losing your job… you can’t be school principal, can you, if you’re caught jerking off over a picture of a previous student , surely?”

“So yes, Mr Jenkin – … I think you WILL show me…”


Protesting. Almost pleading, close to begging. “But… but…”


And in my desparate not-knowing-what else-to-do-moment, you stepping forward – eyes twinkling in your delight, knowing that you’ll win – your hand gently pushes me back – and then teasingly, trailing your fingers down my chest, as I sink backwards, stroking lower, closer, flickeringly please-yes-yes-so-close-but-not-quite-touching-my-cock. Drawing a gasp – that shiver of intense-tense-no-yes-no-oh-please-please-no-please-yes-but-yes sensation shooting through my drug-sensitised nerves.

“See? You want to really, don’t you… You want to stroke it for me. For me to watch… – “Here … ”

– and lifiting my right hand – to my crotch

“…take your big, hard cock in your hand, just like you had it before. There …”

“Now – stroke it for me…”

And even as I look up at you, in front of me – half in a trance – … my body takes over, the familiar feel, my hand, almost disembodied, in its automatic response, moving, barely at all, but rhythmic, squeezingly – slowly – … up and down. Up and down. My last shreds of resistance…

“No – I can’t.. I mustn’t… I .. –I… – can’t.. – shouldn’t…”

And your voice – again, teasing – at times, close to purring too, slowly urging me on…

“Stroke it for me, Mr Jenkin. That’s it… Mmm – nice and slow. Your big, hard cock…Mmmm. Yes – that IS nice… Stroke it up and down, just like you want to…”

“Now tell me – you WERE jerking off over my picture, weren’t you?”

“Yes – …yes – I…” gaspingly… – my hand still moving, gentle, slow tugs, eyes half- closed, not knowing where to look, oh-so-turned-on yet oh-so… so… yes… yes…

“…and what were you thinking about, as you lay there, that big hard, beautiful cock in your hand…?”

Your voice close – whisperingly close now – as you reach – … and suddenly you’ve got the magazine in your hands too – scooping it from the floor… open – flicking the pages, taking in the tacky, posed, yet reliably erotic pictures… finding the previously open page…

“Ahh – …nice. She’s pretty… she looks more than just a little bit like…well, -me, doesn’t she…? Nice breasts… – bigger than mine….Mmmm – Mr Jenkin… Were you letting yourself imagine me, naked, like that, were you? My picture in one hand, this magazine in the other? Imagining me, naked, naked and horny, like that, Hmmm? You were, weren’t you. Naughty Mr Jenkin… naughty – caught, stroking just like that…

“I don’t know if I can – if… – if I can – do this…” –

panting. My head shaking. Opening my eyes – looking up – and realizing you’re squatting – magazine open on the floor in front of you. Watching my hand on my cock. Eyes shining. Licking your lips…

“Here. Does it help if… – if I kneel, just like that…? Hmmm…?”

Entranced, I feeze – and watch, as, so saying, you kneel – …not looking away from my face, as you do. A half-smile – knowingly playing across your face, as you lick your lips again. And you flick your hear back off your shoulders. Glancing away from my face only to check the magazine in your hand – leaning back, your buttocks resting on your heels, and then slowly easing your thighs apart. Wider. And wider. Watching my expression again – open-mouthed, yet again – putty in your hands – as you do. Watching, as I swallow. Mouth again suddenly dry, feeling my cock tense… my hand twitching – almost moving of its own accord, feeling the rhythm of my racing heart… burning tension, deep in the bottom of my gut, and deep up inside the base of my cock…

And you smile. And as you lick your lips this time, letting me see – your tongue, teasing over your lower lip – and then biting gently at your lower lip – you whisper…

“Go on, Mr Jenkin… – you want to stroke that cock for me now, don’t you? Mmmm – stroke it – nice slow, smooth strokes…”

And as your eyes drop – to my hand – …

And as my hand starts to move -…

“I want to see you stroke it – just like you were lying here, alone with my picture. Do you imagine me, kneeling just like this…? When you lie here, alone, stroking your big, hard cock, do you imagine me… – am I touching myself, like this girl here, as you make yourself…

“…as you make yourself… –

“make yourself…”

– a deliberate, anticipatory pause. Licking your lips wetly…

“…make yourself… –


“Well? Do you imagine me there – like-that- touching myself, as you cum? You do cum don’t you? Nice hard messy orgasm, thinking about me, touching, as you stroke?”

This last sentence is delivered in a breathy whisper, as you watch – unblinking, from my hand, now stroking – up-and-down, up-and-down – to my face…

“Oh .. you – I.. I do, yes….” – through lust-thickened tones.

“Mmm – good – ..and what do you think about, as you do… – as you do cum…? Do you think about me… – touching you? Or…sucking you? Or…”

– and you pause, as you flip the page in the magazine with one hand, your other hand absentmindedly cupping one breast, fingers stroking up and down along the edge of the bikini triangle.


“Ahh – I see…”

– as you look back up – a satisfied smile, almost smug in your understanding now – from the picture on the next page, the centerfold of the magazine. And without looking I know what the photo is of. It’s taken from more directly above the dark-haired model – … her head thrown back, eyes half closed, red-painted-lips parted. Convincingly portrayed as lost in her orgasm, her one hand still deep between her thighs, the other reaching up toward the camera, slim hand grasping a long, shiny, hard thick penis… – and thick, wet, glistening streams of cum, pearly white against her tanned skin, ssmeared over her chin and splashed over her breasts.

“That’s it, is it, Mr Jenkin? You imagine me kneeling, making myself cum, as you stroke yourself, huh? Naughty, naughty Mr Jenkin – you ARE so bad…

“So – …”

Biting your lip again…

“…so, cum for me now, Mr Jenkin… Cum, imagining me like that. Touching myself. Cumming for you…”

“I… – I.. – I’m not sure I can…”

– my eyes closed – …in that bizarre wanton-needing-to-cum moment, stalled at the three-quarter mark…

Opening my eyes – I’m speechless again, as I adjust – the sun still bright behind you, a moment to realize – to see the bikini top, silently unknotted whilst my eyes were closed, hanging now around your waist – … your left hand tugging gently – pinching, really – rolling your nipple between finger and thumb – …making you arch your back, as the fingers of your right hand tease downward, through your dark pubes, which are visible above the edge of your bunched bikini bottoms.

“Mmm – yes. You want to watch me, as you stroke, don’t you? Mmmm – you want to… – Mmmm – to… to…”
A Big Surprise

And your fingers push down. Your body quivers – and suddenly I realize that you’re not just teasing, hoping for a show – but that you’re suddenly as turned on as I am.

“Oh my god. I mean.. -I… – ” – as I manage to gasp through dry lips…

“Go on, Mr Jenkins – stroke it now, as you watch. I bet you never thought you’d see me like this, Hmm…? All those times by the pool. All those cheerleading practices…”

And your body tenses – fingers slipping down, bikini bottoms now pulled to one side… – fingers rubbing – …busy, busy, wetly busy…

“…bet you never knew how hot I got, knowing you were watching me…. –

“…now – cum for me, Mr Jenkin. Cum for me…. Stroke your cock….now….

And stroking. Harder. Faster. Purposefully. Both silent – intent – watching each other – looking from hands – to faces – Urgent. Panting now… as my head whirls… – lost in the abandonment… poised – closer and closer to the edge, as I watch your face breasts – the flush, spreading from your face, down over your gorgeous rounded breasts, nipples taut…. Your eyes watching my hand, and then my face… closer…closer…. – and I realize that you’re close yourself, so quickly, so suddenly, as you start to tremble…

“Cum for me Now… – NOW…!” Your insistent urging…

“…I’m not quite there… nearly…”

“No, Mr Jenkin – I’m so close … – …so-so-close”

– your voice shaking…

– my hand almost a blur…

“You want to cum ON me, don’t you… like your magazine..” – your triumphant tone – ..your own fingers slickly sliding, your thumb – your clit, burning – insistent early waves – …rising – tension… but wanting to see my cum…

Yes – yes… – yes…

“…then cum. Cum on me …-

A Big Surprise

My wife, Liz, lay naked before me on the bed, arms curled above her head and legs splayed wide, her shaved, wet pussy exposed. My head dipped between her thighs, my tongue working it’s way up the wet folds of exposed skin, diving towards her engorged clit. She moaned, her long, wavy brown hair falling across her flushed cheek as she turned to bite the pillow that cushioned her head. My fingers tested and teased the flesh surrounding the opening of her vagina and anus as I slid the cold tip of a glass dildo across her thigh. She moaned encouragingly, but I hesitated. We had done this many times before — Liz loved to be fucked with a dildo while I performed oral sex — but this was a little different. A little intimidating, frankly.

My wife has always had a voracious sexual appetite. We started dating when she was only twenty-two, yet when things became serious and we had “the talk” about our sexual histories, she revealed that in her short life she had already fucked over forty men and lost count as to the number of blow jobs she’d bestowed. To say that I was shocked to learn that the skill with which she sucked my own cock, an activity Liz reveled in, was not merely instinct, but honed through many years of practice, would be an understatement. Her sexual history put my own to shame, but I was too young and too horny to let my jealousy interfere with what was the best sex of my life. Even though we became a monogamous couple and eventually wed, she is still to this day relentlessly flirtatious in public and sexually insatiable in the bedroom. We have coupled in every position utilizing a wide variety of private and public locales, role-played countless scenarios, and experimented with a broad spectrum of toys and outfits. Liz is brazen and direct when it comes to our sex life, completely unashamed of her fantasies and desires.

So, when she had expressed interest in a new dildo — curious how a glass toy might feel sliding between her legs — I ordered one online as a surprise gift. It was this dildo that now rested between her thighs, that she eagerly desired to fill her. What I hadn’t realized when I ordered the toy — and did not discover until after Liz unwrapped it — was just how large it was. My ego had come to terms with the eight-inch plastic dildo she often used, its size dwarfing that of my own six-inch penis. I intellectualized her desire to be filled with big, throbbing cocks as being akin to my own desire to fuck young, tight cunts. It’s just in our nature as man and woman. But this? The glass dildo was a massive ten-inches long and over two-and-a-half-inches in diameter. The lusty gaze that crossed my wife’s face as she freed the glass monster from its shipping box had left my mouth dry and my guts twisted in knots.

“Oh my god, Matt! It’s huge!” She leaned back on the sofa and winked at me. “And marvelous.” She absentmindedly licked her broad, pink lips as she ran her fingers down the length of its mighty shaft. At twenty-nine, Liz was just as stunning as she’d been the day I met her. Her natural 34c cup breasts still managed to defy the laws of gravity and, except for her exquisite round ass, her small, tanned frame remained lean and toned. After giving the toy a thorough examination, she leaned back and playfully positioned the dildo between her breasts, the tops of which were peaking out of a scoop-necked sweater.

“Yeah? You want to see your little wife fucked by a massive cock, Matt?” It dawned on me then that she thought I’d intentionally picked this toy for its size. And why wouldn’t she? One could not look at the dildo and fail to notice how obscenely large it was. My desires seemingly obvious, there was no need for Liz to disguise her wanton lust for this glass beast. After all, she thought it was my own fantasy to see her pussy stretched around its enormous shaft! Liz slid the dildo lower, so that it rested on her belly, its length extending from the intersection of her thighs to the bottom of her rib cage. She bit her lip in mock concern as she measure the length of the toy against her body, using its position over her womb to illustrate how far inside of her the toy would go were it to be completely inserted. My stomach flipped as I was consumed with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. I was speechless as she blatantly teased me with the extraordinary size of her new friend.

“Mmm. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cock this big inside me.” She said as she grinned and look me in the eyes, her hands still stroking the length of the dildo’s shaft. My stomach dropped. Liz had never before revealed that she’d ever been taken by a cock this massive. “Too long. If I’d known that my husband wanted to see his little wife’s pussy stretched around the shaft of a giant cock, I would have bought something like this years ago. Or maybe made you post an ad for me on Craigslist for a young, hung stud.” My mind was racing. As I imagine most couples do, we’ve fantasized many times about inviting a third into our bed, but cock size had never before been mentioned as one of my wife’s turn-ons. Had she always had a preference for large cocks? Had she ever really been satisfied by my cock or had her moans and gasps been nothing but lies?

Liz leaned forward, her hand reaching out to cup my groin through my jeans, revealing to me yet one more startling revelation: my cock was rock hard. As feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy and jealousy washed over me, I had somehow become more aroused than anytime in recent memory. My wife seemed a little shocked about the profound effect her tease was having on me as well, but she didn’t miss a beat. In that moment, I think we could both feel that something was shifting — perhaps irrevocably — heretofore unknown and unexplored territory of our sexual relationship slowly being navigated and mapped.

“Oh my. I thought my teasing might just make you a little jealous and, you know, end in you fucking me silly like some wild, hyper-possessive caveman, but you’re really into this, aren’t you?” Liz cocked her head to the side. “I knew this must be doing something for you or you wouldn’t have given me this… this amazing toy. But your cock — you haven’t responded to my teasing like this in quite some time.”

For once in my life, I really didn’t know how to respond. I knew that I had a slightly submissive streak — nothing that prevented me from taking control in the bedroom and doling out the occasional, well received spanking — but I had never felt such a strong sexual response as I did then to the idea of being humiliated before my wife by stronger, more well endowed lover. The thought of being unable to measure up to the sexual performance of a piece of glass was driving me wild. What was wrong with me? “If it means that I get to feel this inside of me, I guess I shouldn’t complain. Come on, let’s go try this thing out.”

She guided me, in my dazed and confused state, to the bedroom. Liz continued to tease me, talking about her new “lover.” As we undressed, she took her cue from my obvious state of arousal and continued to play with her new toy. “I can barely fit my lips around this thing. Can you imagine me trying to put a cock this big in my mouth?”

I was growing more comfortable with my role and managed a response. “I bet you’d like to give it a try.” A part of me want desperately to hear that she, in fact, did want to be offered the chance to suck a cock as large as that glass dildo — another part of me was terrified of that same answer.

“I’m always up for a challenge.” She said as I sucked on her nipples. “Besides, even if I couldn’t fit it very far in my mouth, I’m sure we could find some other places for it.” Her broad grin was enough to make my knees weak. She slid the dildo into my hand and pushed my head down between her legs.

Her moans became more insistent the longer I licked her, yet still I hesitated. I had a strong desire to see my wife’s pussy filled by the toy, to watch her thrash and hear her moan. But I feared that the experience would expose me as an inadequate lover, never again to sate my wife’s sexual needs. In the end, my strange and disturbing desire to see my wife penetrated by the large glass wand that I gripped tightly in my hand won out. Liz gasped as it was inserted, her small, petite pussy — impossibly — stretching wide to accommodate the dildo’s enormous girth.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes! That’s it. Oh, baby… Come on, fuck me. Oh, god. It’s soooo big. Fuck! Fuck! Yes!” My brain kept hoping she’d ask me to stop even as cum leaked from the end of my cock at the sight of her obvious arousal. I marveled at how easily her small body was handling the girth of the new toy. How could she have ever found satisfaction in my cock if she could so easily accommodate this massive dong? Had she ever shown this much excitement when I had entered her? Would she ever again?

“That’s it, Matt. Oh! Yesss. You like watching me get fucked? You like watching your wife act like a total slut for this big fat cock? God, I want it all. How much of it have you fit inside of me? Fuck me hard. Pleeeease.” After taking the first few inches, the dildo didn’t seem to make much progress penetrating my wife’s cunt, a wash of relief flooding over me as it appeared that the toy was, in fact, too large for Liz to handle. However, that feeling of relief didn’t last. Inch by inch, the toy continued its obscene descent, Liz’s tiny body swallowing more and more of the lengthy shaft with each stroke. Soon, less than an inch remained exposed. Liz was clearly on the verge of cumming and, to my own chagrin, so was I. I fucked her hard then, driving the dildo in and out of my wife faster and faster, my hand slamming against her drenched lips each time the dildo plumbed the depths of her womb. As my mind tried to make sense of what was happening, my tongue mechanically serviced her clit.

My wife came fast and hard and would not let me stop. My arm ached as I continued to fuck her with the toy. Liz writhed on the bed, loud moans escaping her lips as the dildo brought her to orgasm again and again. Finally, she grabbed my wrist with her hand, forcing me to stop. “Oh. My. God. That felt wonderful!”

My cock was throbbing. I quickly cast the dildo aside and prepared to mount my wife but, to my chagrin, I was rebuffed. “I’m good, sweetheart. I’m good. I don’t think I can take any more.” Liz gently guided me onto my back next to her on the bed, her body curling up next to mine. “Besides,” She said, holding the glass dildo next to my six inch erection, comparing the two. “After getting my brains fucked out by this giant cock, I’m so loose that I’m not even sure if I’d be able to feel this little dick of yours.” As she spoke, her free hand wrapped around my penis and gave it a couple of hard strokes, my chest almost instantaneously coated in semen. I blushed. The speed at which I climaxed left me no way to hide how aroused I’d found her clear acknowledgment of my inadequacy as a lover. Liz giggled, delighted at my quick performance and obvious embarrassment, clearly intrigued by the new desires she had awoken within me.

While I lay dazed next to her, Liz languidly stretched out her body across the bed and gave a satisfied sigh. After laying in silence for several minutes, my wife rolled towards me onto her side, propping her head up with her hand. Her eyes met mine then traveled the length of my body, finally coming to rest on my now shrinking member. She reached out and slid her finger softly up my shaft, smiling wistfully. It was then that Liz spoke the eleven words that would haunt me for many months to come:

“You know, I’d almost forgotten what a real cock feels like.”

A Big Surprise

I’d say the last thing I expected from Russ was what happened in the stairwell that night, but that would mean the rest of the night was any less surprising.

Russ was one of my coworkers at the turnpike rest stop restaurant. Most of my coworkers were high school seniors like me. Russ was in his mid 20s and our lead fry cook. He was also supremely strange. But then again you’d have to be if your only apparent aspiration in life was to master sunny side up eggs in a go-nowhere town most people just stop in to refill gas and grab coffee on the way to a more interesting place.

I just didn’t get Russ. He wasn’t overtly dickish, but I didn’t get his sense of humor, he didn’t strike me as particularly bright, and he had a wicked temper. Probably had to do with his height; he was 5’4 tops (at 18 I had 6 inches on him). Buzzed dark hair, coal black eyes. Not someone you’d look at twice; he just breathed “working class dirtbag” in every way.

We were working the late shift on a weekday. We were alone in the restaurant, which wasn’t unusual because traffic was always non-existent this time of night. I was already taking care of my overnight prep, mopping floors, running the dishwasher, stocking the freezer for the morning. Russ had wrapped up cleaning the kitchen – one thing I’d always give him, the guy was obsessive about keeping the kitchen spic and span.

“Yo, Jack.”

I looked up. His voice was coming from the stairwell down to the basement. I hated that basement, it reminded me of a boiler room in a horror movie.

“What’s up Russ?”

“Jack, c’mere. Check this out.”

I propped the mop against the wall and walked over. Rounded the corner and there was Russ leaning back against the railing. The lighting was kinda dim (like I said, horror movie boiler room, or, more specifically, the insanely creepy metal stairwell leading to it).

When I finally got close enough to see what he was doing I froze. I am certain my mouth dropped open. Our work uniforms consisted of stained, baggy snap-button shirts and black pants; Russ usually wore combat boots while I opted for Doc Maartens after learning the hard way that Chuck Taylors and recently mopped floors are a bad match.

Russ was standing there with his work shirt open. Scandalous right? Yeah, that’s not why I was so startled. What shocked me was his chest. First, I had never seen a guy in real life who was ripped like that. Second, I had ever even remotely wondered what Russ’ chest might look like, let alone ever imagined he had THAT going on.

I just stood there, mouth agape. We made eye contact and he smirked. “Check this out.”

He was making his pecs move. Mind you he was a little guy and wiry, thin, but his chest was unbelievable. Solid muscle, cut so sharply I couldn’t even imagine how he got that way.

I moved closer.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

I think said, “Yeah” but it came out more like a croak. “Dude… I… how did you? I mean… dude.”

I was right in front of him and couldn’t get over the strange feeling that he was taller. Or something. I barely ever thought of Russ as a “guy” let alone a “man.” His shirt was hanging open, still covering his shoulders and somewhat obscuring his pecs and I couldn’t stop staring. His chest was mostly hairless, a few dark strands around nipples the size of dimes. The movement he created was slight but mesmerizing.

I looked at his face again and he was grinning. “Pretty awesome huh?”

I nodded and returned my gaze to his chest.

“You can touch `em if you want, doesn’t bother me.”

I glanced in his eyes again, wondering if this wasn’t going to result in me getting my ass kicked.

“Go for it dude. It’s cool.”

I lightly touched my fingers to his chest. The pulsing from the movement he created felt strange, but awesome. Up to this point I had never touched another guy – or girl – like this. He was warm. I could feel his heartbeat. His pecs felt just as solid as they looked, like granite. Warm granite.

I exhaled slowly. “Dude, I had no idea you… you obviously lift weights. All of them.”

Russ grinned. “Yep. You never noticed these?” He lifted his arms and flexed. Even with the baggy, undone shirt his biceps appeared to double in size.

“Jesus,” I muttered. Without thinking about it my hands moved up to his arms. They felt like steel cables. One of my hands slipped under the fabric. I wasn’t exactly massaging him, I was still too surprised and more than a little scared to touch him forcefully. With his arms lifted the shirt finally opened enough to fully expose his chest.

So reality check #1: 10 minutes ago I was mopping floors thinking about a history final and wishing it was 11pm so I could clock off. Now I had my hands around my oddball coworker’s biceps staring at his jaw-droppingly incredible naked chest. And I was possibly drooling. That’s when I noticed the abs. Being a head taller than him they didn’t get my attention at first.

“Jesus H. Christ, dude.”

He looked down to see what I was looking at. He had a proud grin on his face. “Ever seen anything like `em?”

“Shit no.” I counted eight distinct abdominal muscles. A literal washboard.

“Go ahead Jacky,” he said. “Get a closer look.”

Again I eyed him. I wasn’t sure where this was going but I was now wishing the clock would stop so I could take my time examining him.

“It’s cool dude,” Russ whispered. “Nobody’s here, it’s all good. I don’t do 300 sit-ups a day to not be proud of `em.”

I slowly eased myself down to a squatting position. Russ angled himself a bit so what dim light we had would fall on his abs. Doing so made his shirt slip off his shoulders and gather around his forearms as he leaned back on the railing.

Crouching down was the first time in several minutes I became aware of my own body. My cock was hard as a rock. I was pretty sure I was leaking pre-cum. I hoped to god he didn’t notice.

My face was just a few inches away from his stomach. I was trying to not breathe too hard. I reach my hand out and stopped, looking at him again for permission.

He smiled and nodded. “Go for it dude. Feel `em up. It’s cool.” A placed my fingertips lightly on his abs. He flinched. I looked up again and he was smiling. “Ticklish.” I retuned his smile and placed both hands on his hips. My thumbs traced their way across his abs one by one from his waist up. He had a light dusting of dark hair down the middle. I couldn’t believe how solid he felt.

His breathing had gotten heavier, matching mine. When my hands returned to his pecs I noticed his nipples were standing at attention. Without realizing what I was doing I tweaked them at the same time. Russ moaned, “Yeah.”

“Sorry,” I muttered breathlessly.

“Don’t be sorry dude. Do that again.” I did. He exhaled deeply. “Fuck, that feels good.”

I slowly worked my hands back down his stomach. I was staring at his crotch. The heavy black material of his work pants made it impossible to tell if he was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Are you…” my voice trailed off. “Are your legs…”

Russ chuckled quietly. “Hell yeah dude. Lots more muscle going on down there.”

I blushed. “I didn’t mean… I mean… I just…”

“Dude!” he hissed. “If I wanted to kick your ass I’d have done it by now. How many times do I have to say it’s cool? I’m liking this.”


“Hell yeah. The way you’re touching me I can tell you appreciate my bod. It’s all good. I like that.”

My hands went to his calves. Even covered in thick material they felt as hard as the rest of him. I slowly worked my way up to his thighs. We were both breathing heavy now. A light coat of sweat covered his chest and arms making his muscles stand out even more.

“Can I… ” I still couldn’t bring myself to put a sentence together.

“Wanna see more?”


For the first time he looked around. We still hadn’t heard the doorbell ding that we had a customer, but Russ clearly had a moment of clarity. Him standing there shirtless with me massaging him was one thing; him mostly naked was something else.

He looked down at me. I looked up at him. Then I redirected my gaze straight to his crotch.

He smiled and whispered, “If you wanna see more, go for it dude.”


“Hell yeah. Gotta warn you though, once these pants come down I don’t think you’re gonna notice my legs.”



I slowly reached up and tugged at his belt. I moved from a squatting position to my knees or else I was going to pass out. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. Reality Check #2.

Getting someone else’s belt open was something I’d never done before. It took some fumbling. I could also tell there was something else super hard going on with him in the crotch area. I got his belt open and snapped the button on his pants. I slowly pulled his zipper down. Yes, there was definitely something very hard, and apparently big, going on under there.

I slowly pulled his pants around his waist. He had boxers on. The thin material was no match for his cock, the head of which was poking out of his waistband.

“Holy shit.” I whispered. I looked up at Russ. He wasn’t smiling any more; his eyes were focused on me. I froze.

Russ took my hands in his and brought them to the waistband of his boxers. He started slowly pushing them down. “Go ahead dude. Check me out all you want. Take your time.”

I pushed his boxers the rest of the way down until they were bunched up on his pants at his knees. I stopped breathing. All I could do was stare.

Russ’s half-exposed chest was mesmerizing. Almost completely naked he was indescribable. His cock, like the rest of his body, was perfect. Until that moment the only hard cock I’d ever seen was mine. I was more than happy with mine, which is a perfect 7 inches and thick. His was simply beautiful. Longer than mine and twice as thick. His balls were full, round orbs. His pubes were naturally, perfectly formed to create a frame around his magnificent tool, which looked painfully hard, arcing toward his belly button.

I finally exhaled.

Russ chuckled softly again. “Like my legs?”

I just stared at his cock. “What legs?”

“Go ahead dude.”

I looked up at him once again for permission.

He smiled. “I haven’t stopped you from feeling up every inch of my bod so far. I’m sure as hell not gonna stop you from touching another eight inches.”


“Well, eight and half.”


“Ever see one that big before?”

I shook my head.

“Go ahead dude. It’s all yours.”


“Hell yeah. You’re enjoying this as much as I am, ain’t ya?”

I nodded.

“Touch it.”

For the first time in my life I touched a hard cock other than my own. It felt awesome. I pulled it down so it stuck obscenely perpendicular to his body. His cock would be huge on a guy twice his size; on him it looked unreal.

I slowly started stroking it. There was a ton of pre-cum oozing from the pronounced head that quickly coated my hand, lubricating it. I could barely close my fingers around its thickness. Russ moaned loudly. “Fuck. Dude that feels so good.”

I realized, with some surprise, how happy that made me. I was doing something to him that made him moan. I was doing something to his cock that made him feel incredible.

Throwing all caution to the wind I instinctively opened my mouth and leaned forward. I lightly licked the tip of his dick.

Russ moaned again. “Fuck yeah, dude.”

Emboldened, I put the head of his cock in my mouth and closed my lips around it. It felt hot, literally and figuratively. I could feel his pulse on my tongue.

Russ’ moans were non-stop now. “Fuck yeah, Jack. Go for it dude.”

I slowly slid more of his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t come close to fitting it all in, and my hand continued to stroke the part I couldn’t. His hips started lightly thrusting. I felt like I was in a different world. All I wanted was that cock. All I wanted was to please him. I wanted to make him come. The intensity of the first blowjob I ever gave was intoxicating.

My sucking and stroking became more intense, but I tried to keep my pace slow and steady. I was savoring this too much for it to end quickly. Unfortunately, a cock being pleasured – particularly one being pleasured as relentlessly as I was doing – usually works on a faster timeline.

“Fuck!” Russ hissed and yanked his hips away from my mouth, pushing my head back. It was the only time he touched me other than when he encouraged me to slide his boxers down.

“What?” I asked. I was startled, confused, surprised to have my trance broken.

“Dude, you’ve got me so fucking close!”

“That was the idea dummy.” I couldn’t mask my disappointment.

“I almost shot in your mouth.”

“I wanted you to.”

Russ looked dumbstruck. “Seriously?”

I nodded. I stared at his tool and licked my lips.

“You want me to come in your mouth?”

“Yeah, dude.”

Russ grinned. “I wasn’t expecting you to want my load.”

“I want your load dude.”

He smirked again. “Well if you keep talking like that I guess I’m gonna have to give it to you.”

I pressed my hands against his stomach and slowly worked them up his abs again. The sweat from his body made the trip even more awesome. I was able to press harder, fully massaging him now. I reached his pecs again. My thumbs and forefingers returned to his nipples.

Russ moaned. “Fuck dude.”

I tweaked his nipples, much harder this time. I stared into Russ’ eyes. “Please, sir. Please let me suck you off?”

“Hell yeah,” he whispered. He was slowly stroking himself.

“I want to make you come Russ. I want you to feel your cock shooting inside my mouth. I want to taste your come. I want to swallow your load. Please, Russ? Will you let me do that?”

His returned his hands to the railings and arched his back, presenting his body in all its glory to me once again. “I gotta warn you Jacky. When I come a shoot a lot.”


“I’m serious dude. When I jack off I usually hit myself in the face with it. If I’m crazy turned on I hit the headboard. And I don’t think I’ve ever been as turned on as I am right now.”

“Good.” I continued to massage his chest. Whenever I tweaked his nipples his cock would bob and throb and pre-come was streaming from the head.

“My loads are heavy too, real thick. You won’t be able to take it all.”

“That sounds like a challenge.”

“I ain’t teasing you dude, just want to make sure you know what you’re asking for.”

I leaned forward with my mouth open. I relaxed my throat this time. I ended with my nose in his pubes. Russ moaned, “Oh my god…” I don’t know who was more shocked I didn’t gag, him or me.

That’s all it took. It felt like his whole body was coming. I felt the first blast from his cock fire straight down my throat. He was writhing, holding onto the railing for balance and sanity. “Oh my fuck, oh Christ.”

I could feel his cock pulsing like a cannon. I slowly eased back on the throttle. I needed to taste it. My tongue danced around the underside of his cock. I continued to suck it while as it fired off one shot after another. I kept swallowing. I didn’t bother keeping track of how many jets of his hot, delicious come went off in my mouth, but it had to be eight or nine.

He leaned forward, out of breath. “Holy shit.”

I licked his cock dry to make sure I got any remaining drops out.

“I’m lightheaded,” he whispered.

“Me too.”

“That was unbelievable dude.”

I smiled at him and licked my lips. “Beginners luck.”

He looked dumbstruck for the second time. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

I shook my head with pride.

“That was your first?”


“You motherfucker.”

We both started laughing.

I stood up and realized at some point I jizzed in my pants. I adjusted myself. “I dunno Russ. I think I’m going to have to practice some more so I get good at it.”

Russ beamed. “Jacky boy, you hot son of a bitch. You can practice anything you want with me.”

We finished cleaning the restaurant and getting it set for the night shift, who arrived about 15 minutes later. Russ and I clocked off and headed out to the parking lot in silence. Suddenly it felt weird between us. Or maybe I just felt weird. It had been one hell of an eventful night.

“You, uh, want a lift home?” Russ asked.

“Nah.” I looked at him. He seemed vaguely hurt. “My car’s here. And my mom’s home. Or, well, she will be.”

“That’s cool.”

He walked over to his pickup. “So, uh, when you working again?”


I don’t know what was going through my mind. I was confused, a little scared, but I didn’t – couldn’t – let him just walk away like nothing happened. I walked over to his truck and put my hand on his arm. That solid, steel cable bicep flexed in my hand. “Russ?”

He faced me. Tears were in his eyes. I didn’t expect that.

“Russ? Dude.”

He hugged me. I hugged him back. His grip tightened.

“I like you Jacky.”

“I like you too man.”

He looked up at me. It was this strange role reversal, him being the one looking up at me with a pleading look in his eye. I leaned in and kissed him. Lightly at first, then harder. Our mouths opened. Tongues intertwined. Feeling the warmth of his body pressed against me, and that… was that… yep. That’s definitely what I think it is getting harder against my thigh. It wasn’t alone. I felt Russ’ hands move aggressively down to my butt. He squeezed my cheeks hard. I moaned into his mouth.

I broke the kiss and popped the buttons upon on his shirt again. He dug in deeper, pushing my ass forward, shoving our waists together, pressing our bodies closer. “Fucking hell, Jacky.”


He eyed me hungrily.

“Please tell me you have a mattress in the back of this pickup.”

“You gotta get home Jacky.”

“Mom’s on the late shift. I’ve got time to kill.”

He grinned like a wolf about to devour a rabbit and smacked my ass.

We walked to the back and popped the hatch. It wasn’t much more than a regular cab on the back of a pickup, not much room to move around without bumping your head, but then I was prepared for us to remain horizontal. Or at least thought I was. There was no turning back.

I climbed into the cab with Russ close behind. He slammed the door shut. It was pretty dark outside, and the cool breeze of the spring night evaporated completely in the stifling air trapped in the cab.

We were on each other like animals. Making out like madmen. He was shoving tools and crap out of the way while I tore his shirt off. He laid on top of me. There was a drop cloth beneath me. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing to lie on but it was better than dirty metal.

He took my head in his hands. Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness. The bright lights from the empty restaurant parking lot filtered through the narrow windows in the cab. He straddled my waist and leaned back. I slowly, tenderly kissed his neck as I slid his shirt completely off. We were both sweating now, and I used his sweat to my advantage to massage his chest some more.

I undid his belt – quicker this time now that I knew what I was doing. Undid his pants and reached inside. There it was.

Russ moaned. His chest was glistening, the light from the parking lot giving him a bluish tone. He looked unbelievably sexy. I slowly, methodically stroked his cock, which was back in its awesome, painfully hard upright position.

“Yeah, Jacky,” he whispered. “You got it dude. That’s all yours.”

I smiled wickedly.

“Hang on a sec,” he muttered and got off my waist, hitting his head on the roof in the process. He fell back on haunches and struggled to get his boots unlaced. There was nothing elegant or sexy about how he got the rest of his clothes off, but he was damn fast so I was happy. “Here, get up.”

I crab-crawled toward the back of the cab as Russ edged his way up the cloth. He grabbed his clothes and piled them laid down as a makeshift pillow. “Close your eyes Jacky.”

I did as I was told. I could feel my heart pounding. The scent of our combined sweat filled the air.
A Big Surprise

“Okay, open `em.”

Russ was laying flat on his back on the cloth. His entire body was illuminated in the pale blue light. His arms were crossed behind his head. That shit eating grin was plastered on his face. The jackass was flexing every muscle simultaneously for me. My heart skipped. I muttered, “Jesus.”

His beautiful, throbbing hard cock looked even bigger in repose, and it had looked positively huge before. I sat there motionless, staring. His feet teased my legs. “All yours baby,” he said. “Every inch. When I said you could practice anytime you want I meant it.”

I smiled.

“My bod’s all yours Jacky.” He stared at me lustily and slowly moved one of his hands down his chest to that perfect tool. “Yours to touch. Stroke. Suck. Kiss. Anything you want, it’s yours.”


He nodded slowly in rhythm with his stroking hand.

I started crawling toward him, toward my prize.

“Uh uh uh, Jacky boy.”

I stopped.

“Not so fast, kiddo.”

Goddamnit Russ.

“Here I am, Jacky. I’m totally naked. You’re looking at every inch of my body. I’ve exposed myself to you completely because I know you want it. You want my bod don’t you, Jacky?”


“Say it.”

“I want your body Russ. I want to… I want to worship your body. I want to please you. I want to make you come.”

“Yeah, you do. You like my cock don’t you Jacky?”

“I love your cock Ru… sir.” He smiled. “It’s perfect. In every way. I can’t get enough of it. I can’t get enough of you.”

“Show me.”

I started moving again.

“Uh uh uh, Jacky.” I stopped. “Show me,” he said, with authority in his voice.

I wish I could say I pulled off a slow, sensual striptease for him. Reality was I got my clothes off so fast it was like they were on fire. Russ never took his eyes off me. He just lay there, sweaty in the blue light, slowly stroking that perfect eight and half inches of thick, beautiful cock.

I crawled next to him and laid down. I never felt more naked, not even in gym class. Russ leaned over a sweetly stoked my face. His hand rested on my chest. He could feel my heart pounding. He moved further south and gripped my own seven incher, which was hard as a nail. I almost came right then and there. He instinctively pinched the head of my cock and I moaned.

He looked into my eyes. “God you’re beautiful Jack.”

I realized I had tears streaming down my face. Russ shushed me and started kissing them. I pulled him closer to me and we kissed again. Not hungrily this time, quietly. Softly. He rolled on top of me and embraced me tightly. We kissed again, more urgently this time. Feeling his naked body on top of mine was the most incredible feeling I’d ever experienced in my eighteen years. Our make out session became more fevered. He stoked our cocks together, his seeming to dwarf mine despite me being so much taller.

I spread my legs a bit, enough to get one of them out from under him. I wrapped it around his waist. His hands went back to my face. We were kissing like we were trying to consume each other. I used the leg around his waist to pull him closer to me. I had to feel every one of his muscles against my skin. The thick, perfect head of that long, thick, perfect cock brushed between my legs and touched my asshole.

“Whoa, baby,” he whispered. “You’re not ready for that.”

“Like hell I’m not.”

“Jacky, babe, believe me there’s nothing I want more but -”

“Russ. I want it.”

“You’re not ready.”


He looked at me, startled.

“You said your body was all mine, right?”

“Yeah.” Despite his protests I could distinctly feel his hard cock pressing against my hole, then easing off, then pressing again. He was making me insane with lust.

“Anything I want, you said I could have, right?”

He grinned. “Yeah.”

“Russ… I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me. I need to feel that big, beautiful hard cock of yours inside me.”

“And I,” said Russ, the authority back in his voice, “said you aren’t ready.” With one fluid movement he pushed my legs forward, my knees into my chest, my legs spread wide. His face was at my ass. No, his tongue was.

“Oh. My. God.” I moaned and shut my eyes.

He was doing things to me down there I didn’t even think were possible. Kissing, sucking, darting his tongue into and around my hole. I was absolutely convinced my cock was going to fire off its second load of the night without me touching it. I reached under my knees and held my legs back for him, opening them wider. I was able to place them on the roof of the cab, which was a good thing because my knees were buckling.

Russ sat back and whistled. “Wow. That’s so… pretty.”

I felt his finger brush against my hole, which twitched instinctively. He slowly, agonizingly slowly started pressing it in. I expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. We were sweating so much and the amazing things his tongue did to me made me super receptive.

Russ kept whispering words of encouragement as his finger slowly penetrated me. “That’s it, Jacky. You’re opening up for me. Relax.”

It took all my concentration to relax. He stroked my cock again, god I couldn’t believe I didn’t come yet. He leaned back in and gave my hole another workout with his tongue, his finger slowly moving in and out. I felt a second finger. Just as slow. “That’s it Jacky.”

“Oh god Russ.”

“Yeah, now you’re getting ready. You okay, babe?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yeah? What about now?” His fingers probed deeper. Holy shit. That’s… holy shit.

“Russ!” He pinched my cockhead again, harder this time. My legs practically flew open. “Russ… that’s… oh my god.”

“Wow Jacky. Looks like I did something you really liked,” he said with that sexy grin. “Was it this?” he teased, slowly sawing his fingers in and out of the entrance to my hole. “Or was is this?” Sliding deeper inside again, pressing against my prostate.

“Oh god. Oh my god. Russ.”

He withdrew his fingers. I opened my eyes. He was on top of me again, his face hovering over mine. Propping himself up like the top of a push-up, every muscle flexed. I melted, wrapping my arms and legs around him and kissing him deeply. He relaxed and laid on top of me. My hands massaged his arms and shoulders while I slowly drew my legs higher up his waist. He moved his arms and hooked my knees over his shoulders. Never once did his tongue leave my mouth.

I could feel his hard cock throbbing in the crack of my ass. I pulled my face away from his. “Russ. Please.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

He smiled. I could feel his hand move down to his cock. My legs were around his neck like a vise. The head of his cock was against my hole. It felt impossibly large. He applied gentle pressure. “Relax Jacky. Breathe.” He kept repeating that while gently increasing the pressure, than backing off.

He kissed me again. At the same moment I willed my hole to relax. The head of his cock popped in. Now it hurt. I winced. He held his cock in place. “It’s okay babe. That was the hard part.”

“I think there’s several more inches of hard part, dude.”

He chuckled and kissed away my tears again. “Trust me. The rest are going to blow your mind.”

I kissed him again and held him close. Slowly, tenderly, he pushed. I felt the most incredible cock I’d ever seen in my life slide deeper inside me.


He stopped. “You okay?”

“Yeah. I mean I think so.”

He pressed again.


Now he was grinning. “That sounded like a good `whoa.'”

“It was.”

He pressed again.

“Okay!” I yelled. I thought I was losing my mind. Something that hurt like hell a few minutes before was not hurting now, quite the opposite. My entire body felt like it was on the verge of coming, all of it centered in my ass.


I started laughing like a maniac, drawing him closer to me. “Keep going.”

“You sure?”

I reached down to where his cock was impaled inside me. A fist’s length still to go. “Fuck.”

“We can stop, Jacky.”

“No we cannot.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”


He was talking sweetly but I knew from the look on his face he knew he had me.

“I’ll just pull out Jacky, it’s okay.”

“Russ if you pull out we are never doing this again.”

I grabbed his hips and started pulling him closer to me.

“You want more baby?”


“Tell me.”

I kept pulling him closer, feeling his cock slowly sink deeper into my bowels, the length now constantly sliding across my prostate like he was playing a violin. The pleasure was relentless.

“I want you inside me Russ. To the hilt.”

“You want my whole cock inside you?” he teased.

“I want every inch of your perfect fucking huge fucking cock Russ.”

He suddenly thrust forward. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. I saw stars. I saw god. I felt my cock erupt, pumping streams of come all over my chest and his.

“Holy shit!” Russ muttered lustily. “Holy fucking shit Jack.”


“Sorry? What the fuck are you sorry for? That was fucking hot as hell! Your hole clamped around my cock like a goddamn milking machine.”

“Just… don’t… move.” I could barely get the words out.

Russ leaned in and kissed me again. We laid like that for several minutes, just kissing. He was still hard as a rail and embedded in my ass to the hilt. He’d occasionally press his hips against me, not enough to move his cock in and out, but just pressing on my hips. He propped himself on his arms again. “Look at me Jack.”

I could see his face clearly now in the darkness. His chest, shoulders and arms were tense, rippling, covered in a sheen of sweat.

“My body is all yours, Jacky. I’m inside you.”

“Yeah.” I stroked his arms and chest, shoulders, kissing him, tasting the saltiness of him. Then he started to move his hips with more purpose. His rock hard cock slowly working its way against my prostate again. Almost all the way out, then back in.

“I’m fucking you Jack.”

His thrusts became gradually more forceful. Faster. It felt like he was even deeper, if that was possible.

“You like my cock fucking you Jacky?”

“Oh god yes, Russ.” I could feel my own cock coming back to life. It was sore, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t help it. It was all him.

“You feel so good babe,” he whispered. “Your ass is making my cock feel so good.”

“Fuck me Russ. My ass is yours. I’m yours. Anytime. Anywhere.”

“Yeah, this is my hole isn’t it Jack?”

“It’s your hole.” His thrusts were powerful now. I was hard as a rock.

“You gonna cum for me again baby?”

“I think I am.”

“Yeah I think you are. You’re gonna shoot another load just because my big, thick cock is pounding your ass aren’t you?”

“Oh god.”

“You’re getting me real close too Jacky babe. Your going to me shoot another huge fucking load dude.”

“Fuck yeah Russ. Your load was so… fucking… huge… so… powerful…”

“You made that happen. You’re gonna make it happen again.”

“Like a… hose… fire hose…”

“Yeah you want to see that Jacky? Want to see how far my cock shoots for you? Wanna see how heavy that load was that you swallowed?”


“No?” He was really pounding my ass now. I could hear his balls slapping against me.

“No… I want… to feel it…”

“You want me to come inside you Jacky?”

“God, yes… Russ…”

“You wanna feel my big cock go off inside your ass?”

“I want… to feel… I want… deep…”

“You’re not making much sense Jacky.”

“Come… inside… Russ… I need… to feel your cock… shoot…”

“Okay babe. I said… anything you want… yeah…”


“I’m going shoot… my load… inside you dude. Gonna… make you… pregnant…”

“Fuck yeah Russ…”

“Man I’m close Jacky… your hole is just… too hot…”

“Your… hole… Russ… it’s your… hole…”

My moans reached a fever pitch and I came again. I cried out his name. It was like my whole body went tense and limp at the same time, like an electric shock. My untouched cock was spewing what felt like a pint of come all over my stomach.

“Oh shit,” Russ whispered a drove his cock inside me as deep as it could go. I felt it grow thicker, like it did in my throat. It seemed like everything was happening in slow motion. All eight and a half thick inches of Russ’ cock was in my ass as I felt it throb and pulse, firing what felt like an even bigger load in my guts. Coating my insides. It felt so warm, so wet.

My hole continued to spasm around his cock, my orgasm continuing despite my nuts being empty. Every time it constricted around him he’d moan and his whole body jerked, his cock pulsing, filling me with his seed.

It felt like it took forever before we started coming back to reality. Heaving breaths. He slowly pulled his softening tool from my battered ass. I winced when it popped out. He muttered, “Sorry babe. Kinda like pulling off a band aid I guess.”


We lay on the tarp for a while, calming down.



“That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had in my life.”

“That was the only one I’ve ever had.”

He chuckled.

“I should probably head home. I need a bath.” I said quietly.

“Yeah you made quite a mess.”

“It was all your fault, you dick.”

He chuckled again. “Yeah, my dick.”

We got dressed. He climbed out the cab and helped me down. “Whoa, you okay?”

“Just a little wobbly. And probably bowlegged.”

“Wait til tomorrow.”

“Don’t remind me.”

We walked toward the front of his pickup. As he opened the door he winked at me. “You are one hot son of a bitch, Jacky.”



“I think we might need to try this again. Until I learn how to get it right.”

He laughed and kissed me. “Anytime you want more of this,” he indicated his entire body. “It’s yours.”

I held his chin up to my face. “Do me a favor?”

“Anything, Jacky.”

“I’m working the night shift again on Sunday. Don’t even think about jacking off before then.”

He feigned surprise. “That’s a tall order, man. You thought you couldn’t keep your hands off my bod, how do you think I feel?”

“You can think about it, but don’t do it.”

“Five days Jacky? I’ll be so full of come my eyes’ll turn white.”

“No…” I kissed his forehead. “I will be.” I whispered in his ear. “I’m gonna drain your balls completely.”

“That’s gonna take 5 or 6 rounds Jacky.”

“We’ll get a motel room.”


“No jacking off for five days. You’re not allowed to waste a single drop.”

“I’ll save it up for you, babe.”

“Your loads go in my mouth or up my ass. Preferably both.”

“Like I said, I’ll have 5 or 6 for ya, babe.”

“You better. And Russ?”

He raised an eyebrow. There was that cocky, sexy grin again. “Yeah?”

“Your 7th load will be dealer’s choice.”

A Big Surprise for a Little Woman

After 2 weeks of impatient emails, the phone calls… I finally trek south the 2-hours to your home town.


I arrive at your door, finding you seductively wrapped in a little black dress… my eyes immediately go to your warm, enticing eyes… then to your lithe body and a sudden slight gasp as I see you’ve taken the time to wear fishnets and heels for your first date… How did you know this was my weakness?…

You give me a big hug… as big as your little body can, and I engulf you in my arms, lifting you off the ground with ease… I feel your breasts heave and your athletic body tighten as you smile into a little kiss… you feel remarkably at ease, and so do I, both of us dressed in all black and very glad I made the trek south.

We channel surf on the trip, commenting on the different songs, and laughing at some of the more common experiences you and I share… it’s fun, and you “get” that I’m really a nice guy who really wants to just share this time with you in whatever way unfolds… the pressure off, you feel very open, and as we sit down at the restaurant, you elect to sit across from me… but I feel your stockinged foot slide up my muscular calve as you look me deep in the eyes and smile… your innocence is belied by your physical presence.

Dinner is healthy and full of flavors, and we share each other’s plates like old friends… I love that you feed me a bit now and then, and you foot has now sidled up to my thighs, testing my patience and leading me to think that this night might not end… ever…

We debate taking in another night scene, but you have plans of your own “take me home, or leave me forever” you whisper with your hot breath in my ear… I reciprocate by taking your gorgeous face in my hands and plying open your lips with mine, softly sucking on your lower lip as my tongue explores yours… all soft and pliant, this causes a rise in my condition…

My hands, to this point respectful and easy, suddenly draw you in to me with confidence. I feel a sudden moan escape you as you realize that this dance we’re doing is sweeping us away…

We hold hands as we approach your doorstep… but I gingerly spin you into my arms, and dip you for a deeply soulful kiss… my hands roam your back, and as my right palm cups your back, my left reaches down to feel the softness of your buns… I can hold you in one of my large hands, and I feel the heat within…

Your eyes open slowly in a sexy way, and you ask me if I would like a nightcap…

What’s a man to do at a moment like this?

We enter your place with only candles lighting the way… it’s as though you had planned this all along…

Getting to the kitchen, we laugh and make a couple of drinks, down a glass of water and you ask if you can be excused for a moment. The anticipation is killing me, but I assume you’re just using the bathroom…

When you return, my heart stops… I look at you in a whole different light as the candles dance and illuminate the supple curves of your perfect little body. Your breasts heave with every breath and I notice that somewhere between our dinner and now, you’ve found a way to rid yourself of your bra… and I wonder what other surprises await me…

Rather than sitting next to me, you approach me and elect to straddle my legs, feeling my hardness as you finally sit all the way down. All I can feel is your arms around my neck, your lips tasting mine, and the heat of your wonderfully juicy center sliding along my now rigid shaft…

I’m in awe… but am regaining my power. I love this dance that you do, and I want to pleasure you to no end…

Our kiss is now a complete melding of lips, tongues and the intense feeling we share… I was hoping for a nice date and a newfound friend, and suddenly we are beyond my most passionate fantasy… and you are my most exotic dream. I have finally found my soulmate, and she and I are sharing the future NOW…

My fingers, once roaming and massaging your delicate back, are now finding their way down to the wetness between your legs… and wetness is a misnomer. As my index finger rides so lightly along the ridge that makes up your divide, you suck in a breath in knowing that the tables have now turned, and you are at my mercy… but you don’t fret, knowing that clearly my desire is to simply pleasure you this night… my finger rides your slickened lips, and I finally feel the firm button that I know will take you to your ultimate climax… I encircle it with my very wet finger, lightly coming from underneath to the top, and finally around and around… your hips are now gyrating to your own intimate rhythm set by my delicate probing…

My other hand has found your breast, and is delighted to palm the flesh, feeling your firm nipple glide along my palm through the thin material of your dress… my lips break from yours and you arch your back toward me, my mouth engulfing your whole breast meat and sucking it in, my tongue licking the sensitive areola and causing you to squirm even more… your firm nipple excited me, and you can feel my hardness pulse and struggle to stay contained… and you love this dance as well…

You’re about to lose it, and are trying to hold back, but it’s no use… your body suddenly shudders and convulses as you let out a whimper in a climax that has you making guttural noises that do nothing but excite me more… You can feel now that the length of my member is brushing the complete length of your slit, and you can feel the girth of me with your hand… and long to feel me inside of you…

I feel your convulsions finally settle, as your body finally relaxes into mine. Your climax was so wonderful, and I am now dedicated to ensuring that you experience the complete impact and endorphin rush of a woman fully satisfied.

Once you’ve regained some strength (we’re both athletic, so evidently this is merely the beginning), you finally lift slowly off of me, and with a flush to your body, quietly pull me up as we stand, our bodies enmeshed as our deep, probing kiss continues…

You lead me, heals clicking on the floor, to your room, where the ever present candles provide a soft glow to our surroundings.

The soft acoustic guitar and piano provide a subtle backdrop to the perfect environs of your room… the scent of your body, and the randy scent you left on my fingers remind me that this wonderful and gorgeous woman I’m with could truly be my lifemate..

I toss you to the bed with ease, your little body bouncing across the covers… you laugh, and wonder at what I have in mind…

Your answer is quick at hand, as my gentle hands trace your fishnet stockings up your calves, to thighs to finally come to rest near the lips of your perfect little pussy…

I come down on my knees to take a closer look, and you arch your back to see if all is well. My gently smirk tells you that not only is all well, but you’re in for another mind-blowing orgasm before too long…

My tongue traces the space between the spider-web of your stockings…. you can feel the wetness as I leave little kisses along the way…

My hot breath on your nether lips sends a pulse through your body that brings your hips off the mattress… you were hoping for a decent kiss goodnight, not even anticipating that that kiss would lead you to speaking a new language and gushing on your newfound friends lips…

My tongue slowly slides from the lowest part of your lips all the way to just beneath your clit… very, delicately, patiently, seductively slow… so much so that you force your hips against my face trying to speed me up… but it’s me that’s in control now… my tongue slipping inside as you feel the soft ridges brush your slickly soft lips…

I extend my tongue as deep inside you as possibly.. your moan lets me know that you’re enjoying this as much as me…

Suddenly you feel the coarseness slide up against the bottom of your clit… the place you can barely reach when you’re having your own fantasy… and I ply the whole length over your clit for a minute… then begin to encircle that little bud until you’re thrashing about… I can feel your juices flowing like crazy, and your legs and hips and back are all tensed in pre-orgasmic bliss…

After 20 minutes of this seeming torture, you beg me to kiss you and finish you with my now steel-hard cock… you are so close, and I am just waiting.. this is your night, and I am cherishing this amazing woman who I so long to know and love…

You pull me on top of you, and kiss your own juices from my lips… this is so erotic I can barely stand it…

I sit up and remove my shirt, pulling it overhead in one slow cascade, my taught chest and tummy exciting you even more. Oh my, this ought to be good…

You struggle to unbuckle me, and finally I take charge and remove the belt and begin to unzip. I’ve been hoping to free my throbbing cock from the confines of my pants since I first dipped you on your front porch… and now I am so hard that I’m afraid I will completely douse your little body with my copious flow of cum if you merely touch me “wrong”…

Your little hands take my erection and press it in every direction. Your can feel the width, and as one hand strokes the shaft, the other is busy pulling your own juices from your leaking slit and lathering them on my engorged head… in a few minutes I’m as wet as you, and you’re ready for me to fully penetrate the depth of your being…

You guide me to your nether lips, and I slide my head along them, back and forth, allowing my glans to brush your clit again and again, as your succulent pussy pulses and releases another flow of juice. I love this game, and you are beginning to feel the pangs of another orgasm coming on, as you masturbate with my cock in your hands…

Finally, I begin to enter your tight, juicy slit and the lips of your pussy pull inward as my cock stretches you and causes you to catch your breath… I slide up to ensure that the whole shaft slides against your clit on the way in, ensuring that you’re beyond the point of no return…

With my shaft halfway in, you begin to gyrate your hips… you want to be fucked now, deeply… you want to mix making love with being completely fucked in a blur of passion… and I share this vision with you…

My shaft finally slides all the way inside, pressing against your g-spot and finally pushing into your womb… you’ve taken it all, and you feel full and ready for whatever happens next… your breath is short, and your clit is now so distended that your breathing is effected if I move even an inch…

I slide the complete length out of you, so only the head is resting against your clit… then push easily into your juicy moistness to the bottom… my pace is quickening, and your breathing is now coming shorter, punctuated with gasps and little screams and grunts… you’re being loved like you’ve always imagined, and I can feel the pulsing of your pussy on the sides of my shaft, letting me know you’re about to let loose again, and that it’s OK for me to share the event with you with my own cum…

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