A Beautiful Thing

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By: knight13

George the truck driver had to turn his head as he followed that ass. “God Damn.” he thought to himself. As she jogged out of his view he turned back and quickly grabbed the steering wheel with two hands. He swerved the moving truck away from a parked car as he made his way along the winding roads of this California housing community.

Angie Marx never knew it, but she had caused quite a few accidents in her lifetime. The lifelong jogger always had a figure to kill, although lately it had changed. At 28 she stood 5’11 with deep dark luxurious red hair. A college athlete in track and volleyball, she never disappointed. Her height attributed to her long legs and slender frame. Over the last couple years her body had undergone some changes.

She met her husband Mark her last year in college. He was going to law school at her University. Mark Marx had the name of a winner and soon became one. He quickly rose in the ranks of one of Hollywood’s premier talent agencies. On the side he would take occasional cases out of his small law firm. He had money coming in hand over fist. He had always been a go-getter. Whether it was in business or life.

His last year in law school, his buddies had taken him out to one of the school’s volleyball games. “Dude you have to check out the chicks in the spandex shorts, jumping up and down all sweaty. It’ll be a fun time!”

It was there on the team’s senior night that he saw Angie. Not only did her dark red hair stand out, but the jiggle in her ass and the fact that she had the biggest breasts on the team helped get her noticed too. Mark quickly found her afterwards and introduced himself. Her shy, innocent demeanor gave way to his aggressiveness. She was flattered at the attention he showered her with, although she blushed often when they went out and he would show her off. He loved to brag to the world that he had her, she was a knockout.

They married a year after they both graduated. She had her degree in marketing with a minor in economics and he had passed the bar shortly after her graduation. One year later they were off as a glamorous, successful couple. The hit at every party as Mark would wine and dine with anyone and everyone, Angie faithfully at his side every time.

Mark’s success and investing resulted in his newest acquisition. Nine months ago they moved into a house overlooking the expressway along the hill’s outside of Los Angeles. It was a new housing community that the young and powerful were all moving into. Houses easily ran up to 8 digits in price, and Mark had the second most expensive one. It was one of two that overlooked the expressways and rolling hills of California. The houses had innovative designs done by one of the most celebrated architects out of San Francisco.

Angie loved the house. She was infatuated with it. Was being a key word. When they moved Angie had to give up her job at a small advertising agency. Upon their moving in Mark made it his duty to make sure no want ads made their way into their house. He was imperative after this latest acquisition, and promotion at his job that Angie wouldn’t work anymore. Nearly a year of not working could’ve driven her crazy had it not been for her renewed love of athletics.

In high school Angie had lettered in three sports, Soccer, Volleyball, and Track. She gave up soccer at school because she couldn’t devote herself to 3 sports programs at a Division 1 school. Her soccer accomplishments never matched any of her others in Volleyball and Track. Upon moving, Angie joined a local health club and joined a volleyball league at a nearby community center. Her success in the weight room resulted in Mark being able to get her a job as a model in a commercial for a nationwide chain of health clubs.

The nine months of morning jogs and nightly workouts had paid off. Angie thought that her body looked the best it ever had. Even though she got nervous with her 29th birthday pending and the end of her twenties looming. Mark never said a thing about her looks unless they were at a party and he was bragging. She thought that after 6 years of marriage he would still notice her a little bit, outside of social gatherings.

Although always muscular her legs were more toned than ever. Athletically shaped calves which almost never needed her to wear high heels to make them look good, led to sculptured thighs and hamstrings which left most men gazing for hours wherever she went. The mind numbing legs ended where her firm buttocks started, Mark would stare at the excellent shape they would take as she kneeled in front of him whenever she took his six-inch penis into her mouth. The muscular halves of her ass slimmed off to a narrow waist and smoothly muscled back. Following her waist around to muscled abdominal muscles, which just now recently had become more and more prominent. Her wonderful breasts sat atop her six-pack abdominal muscles.

The generous swellings were wondrous and never ceased to amaze. Her lifting had made them firmer, and even more magnificent. Her mother suggested that perhaps it was the birth control pills she was taking. Mark knew they were wonderful the first time they went golfing together. She had worn a sleeveless sweater vest, and whenever she leaned forward to pickup a club or ball, even leaning in the golf cart you could see they held their amazing full round shape. The firm orbs hung from her chest as beautiful tear drop shaped breasts.

As if men didn’t spend enough time on her body parts they were never disappointed when she wore sweaters or pants. Which she rarely needed too in the wonderful California weather, her face was sweet and easily conveyed her many emotions. Friends had recently asked if she was related to the lady from the TV show Alias. Although she wasn’t related to Jennifer Garner, they bared a slight resemblance. A set of well shaped eyebrows laid atop blue eyes, where a thin pert nose sat atop sexy lips. Her lips weren’t amazingly full, yet sensual and inviting. Their movements were always eye-catching whenever they slightly separated during a coy smile, or shy laugh which she often let loose during conversation.

Angie jogged past her house for the second time this morning. The housing community wasn’t very large and to pass by her house several times wasn’t out of the ordinary for Angie. This time around she noticed the same moving truck that had passed her before was parked at the house next door. The new neighbors must be moving she thought to herself as she wondered who would move next door. The last neighbors had been an elderly couple, the husband a former big wig at a movie studio in Hollywood. She wondered who would be moving in now. The house had been up for sale for 6 months and Angie welcomed the idea of having neighbors, since there were no neighbors to the right of the house. Since her house was one of only two that overlooked the expressways and winding hills.

Angie wiped the sweat from her brow and walked into her house. On the way into her house, she eyed the furniture being moved in. “Artist types probably….” she thought as she noticed some African artwork and sculptures being moved in, along with black leather furniture which would contrasts with the white walls she saw inside the home. Angie cursed herself for forgetting to pick up her mail from the box at the front of the lawn. As she walked to the box she wondered why one of the mover’s was dressed so nicely.

He was a rather tall individual standing about six foot five or six. He had largely built arms and shoulders and his impressive clothes did little to hide a well-kept body. He had dark brown skin and very short hair. He turned and looked at Angie walking down the driveway and looked at the full mailbox.

“Let me help you with that.” He said as he took the mail into his hand and jogged up to Angie, handing her the mail.

“Thanks, you didn’t have too. I could’ve gotten it”, she said, already wanting to turn away due to her shy nature.

“No problem, it’s my pleasure. After all what are neighbors for?” he told her.

Angie opened her eyes a little wider than usual. Surprised at the fact that her neighbor was this impeccably dressed black man whom she had mistaken as a mover. Her surprise had nothing to do with racism. Never a racist it just surprised Angie as it would many people. A black person usually had trouble finding decent priced housing due to unfair pricing, let alone finding a house in such a high priced housing community.

“I see your already meeting the neighbors,” said a beautiful black woman walking towards the two.

“Yes, but I haven’t been as so lucky to get a name.” The man said.

“Oh how rude of me, I’m sorry just a little tired and all. I’m Angie.” She said offering them her hand.

With a handshake the man introduced himself and his wife, “I’m Calvin, most people call me Cal and this is my wife Shauna.”

“Pleasure to meet you,” Angie said shaking hands with Shauna. “It’ll be so nice to finally have some neighbors around here.”

“Oh shit Honey!” Shauna shouted as she quickly turned and ran. A mover had dropped a piece of artwork and she quickly wanted to inspect the damage.

“Oh my!” Angie said worried about the piece. “Don’t worry she’s way too high strung, I’m sure it’s fine.” Calvin said with a smile.

“Oh no, I know how it is. I’m expecting movers today too. My husband bought an entertainment thing or something. I’m sure he’d be anal too. I mean not that she’s anal just….uh..” Angie stammered.

With a chuckle Calvin turned to her, “Not to worry, I know what you mean. My wife is the one in charge around here. She’s usually high strung. I better go help her out before she takes out a piece of me too. Nice meeting you.”

“Me too.” Angie said as Calvin turned to calm down his wife who was now chewing out the mover.

Angie walked off into the house but not without about 6 pairs of mover’s eyes following her in. Just as she closed the door the phone rang. It was her husband Mark from work.

“Hey honey how was the jog?” he asked.

“Pretty good, I met our new neighbors.” Angie told her husband

“Are they old-farts like the last two?”

“No actually they’re a young, black couple. I’d guess about our age too.”

“Really? Do you recognize the guy? Does he play for the Lakers or Clippers?” he asked.

“I don’t think so, don’t really recognize him. Maybe he plays football; he’s a little slim though. Probably a corner or something.” Angie told her husband.

“Well either way I’ll make sure to introduce myself. Make sure to invite them to the barbecue, would be nice to have a superstar athlete at the thing. Maybe I can talk him into some different representation. I’ll be home soon baby. Movers haven’t showed up yet have they?”

“Not yet, just the neighbors and their movers.”

“Ok, take it easy hon.”

“Ok, Love you Mark.” She said sweetly into the phone.

“Later baby.” He said hanging up the phone at his office.
Time passed and an invitation was dropped in the neighbor’s mailbox. Angie hadn’t seen the couple since that morning and figured dropping an extra invitation would be just as nice as inviting them fact to face. Mark had set the date but left most of the planning to Angie since he figured she had plenty of free time.

It had been a hectic day as Angie ran all over trying to get the chairs, tables and catering in order as everything was being set up. She wondered to herself what the point of all this stress was since nearly all of the guests were friends, or co-workers of Mark. Angie had no real friends and Mark had made up the guest list. As Angie pointed out the area where the buffet table would go she noticed the one person she had invited herself.

Calvin was in his backyard checking out his garden. “Hey there, Cal!” Angie shrieked so he could hear her over the distance and moving noise. Calvin turned around a smile crossed his face to see his neighbor.

“You look busy.” He said nearing the fence that divided their yards.

“Yeah just trying to keep everything in some kind of order. You got my invitation right?”

“Shauna and I weren’t too sure if we should come.”

“Why not?”

“Just we’re new here and I don’t think we’d be too comfortable among all these new people. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty busy night.”

Angie felt a sense of disappointment and asked, “It would mean a lot to me if you guys came. I don’t even know everyone that will be here. It’s mostly some neighbors and my husband’s co-workers. You guys would be the only ones I really know. I could use some company you know.”

“Then we’ll be there. I’ll let Shauna know. She’s usually in charge but I’ll drag her.”

“Thanks a lot Cal. Remember it’s a luau theme.” Angie said as they both turned from each other to tend to their business.
The party had started and Angie was busy making sure the guests were attended too. She was the perfect wife as she stood by Mark’s side welcoming all the partygoers. She wore a yellow bikini-top that covered her large breasts well. It was extremely hard to find tops that fit well. Short khakis did little to hide her long defined legs. After an hour or two she went about making sure everybody had their fill of food and were doing well. She took a seat to finally take a breather that night when a sight she didn’t expect to see appeared.

Cal and Shauna came into the backyard ready to mingle. Wearing a bright, genuine smile Angie approached the couple. Cal wore a white wife-beater, which for the first time let Angie see just how well he took care of himself. He too had on some khaki shorts while Shauna looked sensual and stunning. She wore a purple string bikini top, which barely supported her generous breasts as they hung and bounced erotically. Her bikini bottom was covered by a see-through purple sarong, which she wrapped around her waist. Almost every man’s eyes darted to her.

“Hey there, glad to see you guys make it.” Angie said Shauna and her hugged. Almost every guy watching their large breasts press against each other’s had a hard-on.

“Wouldn’t miss this for the world.” Shauna replied as they walked towards the food. Angie directed them towards the food and introduced them to the Walsh’s that lived down the street. Angie made her way back towards to the house and she ran into Mark.

“Are those the neighbors you were talking about?” he asked.


“You know who they are?” Mark asked.

“No clue.”

“He’s a small time venture capitalist and she’s a big-time lawyer. I’ve heard of her before. Her name is Shauna right?”

“Yeah and he’s Calvin.”

“Well he’s no big timer but his wife is. I’ll have to go introduce myself. Why don’t you go make sure everyone’s having their drinks refreshed sweetie.”

“K honey”

Angie walked back into the house and make sure the liquor levels were up to par. When she returned outside she saw Mark already working the neighbors with his trademark smile and mingling. She knew when he got into his work mode and he definitely was laying on the cheesy charm. She used to think it was cute, but it seemed more and more that Mark would lay the charm on whenever possible. She didn’t mind him taking work home but he could relax a little more.

Some guests began to leave around midnight, but the more lively guests were starting to get rowdy. The party was picking up and Angie was beginning to feel drained. The whole day had been a blur and she was just content to sit with her chair against the fence near a tiki torch. She sipped her drink when Calvin took a seat next to her.

“You pooped out too?” He asked.

“Definitely. It’s a fun time here but the whole day is just draining.”

“Yeah I know what you mean. I feel tired too. I’ve had all the moving and gardening plans to take care of. I wish I could go home and crash but Shauna is having a ball now and won’t leave.”

With a little giggle Angie remarked, “and she didn’t want to come in the first place.”

“Yeah and now she’s definitely enjoying herself. Your husband too.” Cal remarked as he pointed too the dance area where Shauna was dancing with Mark.

“Yeah those two have seemed to hit it off.” Angie remarked her voice trailing from nervousness. Watching her husband dance with Shauna made her a little insecure.

“Yeah well you know how it is to be power players in this town. You get to a party and start mingling…that’s their thing I guess.” Cal said leaned back in his chair watching the two dance together, as well. “So I guess we’ll be working together.” He added to change the topic, as the scene seemed to make them both uncomfortable.

“We are?” Angie said quizzically.

“Your husband said your doing a poster shoot for some new dietary supplement line?”

“Yeah I’m supposed to do it with another guy. Mark gave it to you?”

“Yeah he came up and said I looked like I work out and gave me the job. I figured why not I have nothing to do during the day.”

“Yeah it’s a good way to kill some time. So do you know how to get there?”

“Not really, I’ll offer a ride if you give directions.” Cal offered.

“Deal then.” Angie said with a smile on her face.

The night finally came to an end and Mark was clearly wasted. Angie had to help him into the house after she saw all the guests off. Mark stumbled onto the bed in his clothes and stared at the ceiling blankly letting out a loud groan.

“Honey?” Angie asked him, but all he could moan was “Whhhaaa?”

“So I’m going to work with Calvin tomorrow?”

“MMMhmmm. This’ll be great. I give him work and I can get to talk to his wife more. The bitch is big-time. If I can get to work with her firm or pull her to us I’d be a hero.”

“I guess that’s a good idea.” Angie agreed thinking in the back of her mind that it wasn’t exactly ethical as to why he chose Calvin.

“Plus did you see the tits on her? Geeeeeezzzzzzz” Mark groaned as he finally passed out and started snoring.
Angie awoke that morning with a sense of excitement. She had enjoyed talking to Calvin and was going to enjoy his company. She normally didn’t like these modeling shoots due to her shy nature, but something about this day made her calm about the job. Mark’s comments about his model selection and Shauna the neighbor disturbed her though. She knew Mark could be ambitious sometimes, but his growing work-a-holism didn’t sit well with her.

She dressed in her loose track pants and t-shirt as she grabbed her gym bag and walked outside to Calvin’s Escalade. He had called earlier and let her know he’d be outside in a few minutes. She jumped in the car to see Cal dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Need a ride?” He asked.

“Maybe depends on where your going.” She replied.

“Oh me? I just get to work with a gorgeous woman today. That’s all I’m headed too.”

Angie blushed. She hadn’t been called gorgeous in a long time.

“Thanks for the compliment. Well I’m just as lucky to be working with a handsome man too.” She offered back. She meant it too. Calvin was in great shape and his face was handsomely chiseled.

“So how was the party?” Angie asked.

“It was great. We really had a good time.”

“That’s good to hear. I’m glad to see we’re getting along now. I was afraid our neighbors would be some really unsavory people.”

“Well I hope we’re up to par. So your husband’s an agent?” Cal inquired.

“Yeah, he’s always on call too it seems. He gets really engrossed in his work.”

“Yeah Shauna’s the same way. She’s a real work monger.”

“You said you were retired last night. You seem young to be retired.” Angie asked.

“Well semi-retired. I used to be web-designer and a business major back in school. I helped start up two Internet companies and got out at the right time. So I have some time and money to play around with. I like to take vacations but Shauna hates them. “

“Mark too. So what school did you go too?”

“Georgia Tech. That’s where I met Shauna. You?”
A Beautiful Thing

Being nervous suited Sara. It brought a flush to her cheeks that set off her fair complexion and deepened her already dark blue eyes.

She had waited long enough to meet the object of her affection and the thrill of finally meeting him in the flesh made her feel both excited and anxious. She wondered how it would go, would they be as comfortable in person as they had been online. She certainly hoped so. Justin had been the only man on the dating site who had spoken to her as a person. He seemed genuinely interested in who she was and what she was about. They had spent hours chatting away about all sorts of things and the attraction between them had come as a surprise to both of them.

Sara, tinged with sadness, remembered where Justin was off to tomorrow. Before they had even spoken Justin had agreed to go overseas to care for an elderly relative that had been neglected by closer family members. The day they first spoke on the net Justin had informed her that a relationship of any sort wasn’t possible as he was due to fly out of the country in two months. Sara had accepted that and they agreed to chat anyway, sparking off a fantastic friendship. Sara had unburdened her soul to this man whom she barely knew, telling him of the years of hurt she had suffered at the hands of her family and then her ex-husband. She revealed how inadequate she had felt when her marriage had failed and how she had not been with another man since he had left. Justin’s warmth and understanding had endeared him to her and his sexy and flirtatious ways had tempted her to delve into the world of cyber sex.

She leaned her head out of her bedroom window, her hair falling in a curvaceous cascade over her shoulder and then glanced back at the clock. Any minute now and he would be here.

Sara was momentarily lost in thought. Remembering their passionate encounters over the net, she blushed even though she was alone. A slow sexy smile spread across her full lips as she relived the amazingly intense experience of sharing her sexuality voyeuristically.

Snapped back to reality by the approaching car she craned her neck checking out the driver.

Her mind screamed ‘it’s him’, as she leapt to her feet, quickly assessing her appearance before breathing deeply in a vain attempt to calm herself. Her mind raced as she casually strolled to the door to welcome her guest.

It had been a beautiful day and Sara had kept the door open to make the most of the soft warm breeze.

Their eyes meet eliciting broad smiles from them both.

“Hey baby,” she said greeting her guest like a lifetime friend.

“Hey yourself” Justin replied as he strode up the steps.

Big strong arms encased her drawing her to his chest in a single smooth move.

Sara sighed and surrendered to his embrace. How was it that, this single hug, could make her feel so at ease? Being lost in his arms was intensely blissful, washing away years of hurt and rejection, replacing them with feelings of acceptance and belonging.

Justin, sensing the enormity of the moment for her, softly crooned, “You’re safe now baby, no one will ever hurt you again.”

It is unclear how long they stood there wrapped in each other’s arms but for however long it was, it would never be too long.

Sara need not have worried about them being awkward in person. Conversation and laughter flowed as easily as the summer breeze and dinner was enjoyed by both. Even washing the dishes became fun as they laughed and joked about like children. Sara scooped up a generous handful of suds and with a mischievous grin sent them flying in Justin’s direction and before long; they were wrestling for supremacy over the suds war.

Breathless and wet with her hands pinned behind her back, Sara stopped her fussing and gazed up at her captor. His eyes seemed to see her very soul and the desire in them was undeniable. Making no attempt to free herself, she offered her lips up to his feeling his hot breath mingling with her own as he took her mouth and made it his own. His tongue slipping between her soft lips sent waves of electricity shooting down through her body awakening sensations long forgotten and quickly welcomed.

Justin relinquished his hold on her hands only to slide his hands up her arms until he held her face gently as he kissed her with the tenderness of first love sweethearts and the passion of well-acquainted lovers. A subtle moan slipped from her mouth as his tongue searched out hers drawing it deeply into his waiting mouth. She gave her mouth to him, openly and without reservation feeling his silken tongue stroking her lips before taking them gently between his teeth.

Sara gasped feeling that familiar wetness that previously only she had created.

How wonderful it was to have someone else bring on such a heated bodily response.

His hands moved up her face to merge with her fiery locks as he gently took a handful of her hair pulling her head back to expose her throat. His hot wet lips worked down to her delightfully sensitive neck and began to bite and suck the soft skin he found there as his free hand manipulated the buttons of her blouse exposing the red lace bra that attempted to restrain her ample breasts. This time it was his turn to moan. The sight of her wonderfully full breasts straining against the flimsy fabric of her bra was almost more than he could bear, he wanted her, now.

Justin reminded himself of the importance of this first encounter. He wanted to give Sara back her womanhood, wanted to be the one to give her all the pleasures she had been missing since her husband had left all those years ago.

And with that in mind, he proceeded to free her breasts from their confines marveling at the perfectly formed nipples perched proudly on her soft full breasts. They seemed to call to him, begging him to be taken and teased and he was quick to oblige. Stooping down to her breasts, he flicked the erect nipple with the tip of his tongue and watched in amazement as it nearly doubled in size. Justin was stunned; she was so responsive to the slightest touch. His mouth imprisons her nipple firmly between his tongue and teeth feeling her tense and tremble as he did so.

Sara was transfixed; her body had a mind of its own as she trembled beneath his exquisite touch. Every sensation felt virgin and vibrant and seemed to consume her totally and the wetness in her panties had worked its way thru the fabric to grace her thighs with its presence. Without even thinking her hand automatically made its way between her thighs seeking the juices that she knew to be sweet and as her fingers glided gently over the soaked fabric she shuddered. Two fingers worked their way inside the edge of her black lace G-string to immediately immersing themselves in the warm slippery wetness of her aching pussy. Taking a sample of her wetness, she circled her other nipple coating it in the sumptuous delicacy before urging Justin to bestow his attentions to the wet waiting nipple.

He didn’t need any further prompting, he took her ripe nipple in his mouth savoring the musky flavor on his tongue sucking long and hard on her juicy nipple till it was bright red and rigid. The ache in his balls grew intense as his desire for this voluptuous vixen threatened to take over and he straightened to gaze into her smoldering eyes. He gently stroked her face noticing the shimmer of fine sweat that was beginning to form on her skin. “Justin,” she said in a quietly sexy voice,” I want you to make love to me baby, I want you to show me what it is to be a woman again.”

Justin heart leapt at the depth of what she was asking. He felt privileged to be the one to reunite this woman with her sexuality.

“Oh baby, it will be my absolute pleasure to make love to you.” And with that said, Sara took his hand leading him down the hall to her room and waiting bed.

Sara nervously led Justin down the hallway to her room, her mind racing with a thousand different thoughts.

Would it be the perfect encounter she had dreamed of? Would she be pleasing to Justin? She hoped she would. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he deserved.

It was important to her that she be as sexy and desirable to him as he was to her. Sara desperately needed to know that she still had it in her, that sensual ability to make men crumble at her touch. Her ex husband had certainly had no complaints; in fact, he claimed it was her best attribute. She had certainly taken pride in her ability to pleasure her man always seeking new and imaginative ways of keeping their passion alive and it had worked. Sex everyday and several times during a weekend kept the fires well alight within the relationship.

Sara led the way into her room, the soft light from previously lit candles created a soft welcoming ambiance and the aroma of incense lent an air of sensuality to the room. Her decision to slip away after dinner and set the mood of the room had been a good one. The room was inviting and relaxing, the perfect environment for this auspicious occasion.

No sooner were they through the door than Justin spun her around into his arms.

Gently stroking her hair, whispering, “You are so very beautiful.”

His fingers, gracing the skin of her face so softly, tilted her chin, presenting her soft lips for embrace. His lips felt electric against her own, stirring passions already well ablaze. As he searched her mouth, exploring her warmth with his tongue, he felt his own desires for her swell within him.

Sara’s clothing seemed inconsequential as he stripped her bare revealing her wonderfully voluptuous body.

Justin allowed his eyes to roam over the creamy silk that was her skin. Her full round breasts sporting pert red nipples sat poised above an hourglass waist. Sumptuous soft hips began the journey to milky thighs delightfully interrupted by a delicate splash of colour. Sara’s neatly trimmed red pubic hair put away any notion he had about her not being a natural redhead.

How he longed to nuzzle between those inviting thighs, tasting her sweetness from the source.

He lay her down on the bed marveling at the sight of this delectable woman laid out before him and quickly removed his clothing to join in her nakedness.

The warmth of Sara’s skin clashed with the coolness of the satin sheeting causing goose bumps to erupt on her delicate skin. She watched as her lover shed his clothing acutely aware of his aroused state. His slightly tanned skin glowed as the flickering light of the candles danced over his chest highlighting his dark nipples. His proud cock, standing firm from amongst a cluster of tightly curled pubic hair, announced certain pleasure. Sara was a little intimidated by the sight of such a prestigious piece of manhood, intimidated and aroused.

As Justin lay down next to his lover, he took his hand and allowed his fingers to trip lightly over Sara’s skin. Starting at her throat, traveling in slow light movements over her breasts and nipples he continued down her stomach to trace a fine circuit around her pubes. He watched as Sara’s breasts rose and fell in quickening gasps and leaned in to kiss her tenderly.

Sara’s inhibitions had all but fled leaving in its wake a primal hunger. Her mouth captured his lips, drawing his tongue to her own and welcomed the wonderfully wet sweetness of his kiss. She stroked the surface of his tongue with her teeth drawing it in deep and allowing it to slide out before sucking it back in harder. Her kisses disclosed the true intensity of her passion, revealing the hunger that sought satisfaction.

Justin, overwhelmed by her desire, reciprocated with eager thrusts of his tongue. His hand slid under her breast moving up to find her nipple before he wrapped it firmly in his fingers. Rolling the sweet gem between his thumb and forefinger, Sara moaned, pushing her breast harder into his hand encouraging him to continue. Justin’s mouth began its voyage of discovery negotiating its way down her throat and forging a wet slippery path with his tongue to the inviting peak of her breast. Her hot hard nipple felt magnificent in his mouth as he sucked and flicked it urged on by Sara’s resounding response. While his mouth worked her nipple to a raging hardness, his hand found the other and began the process of arousal.

Sara gasped and writhed beneath the expert teasing of Justin’s hands and mouth. Her nipples had found new heights, both of stature and arousal. She felt the intense stirrings of desire throbbing through her pussy and the resulting wetness that threatened to explode from between her thighs.

Finding her hands on his shoulders, she urged him further south to explore and discover the delights she had waiting for him there. As his mouth worked its way lower Sara found herself spreading her thighs inviting him to feast on her hot wet pussy.

Justin drank in her intoxicating aroma, savoring the musky scent before extending his tongue to stroke her hot red clit. Her pussy was smooth and bare except for the fine smattering of hair crowning her glorious mound.

He wanted to fuck her so badly, needing to sink his straining cock deep into her waiting pussy. However, the sweetness of her juices enticed his tongue to explore further the hot wet crevices nestled between her thighs. The hard sweet nub of her clit teased his tongue and invited his lips to suck it gently. His reward was fresh waves of hot juices that spilt from her pussy covering his mouth and chin. He opened his mouth to take them all in, thrusting his tongue deep into the quivering opening of her pussy. Justin began to make long slow strokes along the length of her pussy, beginning at her clit and continuing past her swollen opening and circling his tongue before sliding back up in intensely exciting strokes.

Sara thrust her hips up to his mouth forcing him to take more of her. The introduction of his fingers inside her threaten to release her imminent orgasm and her pussy responded by grasping his fingers between its hot wet walls. Sara dug her nails into Justin’s shoulders as thrust harder and faster as she built her momentum.

“Oh god” her mind screamed and soon her voice followed.

Every cell in her body ached to explode as her pussy tightened and pulsed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed, arching her back and exploding her sweet hot cum into Justin’s open mouth.

If Sara thought that is orgasm was mind blowing; she was in for a wake up call.

Justin continued to work her clit with his mouth while thrusting his fingers deeper and harder into her, introducing a third finger and curling the tips just a little to stimulate her G spot.

Sara fucked his fingers with such force and eagerness, her moans and cries soliciting deeper and more furtive probing and she soon came again only this time her juices squirted against Justin’s neck and chest.

Justin could hold off no longer, arose from her divinely wet pussy, and positioned himself over Sara’s glowing body. Leaning on one arm, he took his cock and edged it closer to her pussy teasing the head between the hot wet walls of her pussy allowing only the first of eight inches to enter her. Slowly and surely, he guided his perfectly formed manhood into her, each time watching as her sweet pussy took more and more of him into her. Finally, with his entirety engulfed within the walls of her hot temple he began to withdraw, almost to the point of removal, and then dove deeply into her depths.

Sara reciprocated with soft rhythmic sways of her hips completely devouring his cock in each synchronized thrust. The sensation of his glorious cock hard against her cervix was exquisitely painful surpassed only by the overwhelming intensity of the orgasm building within her.

As their bodies merged during this most intimate of occasions, her orgasm burned, coursing through her body in a tremendously heated eruption. Every wave of pleasure washed away old heartaches and forged new memories in its wake.

Justin held her so tightly, gasping and calling out, “I love you, god how I love you Sara.” His voice straining as he attempted to speak through his own orgasm.

Tears spilled from Sara’s eyes as she came, forming hot rivers down her face.

“Oh Justin, I love you too, so very much.” She stammered through her tears.

Justin didn’t need to ask her why she cried; he knew of her pain and of the need she had for him.

As they lay in each other’s arms, basking in the warmth and aromas of their love, Sara cried. She cried for all the years that she had waited to know such love, and she cried for the beauty and pureness of the love they now shared. How she had ached for someone to see all of her, to see it all and love her in spite of her flaws. All those years of feeling as though she wasn’t good enough vanished in an instant because of his love.

Sara knew they only had tonight. She knew and she didn’t care.

As they immersed themselves in a night of passionate lovemaking, she reminded herself that so many people go through life never knowing a love like theirs, never feeling the pureness and bliss that came from complete acceptance. Sara would not be sad for only having this blessing for a night; how could she. So many people went through life never feeling the warmth of unconditional love, never knowing the oneness she experienced with Justin. Instead, Sara chose to bathe in the warmth of his love, being able to look back and know, that for the briefest of moments in her life, she had a beautiful thing.

A Beautiful Thing

All day at work, Eric’s mom tried to banish images of her son’s penis from her mind. The more she fought it, the more clearly she could see his long, hard shaft with the shiny purple mushroom tip and the tight balls perfectly in place. After breakfast, she had gone into the bathroom without knocking and seen Eric jerking off in the shower stall. “Mom!” he shouted, but it was too late; she had already seen him. All of him.

Jane had no idea Eric, 18 and a senior, was as hung as he was. He was as big if not bigger than most men she brought home at night.

What scared her most was that each time she thought of it, she could feel a tingle in her loins and her pussy moisten. When she got home late that day, she was surprised to find that her panties were drenched. She threw them in the hamper and slid on a new pair.

Eric couldn’t stop thinking of his mother. Everything she did around him was sexualized now. She could be cleaning the toilet or baking and still it made him hard. The outfits she wore made him hard; the way she chastely kissed his cheek or forehead made him hard; the scent of her in the bathroom after she had used it made him hard; the sight of her folded undies on her bed made him hard.

It was torture living in that house with her, having a semi permanent hard on around her. Finally Eric confided in a friend about the feelings he was having about his mother.

“Is that all?” the friend said.

“You don’t think that’s weird?” Eric said.

“Please,” the kid said. “If you think that’s hot, listen to this. My mom lets me use her underwear to jerk off in. Once she even helped me, so long as I promised not to tell my dad.”

“What do you mean ‘helped you’?”

“I mean, she jerked me off with her own hand!”

Eric pretended to be shocked but he secretly envious. “How was it?”

“How was it? Are you kidding me, it was amazing. I don’t know where my mom learned it, but she knows how jerked me off better than I do myself.”

“And she doesn’t mind?”

“Hell no. She even said that she’d rather I be doing this stuff at home with her, then god knows where with god knows who, catching some horrible disease.”

“Gee, that makes sense,” Eric said. “I had never though of it that way before. It’s safer.”

“Yeah,” the kid grinned. “It’s safer and it sure as hell is hotter. I don’t have to waste my time dating girls and taking them out to dinner. All I have to do is knock on my mom’s door, butter her up and let things happen.”

“How do you butter her up?” Eric asked.

“You know. All I have to do is tell her how much I love her and hug her and give her kisses and tell her how beautiful she is. It never fails.”

“It’s that easy?”

“Yup, once you find out she wants it as much as you do, it is.”

When his mom got home that day, he met her at the door and hugged and kissed her. She was overwhelmed. “Wow, what do I owe this for?” she said.

Eric shrugged. “I don’t know. Just for being such a great mom.”

“Ahhh,” his mother cooed and she hugged him back. “If you keep this up, you’ll get that Playstation you always wanted for Christmas.”

But Eric didn’t want a Playstation anymore; he wanted her, his own mother.

Dinner was a quiet affair, candle lit with a lot of shy glances shot across the table. Eric’s mother couldn’t shake the feeling that she was on a date of sorts.

“Listen,” she said. “I’m sorry I barged in on you this morning.”

Eric shrugged it off. “It’s fine. I mean, it’s not like it isn’t anything you haven’t seen before, right?”

“Right,” she said, although it was something she hadn’t seen before. Her son was hung like a horse.

She hesitated, then said (she couldn’t hold back anymore), she said, “How long has it been like that? I mean,” she said, “how long have you been,” she gulped, “mature?”

Eric was matter of fact. “I guess since last year. I grew a lot that year.”

“I can see that,” she said, regretting it immediately. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s fine mom. Chill out. I wasn’t going to be a baby forever. Now why don’t you draw yourself a bath and relax, while I clean up here.”

“That’s very nice of you,” she said, getting up. “I raised a real gentleman.”

You raised a real horny toad is what Eric thought.

As Eric cleared off the table, his mom went upstairs to the bathroom. She plugged the drain in the tub, ran some hot water, lit some candles and started to undress. She threw her dirty clothes into the hamper slid herself into the hot bath. She let herself soak and soon her hand found her clit and pussy and she started to think of Eric’s cock.

In the morning, his mother was still wearing her bathrobe. Eric went to her and hugged her. “Easy there, mister,” she said, pushing him away. He hadn’t realized he had morning wood was pressing it up against his mother. She pretended to be shocked but deep down she liked how hard and big it felt against her tummy.

“Now,” she said, “what do you want for breakfast?”

Later that day, when his mom came home from work, Eric put his plan into action. He told her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her.

“Awwwe, why thank you honey.”

And then he hugged her and kissed her, which was she was fine with until he tried to kiss her on the mouth.

“What’s gotten into you, Eric? I’m your mother. Not some hussy you met at a bar.”

“I’m sorry,” Eric said.

“I’m really mad at you now. Go up to your room.”

Eric did as he was told and sat in his room, hating himself for thinking his mother would love him the same way he loved her. It was foolish of him. Then he heard a knock at the door. It was his mother. She had come to apologize to him.

She said, “I’m sorry I blew up at you. I guess it’s been hard on us both since your father left. Let’s kiss and make up.”

Eric this time wasn’t taking any chances so he hugged and gave her just a peck on the cheek. Somehow this felt unsatisfying to both Eric and his mom.

She drew tiny circles on the back of his hand and said, “I guess it’s O.K. if you kiss me on the mouth every now and then. But don’t make it a habit, O.K.?”

“O.K.,” Eric said.

“So what are you waiting for then?”

Eric closed his eyes and leaned in and kissed his mom on the lips. It was a dry and chaste kiss until his mother opened her mouth and kissed him back. instinctively, he opened his and soon they were sucking on each other’s tongues. Eric felt his mind drift and forgot completely that the person he was kissing was his mother.

She stopped. “That was my fault,” she said. “I got carried away.” She bit down on her lower lip and walked away and shut herself in her bedroom. She couldn’t believe she had just frenched her own son. It wasn’t incest yet, but it wasn’t far either. She went to bed, determined not to let her desires get the better of her.

The next morning she was standing in the kitchen when Eric came in. He kissed her good morning on the cheek. She kissed him back, then thought, what the hell, and pulled him close and planted one on his lips. Eric’s mind was spinning and as he stood there in the kitchen French kissing his mother his hands, which were wrapped around her waist, fell to her buttocks and this he could hear made his mother moan. Nevertheless she pulled up his hands so they were back at her waist.

“You shouldn’t do that to your mother,” she said afterward. “Kissing me is one thing; groping me is another.”

Again, Eric apologized and went to school. He told his friend about his make out session with his mom and his friend patted him on the shoulder. “She’ll be yours in no time. Just make sure you don’t cum too early.”

Easier said than done, Eric thought, especially considering how hot his mother was.

At work, his mother thought about the scene in the kitchen with her son and how his hands had instinctively reached for her ass. His father was like that, always grabbing for her behind. This made her smile. Secretly, she had liked it and it had made her moan but she didn’t want to give Eric the wrong idea. He was her son and he was her mother and that was as far as it went.

That night, when she came home from work, Eric offered to give her shoulder massage. It seemed harmless enough so she said yes and sat at the foot of the couch while Eric sat behind her on the couch and rubbed her shoulders. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Wow, you’re good,” she said. “Who taught you this?”

“No one,” Eric said.

“Sure,” she said. “Like no one told you how to French kiss.”

The deeper Eric rubbed, the more she moaned and the more her shoulders went limp. “It would be a whole lot easier if you took her blouse off,” Eric said, surprised by how bold he sounded.

Eric expected she’d scold him, but he was awestruck as he noticed her slowly unbutton her top.

“No peeking,” she said, but Eric couldn’t help himself. She was down to her bra and from his vantage point on the couch he could down her deep cleft cleavage.

She moaned louder and just when Eric thought she’d turn around and kiss him she put her blouse back on and ran upstairs. Eric was befuddled. What had he done wrong?

Upstairs, in her room, leaning against the door, his mother sighed. Another minute alone with Eric downstairs and who knows what would have happened. She didn’t trust herself around him anymore. There was a knock at the door.

“Is everything all right,” Eric said through the door.

She opened. “Eric, you’re not a little boy anymore and you can’t go around kissing and massaging me. There need to be rules.”

“Fine. What kind of rules?”

“First no more kissing on the mouth.”

“Ok? Anything else?”

“And no more peeking at me.”

Eric grinned. “I can’t make any promises.”

“You will and you will keep to them. Otherwise, I won’t let you do this,” she said and she put his hand against her breast. Eric couldn’t believe what was happening. “Do you like how it feels?”

Eric nodded.

“Good, so does mom. You can use both hands if you want.”

Without hesitation, Eric started in with both hands fondling and groping his mother’s heavy tits. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t like too, but she never let on that she did. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it wasn’t her son touching her breasts.

“OK that’s enough,” she said.

“Thanks,” Eric said.

“You’re welcome,” she said.

Touching her breasts had given Eric a huge hard on, so he went to the bathroom to take care of it. Usually, he just jacked off into the toilet with his hand but this time he saw a pair of his mother’s worn undies hanging over the side of the hamper. He took them and breathed them in, his head going dizzy. This is what she must taste like, he thought. He wrapped them around his shaft and used them to jerk off, finally cumming into the gusset. He put them back in the hamper and went downstairs to have dinner with his mother.

All day Jane could feel her son’s hands on her breasts. They felt good and strong. Her nipples had hardened and her pussy moistened. Just rubbing her areolas was enough to get her going. She didn’t know how to handle the situation at home. Her son wasn’t a little boy anymore and he was walking around the house with a nine-inch cock. Jane kept repeating that to herself. Nine inches. Wow how that must feel. He also had an unhealthy fixation on her. While other boys were going out on dates, Eric was staying at home with his mom. But who could blame him really. Jane was better looking and had a better body than most high school girls and more importantly she was experienced. She had done it all. And there wasn’t anything she wasn’t averse to. Even experimenting with her son.

When she got home, Eric was sitting on the couch as he always was, waiting for her. He didn’t get up to kiss or hug her. He was keeping his promise. But Jane felt disappointed and crest fallen that she wasn’t receiving her normal does of affection.

“Hi mom.”

“Hi son.”

“How was work?”

“It was OK. How was school?”

“The same.”

“Good,” she said and went up to her room to change out of her work clothes. Usually she just put on a pair of old sweats and a sweatshirt but tonight she was feeling different and she put on a black lace negligee that hugged her hips and was low cut. She was about to leave her room when she realized she was still wearing underwear. What the heck she thought and slid them off and went downstairs to be with Eric.

Eric’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw her but he knew better than to make a comment. It could get him in trouble and more importantly she might revoke his privileges. But Damnit he said it anyway.

“You look nice,” he said.

“Why thank you.” She sat down beside him and tucker he legs beneath her. “What are you watching?”

“Comedy Central.”

“That’s good. See any pretty girls today.”

Eric raised his eyebrows. “Mom!”

“I’m just teasing. I was just hoping you might ask someone out.”

“I don’t like high school girls,” he said.

“And why not?”

“Because they’re dumb. They’re dumb and they’re ugly.”

“Well that’s not very nice. Your mom was a high school girl too once you know.”

“Yeah, I wish I went to your high school.”

She blushed. It was her fault she had directed the conversation there. So she got up and went to the kitchen and helped herself to a glass of chardonnay.

“Want anything?” she said.

“Whatever you’re having,” he said so she poured him glass too.

Eric didn’t know she was drinking wine so he was surprised when she brought two glasses on a tray. Eric had never drunk before in front of his mother and was surprised she would condone it.

“Cheers,” she said.


She had a sip. “You know I found the panties you soiled.”

“What panties?”

“Please Eric don’t insult my intelligence. If you’re going to use my underwear, just let me know and I’ll let you know. I don’t see any harm in that.”

Eric gulped. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. I mean it’s just fabric, right.”

“But it’s been against you.”

“And inside,” she corrected him. In fact her thong sometimes slid up her pussy lips and up her ass and she would have to pull it out.

That only made it sound hotter to Eric.

“That doesn’t bother you.”

“No,” she said. “I’d rather you be doing that stuff safe at home and god knows where with god knows whom, catching some horrible disease. At least I know I’m clean.”

In body, at least she thought. In mind was another matter. She noticed how Eric was staring at her full breasts which were almost hanging out of her negligee.

“Do you want to touch them?”

Eric nodded.

“OK. But be careful.”

Eric kneaded them through the silky material, feeling every inch of them. Jane betrayed herself and let out a moan. She threw her head back, closed her eyes and told him to stroke her areolas. He did so and instantly she felt her pussy moisten and come closer to orgasm. Her face became flush and her breathing became shallow.

“Are you all right mom?”

“I’m fine,” she said.

When she got up to take away the empty glasses, Eric noticed a wet spot on the couch where his mom was sitting. He had made her cum.

Since she had given him the green light to use her panties to masturbate with, he had become increasingly brazen and would go into her bedroom and bathroom when she wasn’t there and whenever he felt horny. He would cum into her soiled panties but one time he decided to use a fresh new pair. He dug into her drawer and found one he liked (a lace French cut one) and jacked off into it. When he was done, he didn’t know whether to put it in the dirty clothes hamper or put it back in the drawer. He chose the latter.

When his mother was getting ready for work that morning, she opened her underwear drawer and noticed one of them wasn’t folded correctly. She took it out and found her son’s fresh semen stains on it. she brought to her nose and mouth and smelled and tasted it. It was nice. He tasted just like his father. Throwing caution to the wind, she threaded her legs through the panties and slid them up so that her pussy was soaking in his juices.

She thought about Eric all day at work. She realized she had been too harsh with him. After all, he was only a horny young teen. And the more she thought of him the more her pussy got wet. When she got home, she found Eric as he always was on the couch.

“Hi,” Eric said.

“Hi,” she said. She sat down next to him. “Listen. I realized I’ve been a little hard on you.”

Eric listened.

“I guess there’s no harm in giving your mother a kiss or a massage every once in a while, as long as we don’t make a habit of it. What do think?”

“I think that’s great.”

“Good. It’s settled then. Give your mom a hug.”

Eric wrapped her in his arms, pulled her close and breathed in her scent. He had missed her so much. Without thinking, he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Surprised at first, she resisted him then gave in, kissing him back. Soon they were making out on the couch, Eric running his hands all over her body. She felt the bulge in his pants with awe and rubbed. The more she rubbed the more he moaned until finally he grunted and sighed with relief. He went flaccid. He had creamed his pants.

“Are you O.K.?” she said.

Eric nodded.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and clean yourself up an I’ll get dinner ready. Sound good?”


Eric went upstairs to change out of his underwear and pants which he had soaked through and through. Meanwhile, his mom started to sob in the kitchen, angry with herself for crossing the line with Eric.

Eric saw her crying and went to hug her. “I’m sorry mom. I won’t do that again.”

“It’s not your fault,” she said in between tears. “It’s me. I can’t trust myself around you. I’m afraid I’ll make a horrible mistake.”

“What kind of mistake?”

“You know,” she said. “Sex.”

Eric was shocked. “But mom, I love you. That wouldn’t be a horrible mistake. It would be a beautiful thing.”

She stopped crying. “You think?”

Eric nodded and helped her off the kitchen floor. “I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world and I would be honored with I could ever be with you.”

Jane laughed. “Stop sweet talking your mother. It’s bad enough that I let you cum in my panties.”

Eric stared at her.

“What are you staring at?” she said.

“You. At how gorgeous you are.” And he kissed her on the lips without reservation. Jane responded in kind, throwing her arms around his neck. He picked her up in his arms and started to carry her up the stairs.

“Where are you taking me?” she said.

“To the bedroom.”

She didn’t resist. “You know. Once we go there, there’s no turning back.”

Eric nodded. “I know.”

Jane swooned and let her manly son carry up to the marital bed. He laid her down and started to undress her, kissing every inch of her body. For Jane, this was heaven. No man had ever paid her this much attention. Eric was truly devoted to her. As they lay in bed, touching and kissing, Jane could feel his hard-on pressing against her. She reached for his zipper, opened it and his cock sprang free from its confines. It was every bit as big as she remembered it and Eric moaned as she stroked him.

“Should I put a condom on?” Eric asked.

Jane shook her head. “I want to feel you inside me. All of you.”

Eric gulped. He wasn’t prepared for what happened next. His mother finished undressing him and herself and she straddled him on the bed. Suddenly, he was looking up at his gorgeous mother and her heavy tits swinging in his face. She reached behind her and guided his cock head into her vagina. She gasped as he entered her, all nine inches of him.

A Beautiful Thing

It was a hot afternoon just like any other. I lay on the long couch in my apartment sitting room with my shirt open, trying to catch as much blowing air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eyes were closed but I was far from being asleep.

My eyes came open when I heard a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting any visit from anybody on that day – it was merely one of those days when I preferred being alone with myself and my thoughts. I got up and went and opened the door.

“Hi there, Jimmy,” Anita said. She lived down the road from me. She was a definitely pretty sight around the neighbourhood, and on that day she was looking like something that had just stepped out of a modelling line up, the way her long legs stuck out of her denim skirt. The way her pert-looking breasts nearly seemed like missile cones as they pushed themselves outward of her sleeveless blouse, the sparking smile on her lips … it was enough to make any man’s tongue slip out of his mouth like that of a salivating wolf. A good thing that at that moment I wasn’t in any mood to be moved by such.

“Hey there, Ani,” I said. She always liked it when I called her such; it was our own personal secret. “What’s up with you?”

She shrugged and said, “Nothing much. Just thought I should stop by and see how you’re doing. It’s been a while. Mind if I come in?”

My left eyebrow went up an inch. Though Anita and I were friends, she’d never before made any attempt to step into my domain. God knows I’ve tried so many times in the past to make her accept my offer till I finally gave up on it, figuring it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. If she was aware of it, it didn’t register on her face. I made way for her to step in before closing back the door.

“I didn’t see you at soccer practise out by the sand field today,” she said, spotting the pillow lying on the far end of the couch on which my head had earlier resting on before she came and went over to sit beside it before continuing. “Your friend Danny told me you were sick, so I thought I’d come by to see how ill you were.”

“I wasn’t ill. I was tired from school and thought I should rest it out, that’s all. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Any soft drink will be nice,” she said with that smile back on her lips.

I left her and went into the little room bedside my bedroom which served as my kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out two can Cokes and returned to the sitting room, handing one of the over to her. She thanked me before popping the tab; we clicked our cans and muttered ‘cheers’ to each other before taking a sip. An awkward silence suddenly appeared in the room; she soon broke it.

“So, what were you up to before I knocked?”

“Nothing serious,” I said. “Just lying here thinking about something.”

“Oh yeah, what was it?”

I shrugged. “Can’t really put my finger to it – just something beautiful.”

She sipped her Coke; her eyes stared into mine. “Something beautiful you say,” her hand then came up and rested on my thigh. “Can you describe it to me – what beautiful thing it was that you were busy thinking about?”

My hand fell on top of hers; her fingers played with each other. “I wish I could, but can’t remember it anymore.”

“Perhaps you need a little something to help you remember then.”

“Yes, perhaps I do.”

I didn’t need any soothsayer to draw me a picture of what I had in front of me; already I was starting to feel a growing urge in the seat of my jeans. I brought my hand to her neck and pulled her towards me. She came willingly and our lips met in a warm kiss.

I broke the connection for a moment and looked at her. “All those times that I tried asking you out, I always figured you never wanted to have anything to do with me.”

“I know,” she nearly whispered with her lips close to my face. “I guess I was just bidding my time, wanting to know how serious things would be for me.”

“What makes you say so?”

“Because for a long time now, I just can’t seem to take my mind off you.”

Our lips locked again, and this time it stayed locked unto each other for a long time while our hands and body moved and rubbed against each other, feeling each other up. My right hand made its way under her blouse to grab a hold of her breast while hers travelled down towards the bulge in the centre of my jeans. I raised her blouse up and transferred my mouth to her breast, hearing her moan at the same time nibble on my ear lobe while her hand tried fumbling for my belt buckle. I undid the buckle for her and pulled my erection out for her to grab a good hold on and then transferred my hand to feel the roundness of her ass that lay hidden under her skirt. When I was done with her left breast, I made a move for her other, my teeth playing hungrily with her nibble while she went on moaning and stroking my dick as hard as she could.

I then stopped to push my jeans down my thighs and reclined myself properly on the couch while she leaned over and swallowed me up. She gave a long moan in her throat as she cupped my balls in her left hand while her other continued to stroke my dick as she continued bobbing her head with her sucking motion. I felt myself surrender to the swirl of emotion; my mouth made gasping sounds from her sucking while my hand pulled her skirt up her ass as I then inserted a finger back and forth between the lips of her pussy. Her mouth made slurping sounds as she lusciously continued to suck at the same time jerk me off. I allowed myself to fall towards the end of the couch and raised her right leg over my head, and then I hooked her panties to a corner and started licking her pussy. She made muffled sounds as I clipped my lips on the upper flesh of her labia while my tongue flicked back and forth on her clitoris, making her suck me harder. I parted the half-moons of her ass and tried inserting my tongue into the tiny aperture that was her asshole, to which she moaned aloud more.

Finally I made her get up, watched her take off her clothes while I pried my feet from my jeans, kicked it to a corner and sat there on the couch, stroking my stiff member in my hand while at the same enjoying the striptease show she was performing before me. She looked even more beautiful standing there naked – like an Egyptian goddess.

I lowered myself a bit as she came and sat on me, her hand reaching between her legs to guide my dick inside her. It felt so warm and soft when I entered her, and we both gasped the same time from it. Then she started moving up and down on me, at first slow but soon she began picking up speed, her hands wrapped around my shoulder while she started moaning and gasping from what she was doing. She leaned forward to kiss me; our lips locked hungrily unto each other before soon coming apart. I grabbed her breasts with my mouth while his hands squeezed softly on her ass, giving her more impetus to bounce and roll her hips on top of me. She muttered my name along with her moans.

“Oh, Jimmy … oh, I love you. I love you so much … ”

I was able to push myself up to my feet, carrying her along with me and hurried towards the bedroom. I gently lowered her on the bed, holding her legs wide apart and continued hammering her. She cried out with delight each time I drove myself with force into her in; loving the sight of watching her creamy pussy juice loiter on my dick each time it came in and out of her.

I then stopped and allowed her turn herself over, resting on her knees and elbows while aiming her ass at me. I first came down on my knees to lick her clitoris, loving the way her legs seemed to quiver from my actions, before rising to my feet again and inserting myself back into her. I held her waist, enjoying the sight of her round ass hitting itself against me as my dick kept pounding her from behind.

“Oh, Jimmy,” she gasped between moans, “you fill me up … oh, please, please don’t stop … don’t you stop. You’re killing me … oh fuck me, Jimmy. Fuck me harder!”

And that was just what I did, I fucked and pounded her as hard as I could, feeling the drumbeat in my chest as sweat poured and dropped from my face while she kept up with her loud screaming as she too drove herself back at me each time I dick came out of her almost as if she didn’t want to lose me for even a second. I reached a hand under her legs to finger her clitoris while I kept on fucking her.

After a while her body started undergoing a slight spasm, her cries got louder and longer like she was climbing up a wall while she reached a hand to grab hold of my waist, indicating for me to keep up my effort as she was about to have herself an orgasm. It was about this same time that I too began feeling a strong urge emanate from deep inside my balls, travelling all the way further towards like dick like a jet plane. At the last minute, I pulled myself out of her and spewed out my juice all over her sweat-covered ass. Such a lovely sight it made as I jerked out the final drop, and then surprisingly returned my dick back inside her and continued to hammer her. A moment later I felt myself growing soft inside her, and that was when I came to a stop.

We both collapsed on the bed, her head resting on my chest, feeling our heartbeat return to normal. We held each other in an embrace, smiling into each other’s eyes. I raised her head and kissed her. We were still lying there when evening soon arrived and a rain began to splatter outside. To me, it was the start of more good things to come.

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 02

Mark had just hung up the phone with his beautiful wife Angie. He had been married to that beautiful woman for awhile now and yet he was on his way to betraying her. Mark was a cold calculating businessman and today’s actions had a lot to do with business as he pulled into the hotel parking lot.

Mark calmly walked in and checked himself at the front office. He opened his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. He walked outside the lobby and looked around as he made the call to his associate for the day.

“Yeah you there?” Mark asked the mystery caller.

“I’m checked in, like I told you. Room 450, complete with hot tub. I’ll show you some better stuff than I did at that party baby. Then we can discuss bigger and better things.”

Mark chuckled to himself as he closed his cell phone. Mark made his way to the elevator with a little air under his step. He loved business as much as sex and combining the two just might be the pinnacle of his life. He stepped into the elevator with a ton of confidence. He was as brazen as to blatantly look up and down a shapely woman who was holding hands with a man in the elevator. Mark could do no wrong tonight.

Mark walked into the room, leaving the door slightly ajar, he looked around to make sure things were right. He started the warm water into the hot tub and loosened his tie.


“C’mon on in.”

In walked an amazing caramel princess who looked much like his neighbor Shauna. In fact, it was Shauna. She was wearing a black blouse, gray jacket and skirt. Her straight hair was up in a bun. She walked in and put her briefcase down against the wall. She reached back and undid the bun in her hair.

There were no words about to be spoken. They were business people who knew what both wanted. She walked forward with her black hair falling down around her face. She eased her jacket back off her shoulders as did Mark. They both unbuttoned their own shirts. Shauna, her blouse and Mark his Pierre Cardin shirt. Mark stood in his under shirt and Shauna in her bra as they came close enough to grab one another and begin to french-kiss passionately.

Mark reached around her to undo the clip on her bra. His hands then reached down to her skirt as he lowered the zipper on her skirt. At the same time she reached for his belt and undid his pants. They both separated long enough to drop their bottoms and socks. Shauna shook off her bra showing off her large breasts which hung off her frame nicely with large dark nipples. They rolled around on the bed kissing and grabbing one another when they heard water splashing.

The hot tub was overflowing. They looked at each other with evil grins and jumped off the bed. They dropped their underwear and got into the hot tub, sending more water spilling onto the floor. They turn the jets on and began to furiously grab at each other and kiss more. Mark sat her on the edge of the hot tub and took her left breasts into his mouth. He grabbed her breasts with his hands and squeezed them together, taking both nipples into his mouth.

“Oh you bad boy,” she squealed.

He grinned mischievously and lowered himself in the tub, bringing him fact to face with her hairless sex. He looked upon a smooth see of caramel skin and buried his face into her waiting pussy. Her outer lips were thick as he worked his mouth and tongue on her innermost being.

“bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaadd booooyyyyy!!” she again squealed

She began to grind her pussy into his face…..”Yeah keep going, keep going” she said as she put her foot up on the edge of the tub to better grind her pussy into his face. He put his hands on her thick ass as she brought it off the edge and helped her grind against his face.

She sat back down and put both of her strong, shapely legs on his shoulders and squeezed his head as her hands ran through his hair.

“OOOOOOohhhhhhhh fuck babbbbbbbbyy, come here to momma.” She said as she motioned for him to stand up.

“Now give me some dick.”

Mark then stood up and knew what she wanted. Hell, she told him what she wanted. They both sat into the tub and Shauna reached beneath the water. She took a hold of his cock and guided into her cunt. Her cunt easily accepted him and felt like two velvet pillows were squeezing his penis.

Mark looked up at the ceiling as he groaned. Shauna began working on him so hard the water was splashing onto the floor. Mark then began to pump up into Shauna as the water began to fly out of the tub. They were fucking like rabbits as both wanted to come and were going to get there one way or another. Finally Mark let out a loud groan and shot his seed into Shauna. She gently cooed as she grinded her pelvis against his, holding his deflating penis in her soft pussy.

She released his cock and sat next to him in the hot tub. They turned the water back on to fill the tub since a lot of the water had been sent to the hotel room floor.

They both began to talk business. Shauna had represented several clients Mark was interested in and the positioning battles began.

After a half hour in the tub they walked out and began toweling themselves. They continued to talk until the jiggling of Shauna’s breasts inspired another erection in Mark. She quickly noticed and laid back on the bed. She began to rub her gleaming lips and Mark took position between her chocolate legs.

Mark began to pound away the best way he knew how, hard and fast. Shauna loved to fuck quick and hard too. She would frown and grit her teeth as she fucked back. They were both enjoying the feeling of Mark’s circumcised cock sliding fully in and out of her pussy. His cock would completely exit and easily slid into her wet cunt. They both wear screaming and soon Shauna was digging her nails into Mark’s back. Mark tensed up one last time and filled her with all that he had left.

Mark fell down next to her and gasped for air. “Now about that second contract……..”

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 03

So many things had happened in the past couple months to Angie and Cal. Or rather it was the lack of what had happened in the past couple of months that had made their situation all so intriguing. Angie can remember waking up that morning next to call, she can still recall how good the warmth of his body felt as her outstretched arm and breasts laid upon his still body.

Peeking through a curtain of red hair, Angie’s eyes roamed down the ridges and hardness that was Cal’s body but her eyes laid rest upon his magnificent cock. Thick, soft and laying against his stomach it seemed to glow in the morning sun. Her arm slowly made it’s way down and she felt so wet as her fingers came somewhat close to closing around his manhood. It was soft and slightly hardened at her touch. This touch brought her rushing back to her memories of last night, he had taken her somewhere that never existed in her mind. She loved sex but what happened yesterday was an event, was it him? Was it her feelings? Was it just the beautiful girth of his cock?

He was so much bigger than Mark she thought, and it was then that the names Shauna and Mark had rushed through her mind. Although she had no idea that Shauna and Mark had their own relationship, she couldn’t help but curse herself because she not only betrayed her marriage but helped Cal betray his. Her hand reluctantly pulled away as she bit her lower lip. Guilt washing over her, she quietly left the house dressed in some sweatpants, and a sweater.

Sunglasses and a hat over some pulled up hair was the uniform for a woman in turmoil. She sat at the coffee shop not far from her house as she tried to waste some time hoping Cal would awake and leave so that she wouldn’t have to face him. He was a friend, their conversations came easy and she truly enjoyed talking to him. Could she even face him after this? What kind of a woman does he think she is? She has always been the quiet, reserved beauty and something about Cal makes her want to be daring.

A bead of sweat trailed down wet matted red hair, accumulating to a drop that rolled down a smooth, long back coming to rest upon the top of Angie’s muscular ass as it moved up and down. Her arms on her lover’s shoulders she slammed down upon him, taking all of him so easily as she tried to force the issue of her orgasm. It was coming and they were both close…

Mark finally let out a groan as he erupted into his wife. Still in heat Angie needed to use his remaining hardness as she drove down onto him and grinded herself against him until her volcano erupted within washing her from the bottom up with a wave of pleasure.

Both were breathing hard and laying on the bed. Angie rolled off of her husband and was laying face down, panting as Mark got up and put on his boxers. He opened up their patio door and pulled out a cigarette, his new bad habit that he picked up. Or picked back up. Angie enjoyed her moment and was basking in the glow of her work. It would’ve been nice if they could keep going but this was the usual now.

Angie had become a much more giving lover in the past couple months, not just because she was a sexual person but also because of the guilt she felt after being with Cal. The funny thing is that the more she tried to please Mark in bed, the more she thought of Cal and how it was different. Not just in one way but in so many ways.

“We got a party tomorrow, not far either.” Mark calmly said puffing on his cigarette.

“Why the little notice?” Angie said.

“I wasn’t sure if we were going but I figured it would be a good time to mingle. The guy throwing it has some connections I’d really like to get a hold of.” Mark said with a longer drag than before.

“I thought yesterday you said you’d finally spend the night at home with me. I’m sure you coming home late every night has got to have you exhausted. You’ve been working a lot honey.”

“Angie, you know this is for the both of us. Plus I have to tell you something about this guy’s party. Word is he’s a fan of the ladies, so you’re my ace in the hold tomorrow. With you on my side he’s gonna want to talk to me all night long.”

“Are you just using me honey?” Angie said propping herself on her elbows.

“Of course, there’s a twist too. One of the guys I know said the guy used to be a swinger and was always wanting to do weird stuff with his old lady. Not that it matters but it’s going to have one of those masquerade themes.”

And with a final drag on his cigarette, Mark came back to bed and fell asleep. Angie’s nipples were so hard as the air from the outside rushed in. She wanted to grab Mark again but instead she knew the results that would come. She was too tired to put in that kind of effort again.

The night of the party Angie had on a long black dress that was almost like two streams of silk that went up vertically to cover her generous mounds and intertwined behind her neck exposing her long slender back. The back dipped low and stopped at a place that made all the men bite their lips and moan that it couldn’t dip just an inch more just to show some of the swell that was her magnificent ass. A long slit exposed some of her left leg but just a bit above the knee to show a sexy expanse of muscle.

The dress was black with a long stream of white that ran along the two streams of silk. Her mask was black and went around her eyes and covered her nose. She walked around with Mark and met with the master of the house. The party wasn’t as odd as she had feared but there was one unusual rule in that nobody could exchange names. This of course killed Mark’s night as this was his networking opportunity. He was ready to meet and greet with as many people as he could but this would be almost impossible now. The host of the party intended it this way so as to avoid people like Mark that liked to bring their greed to parties and ruin the atmosphere.

When they met the host could do nothing but grin as he eyed the amazing Angie. The host was an elder gentleman, tall and in relatively good shape with slicked back gray hair. She took to his charm as an older gentlemen. Soon Angie found herself alone at the party and Mark was nowhere to be seen. Angie was mad and worried that Mark was out and about ready to break the “name” rule and she prayed that he wouldn’t. To break this nice man’s rules would certainly make her feel so bad.

Angie wandered around the room when she spotted a man by the fire place. In a black suit with a white mask on was a black man whose figure seemed so familiar. She leaned her head to the side and walked towards the fireplace intending just to catch a look and see if it was him. Even if it was or wasn’t she just wanted to find out and turn around. She hadn’t talked to him since that evening. Of course she would say hi if she passed him by during the day, they were neighbors of course, but she always tried not to make eye contact or talk too long because she could feel herself weakening around him.

She walked cautiously and then in a moment of accident and surprise their eyes met from a good 15 feet away. Both didn’t know what to say to each other but Angie felt compelled to walk to him. She couldn’t just turn and run, how would that look.

“Hi” they both meekly muttered to each other.

“How have you been?” Cal asked meekly, there was a somber tone to him that Angie had never known before.

“Good and you? What have you been up to?”

“Keeping busy, my website is picking up steam and I’m hoping to start something larger scale in a little bit. I was actually looking at offices and things to rent out. Any work for you lately?”

“Mark got me a couple of shoots for some store ads and things like that. Other than that I started taking some classes at the community college, some cooking and art just to occupy myself. Speaking of Mark I’ve been looking for him, have you seen him?”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, yeah c’mon little boy FUCK ME!” screamed Shauna as Mark pounded into her on top of an expensive table.

The upstairs room was empty but sure someone would hear Shauna as her yellow dress was bunched around her waist, her large breasts rippling with each thrust. Mark was giving it to her and finally unloaded his semen into her. Zipping up Shauna commanded, “You know what to do baby.”

With this Mark dived down into her freshly fucked pussy and began to work like he knew how to. Shauna’s power commanded this kind of “networking” Mark rationalized and hell the sex was pretty fucking good too.

While their spouses fucked upstairs Angie and Cal sat down on a couch and were carrying on a breezy conversation. The slit in Angie’s dress had risen and a great expanse of creamy thigh was exposed. The way she sat with a glass of wine in her hand had her heavy breasts hanging freely in the air. The mask did little to conceal Cal’s eye which now had the confidence back that she once knew.

“MMmmmmm baby tongue my ass I’ll let you do what you want with it.” Shauna exclaimed bent over the table with Mark’s tongue spearing her asshole.

Putting his cock into her dripping pussy he pulled out and forced his cock into Shauna’s ass. Her big black ass felt like a pillow as he bounced back from her with every thrust.

“Attention everybody!” yelled the host for the evening.

As many of you who have been to my soiree’s before know, I’m always one for a good game. And no matter how sophisticated we are, we can always enjoy some old games and then later on in the night we can always introduce newer ones.

Angie and Cal looked at each other with mock smirk’s on their face. Both were eager to see what kind of games were coming.

“The first game is a modification of an old favorite, Ma’am I certainly hope you’ll join us? Please bring your friend too, the more the merrier.” The host spoke talking to Angie and Cal.

“The first game is one I’m sure we’ve all played in junior high. Remember 7 minutes in heaven? Well this we’ll do for 40 minutes and we will make use of my many guest rooms and their closets. Please we all know that there are no names involved but what I need everyone to do is take a number from one of my waitresses walking about the room. They will not handout any numbers that cannot be matched up.”

With a shrug and a smile Cal and Angie both looked at each other and took little numbered chips. Angie had 6 and Cal had 12.

“Ok now that we have our numbers I will pick some random numbers here and one of my waitresses will escort you to the guest room your assigned to. Now I’m not suggesting what any of us should do while in the closet but if you want to do some cleaning, please be my guest.” The host said with a small round of chuckles.

Slowly people paired off and were led out of the room. Even though there were other people at the party that weren’t playing Angie was beginning to rethink this. “I don’t know about this.” Angie mentioned to Cal. She felt that the host would do something to ensure the pairing of her and graying gentleman.

Angie was relieved when he was paired with a large busty blonde but then she began to wonder who she would be paired up with. Would it be another woman? What if it was some man who she didn’t know? In that case the gentleman would’ve been her choice.

They should’ve known it or expected it but eventually the two were paired up. They met each other’s eyes with nervous smiles and followed the host as he insisted they hurry up as his 20 minutes were counting down. They were led to a room and put into a walk-in closet that was very large and not as cramped but they did notice that there were no light bulbs and the waitress closed the door behind them.

In a low primal scream Shauna let out, “Fuck My ASS, FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT!”

Mark now had Shauna’s ass in the air and held her ankles almost back to the wall as her on the floor and was inserting his dick into asshole. He fucked her, slapping his body against the back of her legs as she screamed and yelled like a monster.

Muffled screams could be heard in the closet. They were definitely the screams of sex.

“Well someone’s off to a quick start.” Angie said nervously as her hand traced her collarbone. “No kidding, hey where are you I can’t see a thing in here. I don’t want to trip on anything. Hold out your hands.” Cal said as his hands wandered the dark area in front of him until his hands found Angie.

Angie had her arms extended palms down in front of her then first Cal’s right hand found her left and the other followed as they were facing each other in the darkness. Both were breathing through their mouths uncertain of the situation. The muffled screams of sex as their background made things so awkward that finally Cal had to say something.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Angie said, her thumb now rubbing Cal’s large hand.

“Look, I don’t know what happened, well I know what happened. I don’t know, I um, look I didn’t mean for what happened, well I did mean it. God did I want it but….” He needed to say something to make things right. He felt guilty about what had happened some months ago. She was the only woman to make his dick feel that sore after sex and she was by far the most beautiful. He liked talking to her and he saw the weight of shame that Angie had been carrying around since then.

“Please, don’t say anything. I was terrible that night. I should’ve never let that happen. Anything like that shouldn’t happen, ever.” Angie said shaking her head in the darkness.

“Ever?” Cal asked, the question loaded with so much meaning.

“Ever again or ever to begin with?” Angie asked their hands still massaging each other’s.

“Ever to begin with?”

Angie swallowed, “Under different circumstances, something that awesome should definitely not be avoided but uh, as for us it’s different.”

The heat of his hands were warming her entire body as her chest was now heaving up and down. Cal could swear he could feel the movement of her chest and her massive globes moving up and down not far from his chest.

“I know, it’s a shame. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I never meant too, bring you such guilt.” Cal said.

“Oh Cal, you know, the more I think about it…The less guilt I feel. We were awesome together and for my whole life I never knew anything could be that good and you showed me that. You showed me something beautiful and if anything I should thank you for it.” Angie said upon realizing how close they really were now. Their intertwined hands were no longer between them but down at their sides and as they stood inches form each other in the darkness.

“I wish I could tell you how good it was for me too.” Cal said his hands pulling from hers and traveling along her arms.

His words made her feel like such a woman as she could only thank him by hugging him. Her cheeks brushed his as she got on her tiptoes to make up their slight height difference even though Angie stood nearly 6 feet tall. His arms wrapped around her as well. Both of them savoring the moment, the smell of her hair filled his head and his scent hypnotized her.

In the darkness their heads pulled away, both of them staring into nothing even though they knew the other was inches away. They could feel each other’s breathing and knew that one more taste would not be that much to ask of the other. Their mouths touched, lips parting and tongues slowly playing. Angie’s hands squeezed the back of his jacket as her nipples rubbed against him, his hands began to travel up and down the valley of her lower back.

Their kissing grew more aggressive; satisfying the hunger they had built for each other since their last encounter. Cal’s bulged pressed against her and the thin material of her dress did little to reflect the heat building between them. They began to moan as they grinded against each other, two tall pieces of perfection moving against one another to bring about pleasure. Cal’s hands dipped below the area that every man’s eyes had wished for as he grabbed the amazing ass that belonged to Angie. He had encountered no panty top and realized she was with out panties. Mark had suggested it as he didn’t want her tops showing because of the dip that went so low on the dress. She had suggested another dress but Mark insisted.

He used his newfound position to help push her against her bulge. “This isn’t right, what about Shauna and Mark.” Angie asked breathlessly.

“Your right, what happened was a mistake but aren’t there no names tonight?”

“Two people, no names, different circumstances.” Angie said as her hand brushed against the hardness of his chest and abs as he brought his other hand to her breasts. Slowly running his fingers along the outside of the silk he brushed his fingers downward and pulling the stream of fabric aside exposing her hard nipple to the air and his mouth.

Moans came from them both. “Find the wall.” Angie directed as they felt around and she made Cal lean against it. Using her hands upon his shoulder to first guide him against the wall, Angie then began to steady herself upon him and slide down in front of him seductively. She unbuckled his pants and fished for her old friend.

The smell of him was intoxicating as she sucked the head of his cock. Cal moaned in pleasure, her licks and kisses were like velvet brushes and drove him up the wall. She took more of his cock into her mouth than both of htem remembered and soon Cal could not believe that he was ready to cum this soon. He started to pump her mouth with his hips which she responded to by opening her mouth more, knowing what he wanted. She put her hands around to his ass and even directed him to fuck her mouth harder. Moans came from both of them as Cal grabbed the back of her head, not to force her, but to steady himself and he shot his seed into her mouth.

Familiar with his taste Angie smiled and greedily swallowed the load that came, wanting to ensure that there were no stains on her dress. Cal was so amazed and spent that he slunk back against the wall and drooped to the floor where Angie was already on her knees. Their hands searched for each other and they shared a kiss. His cock was hard again. She felt it in her hands.

“Our 40 minutes should be coming to an end.” Angie said as she stoked his cock.

“That means I don’t have much time to take care of you.” Cal said while nibbling on her neck.

She pulled away, “You don’t have too. That was my thank you, for before.”

Cal brushed her forearm and said, “No names tonight, new circumstances there was nothing to thank me for.”

“Right, no names.” Angie said looking around in the darkness.

“We have the rest of tonight to forget our names.” Cal said.

“I have to find Mark and I’m sure Shauna wonders where you are.” Angie remarked as there was a heavy pounding on the ceiling above now.

“It’s a shame that our nameless night has to end. I want you to know how good you are to me.” Cal said his hand finding her hair and brushing it gently.

“Let’s hide then, from our names and everyone else for the night.” Angie said her hand brushing his face as well.

She lifted her dress around her waist and stood up. She lowered herself onto Cal’s slumping body, his spear up in the air against her ass. She kissed him hungrily and lifted herself again. Long muscular legs lifted her in the air as she hovered around his cock.

“No, I want to savor this.” Cal said, his arm wrapping around his waist as he leaned forward and placed Angie on her back. His cock still in line with her pussy he leaned forward in the dark and their privates touched bringing a gasp to both. He couldn’t believe her wet softness and she couldn’t believe his rigid size.

He slowly gripped his cock and guided it towards her as her fingers opened her lips for her. His head nestled in and their hands left their genitals as they used their bodies to re-unite. He leaned forward to kiss her. She greedily sucked and bit his large lips as his cock lurched forward, more and more.
A Beautiful Thing Ch. 03

“Oh god, I don’t remember you being this big.” Angie said arching her back and spreading her legs farther.

“My memories of this pussy can’t compare to what I have around me now.” Cal moaned as he had a little bit more to go. With a slow stoke back and forth coupled with her hips gyrating he finally connected with her fully. They both froze at their accomplishment and kissed each other.

They heard footsteps above them and realized that time must be up. All this time seemed like so much more. They looked around the darkness not knowing what to do. They separated and stood up, they kissed each other and held hands as they felt around for the door.

Cal led her out the door into the guest room. Across from the closet was the bathroom, Cal then walked to the room door and opened it slightly while they went to the bathroom and hid, Cal standing behind Angie as they peered through the crack.

The waitress walked in the open door looking confused. Cal rubbed his bulge along the crack of Angie’s ass as his hand cupped her breast. Her hand grabbed his and she bit down on his thumb to keep herself from moaning. She said hello several times looking about the room and into the closet. Shrugging her shoulders she left the room.

“Were you trying to get me caught?” Angie said as she turned around giggling and kissing Cal. They walked into the room and towards the bed where they looked at each other in confidence silence. Cal began removing his tie and shirt exposing his muscular chest and ripped abs while Angie reached behind her neck and lowered her dress to the floor leaving her in her black heels. She sat back on the bed and spread her legs.

Cal could see her now in the light, “Amazing.” He said as he eyed her athletic calves that led to perfectly muscled legs that expanded in the middle and became gradually thinner leading to a beautifully hooded clit and pussy that lay beneath a flat sea of stomach where glorious mounds topped her body. He let his pants drop and took of his socks, lowering his boxers he stood 5 feet from her stroking his cock.

“Gorgeous.” Angie said as she sat up and awaited him. He walked closer to her as she brought him to her mouth. Her mouth drooled over his meat and his precum filled her mouth as she coated him and stoked his enormous cock. She stood up, and put the massive cock between her legs. She grinded them together as her hands caressed his head and kissed him again. It turned her on so that he would kiss her with his seed on her tongue.

“Calvin, please.” She said looking into his eyes.

He lowered her gently to the bed as he bent over her like a jungle cat. His cock hung low as their tongues played with each other. His hand came to her large breasts, his thumb toying with her nipple. She spread her legs for him and he entered her again, this time when he reached the bottom they looked down at their union in the moonlight and looked at each other. They smiled and Angie angled her pussy upwards trying to take even more of his cock.

Calvin threw his head back, “Angie….” He hissed as she gyrated her velvet pussy on him.

He began to stroke into her, even though at first it was difficult. He had lodged himself inside of her but movement was till tight but it felt so good. Cal had never had a pussy like this. She gushed around him, providing him all he needed to glide into her more.

His strokes grew stronger and her legs went wider and wider to accommodate him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, brining him down occasionally to trade kisses and duel tongues. Finally they had a rhythym and Angie was screaming and wrapping her legs around Calvin. He stood off the bed and lifting her in the air by her ass began fucking into the tall piece of perfection he had with him. She put one leg down in the air as he held her other leg above his right arm. His left arm kept them close as these sexual animals fucked standing up.

So close to the bed the leaned onto it sideways. Their legs were straight along the bed as she hooked her other leg along his hip. He drew her close crushing her breasts against his rock hard chest. He pumped into her and she humped onto him. Their hips moving towards each other as if she wanted more and he wanted to go deeper, their kissing was fierce as their movements grew stronger and longer until Angie stopped kissing her body shaking and Cal’s balls tightened and began to release again and again into her.

Their breathing was so heavy and their bodies shined in sweat atop the bed.

“Calvin…..Oh Calvin….” Angie moaned out of breath as they stared at one another. His large cock still within her ached as it began to harden. “Angie oh girlllllll!” He said as loud as he could provided he had no strength. “Names ok?” Cal asked. Angie laughed and grabbed his face kissing him. “Yes, I want to remember this. I want to know your name.” Angie grinned.

They slowly began pumping each other as they spoke.

“I’ll never forget yours.” Cal said with an emphatic movement into her.

“Why’s that, you like this pussy?” Angie said as she wiggled against him.

“What do you think?” Cal said as his hand reached down and played with her clit as he took a long stroke into her.

“I think you do,”

“You think?” Another long stroke.

“I know so.” A greedy push onto his cock.

“How’s that?” a small rub against her pussy. A moan.

“Cuz that big black cock is still hard, I think you want some more.” Angie said as she rolled atop him.

“Is it just me that wants some more?” Cal smiled as he thrust upwards into her.

“I think I do too, my pussy get so wet for you, like on one else before.” She moaned as she grabbed her breasts and began rocking back and forth atop her black lover.

“That pussy gets this wet just for me?” Cal said his hands running up and down her strong thighs.

“MmmmHmm, Cal this pussy likes you?”

Reaching up for her breasts and running his palms along her stomach as she slowly grinds on him, “likes?”


“My cock loves your pussy too. They go good together.”

Throwing her head back and putting her hands on her heels as she continues riding his mast.

“Yesssssss….My whole life I never had a cock like this, never fucked liked this.”

Sitting up to kiss her, her heavy breasts upon his shoulders his hands run along her ass and legs as they begin to bounce up and down, fucking each other harder.

“MMMmmmm I never wanted pussy like this.”

They slowed down and Angie stood off his cock which stood in the air like a shiny spear. She turned around bent down exposing her pussy to him and slowly took him again into her softness. Riding again her strong legs did a rowing motion propelling her ass and pussy back and forth. Her ass rolling back and forth on his stomach.

“Is that all you ever wanted this badly?” Angie asked, her hands on his knees to steady herself and she worked back and forth. Her orgasm building up again, her other hand coming down to play with her clit.

“MMmmm I never wanted to touch your hair so badly.” He said running his hands into her hair, “Never wanted someone with an ass like this so bad.” He said playfully smacking and grabbing her ass. He put his hands back on the bed and tried to meet her strides as they began to fuck and Angie put her hand in her head of hair and began to cry and choke on all her emotion as she came all over his cock in a wet orgasm.

“I never wanted a cock like this, I never knew there was a man like this.” Angie said as she leaned forward on her knees, “I want you to have everything you ever wanted……”

Cal smiled and got up on his knees as he guided his cock into her pussy, “Mmmmm first your hair…..” Cal said as he gently ran his fingers into her silky red hair.

“Mmmmm, what’s next Cal?” Angie asked knowing, hoping what he wanted next was coming.

“So amazing.” Cal said shaking his head in disbelief as he took out his wet cock and placed against her asshole. She shook in fear at first but wanted to experience him everyway she could. It had been so long since their first meeting. How could she ever live again without this?

He slowly sank in the first couple inches. She licked her hands and reached back to try and lubricate his cock as he went deeper and deeper. “Mmm you like my white ass Cal?” Angie asked as half his cock was in her ass. They gently began to rock against each other each time getting more and more of him into.

“Baby there’s no one with an ass and legs like you got….hair, breasts, your gorgeous face….” He whispered the last phrase into her ear as he bent over her and she turned to kiss him, tears forming in her ears. In a pleading voice she whispered, “Fuck me.”

Calvin picked up his pace as began to really give it to her. His hand roamed every creamy inch of her body. Her back, shoulders, the round mounds of flesh that were her thick ass and he ran his hands on the inside of her strong gorgeous thighs. Brushing his hands against her pussy she stood up at the waist while he still assaulted her ass. Her hand reaching over her head brining his close to her so he could lick her ear while her other hand grabbed his and showed him hot to play with her clit.

“Cal, ugh, Cal your cock……Fuck, Fuck me,” Angie said putting her face into the mattress and Cal began to go at her with all the might he had. “Angie fuck, fuck fuck fuck……”

“Calvin, give it to me, I love it all give me your big black cock, give it to your white bitch….” She couldn’t believe she said it, but it was right.

“My bitch, Angie my bitch take it….”

“Yes Calvin fuck me, I’m yours fuck I Love you!”

“Ugh, shit I love you give me my white pussy!”

He pulled out of her ass and she turned around. They turned around and kissed in a flash. Her tongue in his mouth swirling around his tongue as he guided his cock into her. She held onto his shoulders for her life and he pounded into her slick pussy. He was so big, oh, she couldn’t take it.

“Calvin please fill me, fill me up!”

“Give me this pussy, give it to me!”

“It’s yours!”

“Take my black cock!”

“Give it to me, I love you”

“ugghhhhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned as he exploded into her, collapsing on top of her. His cock still twitching and spurting in her. “I love you too.”

They laid there for an hour fighting the urge to sleep in the strange house. They found their spouses and left for the night.

The next day, with Mark and Shauna at work Calvin came home around noon from scouting offices. He was ready to put some things together and wanted to make himself a success again.

He walked into his house and saw Angie in the backyard, her tanned body in a small white bikini.

He walked outside, “hello neighbor.”

“Hi there, come for a swim?”

“Maybe a swim.” Cal said smiling as he entered their neighboring houses. Again the privacy of their two estates served them well. Angie walked to him as he undressed to full nakedness, his rippled body getting warmer from the sun. “I think we need some lotion.” Angie said filling her hand with the lotion and handing it to Cal.

As she worked the lotion into his shoulders and thick chest he untied her top and bottom leaving her naked. The tall couple stood with his limp cock brushing against her shaved womanhood. He cupped both breasts, so soft and holding their shape as he massed lotion onto her body. She gently stoked his cock till it protruded straight form his body.

“Cal….. last night again, what we said…….”

Cal interrupted her, “Angie, I don’t’ want any guilt that we belong together. Tell me we don’t.” He said this as he grabbed his cock and rubbed it along the softness between her legs.

“Would you let me finish?” she said stepping back. “Like we said last night, I think my pussy loves that black cock of yours.”

They grinned and embraced in a sensual kiss, it was long and wet. Cal nibbled on her neck and ear as he squeezed her breasts. “mmm you like my big white tities.”

“I like a lot of things.” He said kissing her mouth. Walked to the steps to the pool and slowly walked in. Cal sat along the edge and watched the tall red- head swim to him. She stood in the water and took his cock into her mouth. Her pussy began to moisten with his fuckmeat in her mouth.

He lifted her from the water and he sank down so he could eat her delicious pussy. She moaned and moaned, “Fuck Cal, your killing me……” As he gazed upward at the pretty pussy framed by two shapely legs he thought to himself, “look who’s talking.”

Angie sank into the water and they found each other and slowly joined themselves. Slowly Angie used her long legs to bounce up and down upon his cock taking him into her, his lust grew stronger and stronger until he pinned her against the pool wall and began to drive into her, his waist splashing the water around. Their mouths engaged in a kiss and Angie threw her head back moaning.

“Angie fuuuuuckkkkkkkk”

“Fill me up Calvin, fill me fill me.”

He let out a low groan and filled her as she tensed around him, her own body shaking from a subsiding orgasm.

“Your beautiful.” He said to her,

“Mmm I love you.” “I love you too.” They exchanged as he grew harder and began to make love to his woman.

In the following weeks Cal learned of Shauna’s affair. Even though he had a suspicion he validated it by coming upon her cum soaked panties. He had enough. They both created their careers for themselves and were going separate ways. He knew she was a bitch in the courtroom but he had her. Cal told Angie he was leaving Shauna and Angie felt so excited and guilty at the same time. Cal said that yes it was partly because of how he felt for her, this caused Angie to analyze her marriage and the fact that Mark had grown so cold.

Things were quickly put to an end when one day Mark drove up to the house and entered the house to the sounds of screaming. It was Angie. He ran upstairs and unnoticed he looked into his bedroom to Angie bent over, her lovely red hair in the hands of Calvin as her breasts bounced back and forward.

“Fuck my white pussy with that big black dick!”

“You love this nigger dick don’t you?”

“Fuck me, you bastard!”

“You love this nigger dick don’t you!”

Angie stood up and turned around sitting down on top of his cock. For a large man only a woman like Angie could boss him around.

“Think your so bad huh?” Angie said as she began to fuck his cock up and down her big breasts dangling in front of his face.

His face reached forward to bite her breasts but she drew them back.

“You like my big white titties don’t you?” she said sitting still on his massive cock. Mark could see her pussy stretched tightly around his massive pole.

Calvin shook his head yes as she slowly picked her pace back. “And you love my white pussy?” again he shook his head yes pumping upwards into her.

“MMmmmmm good cuz I love this black cock in my little pussy.” She said and now she had both her hands in her hair and was working him like a wild woman

“Oooh FUCKKKKKKKKK!” they both screamed as they came in an enormous orgasm. He filled her completely. And she drained him like no other had before. She fell on top of him, red hair around their faces and her tight pussy flexing and milking his cock. “mmmm my big nigger” she smiled. “my white bitch” he smiled as they gently kissed.

Mark chose to say nothing but that night Angie informed him that she was leaving. She didn’t tell him why or with whom. She was the lady she had always been. Telling him that she didn’t want any money just that he be happy for her. He wanted to care but he didn’t really. He had Shauna and they had plans of their own that could work out. They shared a hug and Angie left out his door the final time. She walked out of the Culd-de-sac And into Cal’s large SUV.

“Different circumstances?” Cal asked.

Angie smiled and kissed him, “Definitely.”

A Beautiful Thing Ch. 04

“I can’t believe what we just did.” Angie said stepping out of the bathroom. Dressed in a halter top and khaki shorts she looked at Cal.

He was laying on the bed, black polo, khaki shorts with his arms behind his head. “This should be good for us. There’s nothing for us there, I can still work on starting my company and we can figure out some things about us while we’re down here.”

He was right, and he said it with a notion of caring for her. Angie felt deep down inside that he was a sweet person who really cared for her. It was like Mark used to be. The thing was Cal was already successful where as Mark changed the minute money came into the picture.

Angie put one knee on the bed and then the other as she straddled his leg. She layed herself down atop him and looked out of the window of their Caribbean suite.

They had both left their spouses in L.A. and were on a daring and exciting trip to start a new life. They had emotions to deal with leftover from not only their marriage but their newly admitted love for each other. They both still remembered the flight down.


“This will be good for us, I promise.” Cal said as he handed Angie her boarding pass. They shared a quick soulful kiss as they made their way onto the plane.

During the flight Angie couldn’t help but notice how the flight attendants would smile and act towards Cal. Of course she got her stares from male passengers but she didn’t recognize them as she had grown used to stares and oogles since she was a teenager.

“I think she likes you.” Angie whispered to Cal as the drink cart passed by. Cal only smiled and whispered back, “That means that they’re only more jealous of you then. It’s bad enough your ten times hotter than they are.”

He said this with the hottest of breath as he gently nibbled on the side of her ear. She giggled. The flight grew cold even as the plane moved south and Angie asked for a blanket. It wasn’t soon before Cal’s hands were roaming underneath, feeling the long leg muscles of Angie’s thigh. Her eyes grew wide as she mouthed the word “Stop” to him.

This only encouraged a smile and more touching form Cal as his hand moved in small circles along her pale flesh. The soft skin covering firm muscles was exciting him as Angie decided to tease him right back. She spread the cover to run along both their laps as she clamped her hand onto his already thick bulge. His eyes grew wide as her hand refused to move. No stroking, only fingers gently scraping the side of a warm cock as she would squeeze and release his throbbing monster.

“Want to make the stewardess really jealous?” Cal asked.

“Mmmhmmm.” Was all she could muster.

“Follow me in 2 minutes.” Cal said.

Angie looked quizzically as Cal got up with a monstrous bulge in his pants just as the stewardess was walking buy. Angie giggled as she saw the stewardess gaze dart downward and her eyes bulge forward. Cal gave Angie an evil grin as he stepped inside the bathroom.

Angie waited a few moments before looking around. She then walked to the bathroom door and found it unlocked. She walked inside smiling. They were both grinning like scheming cats as she walked up to her lover and gave him a slow long kiss.

“Fuck me.” She said as she unbuckled her khaki shorts and lowered them to the ground. Her black panties were cut high and showed off her sexy thighs as he unbuckled himself and released his monster from it’s prison.

She jumped onto the sink of the bathroom and Cal quickly began to lean his cock into her. She still took time to take his pole but once it was in, he slid in and out with a feverish pace.

The heat of their movements began to get Angie and she began pawing and grabbing at the back of his shirt. Breathing hard her body language begged for him to go harder and faster. Her long legs with black panties moved to the side guided his stretching of her red haired mound.

She began to buck and moan louder. Cal worried about the sounds she was making and put her hand on her mouth as he began to really rail into Angie. She wanted to scream but knew she couldn’t. She bit down on the side of his hand as she nearly ripped apart his back. A loud muffled scream came from her as her teeth almost sank through Cal’s hand.

Cal let out a loud groan himself, louder than her muffled moans. The people in the plane thinking the man inside was really letting a healthy one go. His cock throbbed and Angie looked him in the eyes, her shoulders slumped back against the wall. “Cum in me, baby.”

That sent Cal over the edge as he leaned his hips forward, leaving all he had within Angie. He hugged her and kissed her as he fell back onto the toilet. She was still on top of him, his now soaked penis still in her.

“This trip was a fantastic idea.” She beamed.


Several hours later there they were. Cal looked down at Angie’s red hair sprawled about his chest as it contrasted with his black polo. The feel of her long legs running along his and her big breasts crushed against his body made him stir.

Angie smiled to herself as she felt the cock begin to move. “Didn’t you have enough on the plane?” she asked looking up at him. Rubbing his cock she added, “cuz I didn’t.” She kneeled up on the bed, her legs on the outside of his as she lovingly unbuckled his pants.

His cock was slightly hard as she fished it out of his pants leg. It was semi-soft and felt good in her hand. It sprang out as the head cleared the last of the shorts and began to stand to attention. A foot in the air, she inched towards it. Rubbing the hot cock head against her smooth belly. Her abs rippled as she used the cock like a paint brush. Each brush against her flesh making them hotter and hotter.

Cal began to spread his legs, which were inside hers. As her legs spread his hand began to massage her crotch through her shorts. She was wet! And warm. She moved to his side and leaned forward as she took his big cock in her mouth.

Cal had never felt a mouth so soft and hot. It was like a velvet oven around his cock as he moaned. His hands roamed her ass and began to fondle her pussy even more through her shorts.

Angie stood up to drop her shorts to her knees since they were still on the bed. As she bent forward to the his cock back into her mouth her panty covered pussy peaked forward from between her beautifully long hamstrings.

It wasn’t long before Cal was pumping his cum into her mouth and she was grinding hard on her cock. After a long shower together they spent their first Caribbean night fucking each other so hard the bed was pounding against the walls and jumping on the floor.


That morning the freshly fucked couple made their way to breakfast. Maybe it was their imagination but several of the couples were looking at them. Perhaps they thought Cal was the pool-boy or local help. Or maybe they had heard the fuck fest taking place last night. The two of them are definitely vocal when it comes to terms of their love-making.

They both enjoyed breakfast in the special dining room with glass walls that gave a breathtaking view of the beach.

“Did you notice the looks we were getting?” Angie asked as she enjoyed her cantaloupe.

“They were probably waiting for you to say something.” Cal remarked.

“Why’s that?”

“To see if your voice matched the screamer from last night.” He smiled at her.

She left her mouth open in disbelief at his statement. She punched him in the shoulder, “Like you’re the quiet one!”

He laughed knowing she was right. In public they were reserved confident people. He was the tall, well-built gentleman and she was the tall, graceful, lady that displayed nothing but elegance. Around each other they were like two friends and behind closed doors they became howling animals, each trying to outdo the other one.

They continued eating when Angie spotted an older gentleman who couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He had long gray hair despite have a good body. He was sitting a blonde who was obviously much younger than him. She smiled at him and he smiled back. It felt good to be admired from afar, especially with some impressive competition. The blonde was nothing to laugh at. In fact Angie could remember them from the elevator ride. She could’ve sworn she saw Cal check out the stacked blonde.

Ch. 5

That day they had decided to enjoy a nude beach. Angie was proud of the fact that they had to be the best looking couple there. Cal was as much a treat for the ladies as Angie was for the guys.

Angie sunned while Cal took the time to play in the water. He came out after a minute or two and helped Angie apply some lotion. Of course he didn’t just apply it to her back as he took the time to enjoy the feel of her firm yet natural breasts as they jiggled under his rubbing. She giggled as she rubbed his shoulders. He bent down too rub lotion into her muscular, voluptuous ass which too jiggled underneath his touch. She giggled and her buttocks tightened to amazing firmness.

She sat behind him her nipples aching to touch his back as they stood out inches from him. She continued rubbing him until she eyed a couple strolling in their direction. It was the couple from breakfast! Angie hugged Cal, her breasts crushed between them as Cal looked around in Surprise.

“I believe we’ve met.” The older gentlemen said as he extended his hand to Cal.

Cal looked up and recognized the blonde but not the guy. Guess he must have missed that.

They were definitely an attractice couple. The man had graying black hair that was slightly long and wavy. As Angie had guessed he had a body that indicated he worked out while his cock was an impressive size. Nowhere near Cal’s length or girth he certainly put her ex-husband to shame as she shook his hand.

“I’m John and this is my wife, Cindy. I think we’re staying in the same hotel, the same floor even.” There was a definite glimmer in Cindy’s eye as Angie watched her eye up Cal. She wasn’t brazen in her gaze but she definitely appreciated Cal, evidenced by nipples that stood up from impossibly huge breasts. She sported a bald pussy with thick folds as opposed to the fiery strip that adorned Angie’s slick, slender lips.

She wasn’t short, but compared to Angie’s 6 foot frame Cindy stood small at 5’6. She was built like a stocky cheerleader which they found out later she was. She had thick muscular thighs and an even thicker ass that showed plenty of jiggle and a bit of cellulite. She had large breasts that were augmented, a gift from her husband John.

“I saw you two getting on the elevator. I recognize your voice too.” Cindy said as she set a towel down next to Angie and Cal.

Angie blushed, “Oh god, so I am a little loud.”

“A little? Well…..I can’t blame you, considering you have that huge fuckstick to work with.” Cindy giggled as she made eye contact with Cal.

“Oh god, He is my big black stud, but I didn’t want the whole resort to know how much I like it.” Angie remarked. She liked Cindy. Her personality reminded Angie of her younger sister.

“Well, not the whole resort. Our room is next door. We had just come in from our boating trip and it was late. Plus, we heard how much Cal likes you too.”

Cal shrugged with a short laugh. “Well, I’m glad we gave you guys a little show to listen too last night.”

“It beat the usual down here.” Cindy grinned as she smiled at her husband. “You guys really got us going.”

All four people kept up the conversation as the sun began to set. They found it easy to communicate with each other. John was a single millionaire who had met Cindy while she was cheerleading for a pro football team he had part ownership in.

“He was sweet, handsome, rich, and hung better than most of the players. How could a girl ask for more?” Cindy grinned playfully stroking John’s long penis.

Turns out this was the couple’s annual pilgrimage to the Caribbean. John owned a boat that he would sail down himself. Just him and Cindy coming down from north Florida. An invitation for lunch and an afternoon on the boat was extended by John and Cindy to which Angie and Cal figured, why not?

Ch. 6

Angie had a purple bikini on that held her breasts in a luscious cradle. Her soft orbs of flesh threatening to spill downward in a beautiful splash should someone untie the strings behind her neck. The bottom was cut high showing the sexy expanse of her hips as she sat and walked.

Cal had black board shorts on while John strolled the deck in some jean shorts. Cindy wowed the three of them with a bikini that consisted of three small triangles that barely covered her nipples and fat pussy. If you stared at her crotch you could see the soft bald flesh that was freshy shaved. Once they had reached a significant distance from the island Cindy suggested they go nude.

”We already saw each other yesterday. No reason for tan lines right Ang?”

All parties agreed and soon they were strolling about the boat naked and enjoying the Caribbean sun on their bodies. John was explaining to Cal how the boat steered and worked while the girls oiled each other.

The guys found it hard to concentrate as the woman glided their hands along each others backs and for some reason had decided to glisten up each others breasts.

“Your tits are great, so big and natural. Your lucky.” Cindy said as she applied the oil to the sides of Angie’s round breasts.

“I always thought about implants though, these things are so firm, they stand out that’s for sure.” Angie replied.

“I think we need some lotion too girls, don’t leave us out.” Cal said as he admired the two beauties.

“Well maybe we should help you guys out.” Angie said heading towards her black lover.

“Switch partners!” Cindy shrieked. “I’m tired of oiling up old John there!”

“Oh he’s not that bad. There’s barely a wrinkle no him!” Angie said as she walked to comfort the laughing John.

“That’s what I get for marrying a younger one. Your day will come honey when your all old and unwanted like me!” he joked.

“Oh I’m sure your not that old.” Angie said as her hand began to slide along John’s front. He had a strong chest and arms. His stomach had a slight paunch to it but it was definitely not out of shape.

Cindy couldn’t help but admire Cal’s amazing body. Muscles and ripples everywhere, there was nothing to jiggle on the man as his cock grew longer and stronger. Cindy couldn’t even fathom a cock could get that big as it was almost a foot out in front of him. She couldn’t walk in front of him to get to his other side, instead she walked behind him brushing her oily breasts against his back.

“Um Angie, should I oil up this tool too or do you want to?” Cindy asked.

Angie thought about it and didn’t want to seem like a jealous prude.

“Go right ahead but I’m testing this one out for myself.” She joked back.

“I think they like what they see.” Cindy joked as they all laughed.

“I’m sure Cal has seen plenty of big tittied blondes in his day.” John said.

“I have but never like this.” Cal said admiring Cindy’s stocky body.

“Angie was my first white girl.” He continued.

Angie blushed, “He was my first black, in fact my first big cock too. I never had anyone even close to you John or him before. My ex-husband was a 5 incher if I was lucky.”

“You poor girl, well you sure are making up for it with this thing.” Cindy said as her two hands stroked the oiled black cock that her fingers couldn’t even wrap around.

“Cal you picked an amazing one my friend. They don’t come this tall or beautiful that often.” John remarked as he and Angie shared a smile.

“Ever had a black one Cindy?” Angie asked as her hands were oiling the inside of John’s thighs. His cock growing.

“I had one of the linebackers from the team once.” Cindy said smiling devilishly.

“What? You never told me that.” John exclaimed.

“Well he wasn’t really worth mentioning. Trust me honey you were longer in the length and stamina department. I didn’t even blow him.” Cindy grinned up at Cal.

Watching her boyfriend, an amazing black stallion standing there with an equally attractive blonde was turning on Angie. Something got into her, she liked Cindy just like her sister and the sight of her stud in her hands got her a little wet.

“Well if you want a taste of some real chocolate you’ll get no objection from me.” Angie said as she found herself now stroking John as his hands were now playing with her titties.

“Mmmmm! Love too. Cal are you ok with this? Can I suck your big black cock?” Cindy asked as she kneeled down and rubbed his cock between her huge tits.

“Angie are you sure baby? John?”

Angie simply said, “I can keep busy.” As she lowered her head to John’s 10-inch cock. John grinned at Cal and said, “Enjoy my friend.”

With that Cindy nearly swallowed his footlong cock in one try. His cock angled down straight and hard as she didn’t’ gag while she engulfed his cock. Cindy’s hands intertwined with Cal’s as she guided his hands to the side of her head. She sat up a little more upright and began to encourage Cal mouth-fucking her.

Angie came up with a gasp of air as her hand frantically jerked John’s prick. She looked as Cal guided the mass or blonde hair and thick lips up and down his cock. John’s hand had two fingers in her pussy as his other hand pinched her soft natural breats.
“MMmmmmmmMM!!mmmmMMMM!” Cindy moaned as her hands pushed Cal’s ass towards her. “Fuck get that dick girl!” Cal screamed as she only moaned louder in appreciation.

“You like watching my Cindy with your black lover.” John whispered to Angie as her waves of red hair surrounded her bobbing head. She could only nod as she continued to suck hard on his head as she popped it out of her mouth.

“You want to watch them in a better position?” John asked as Angie looked at him. This was another big step for her and for the dynamic of her relationship with Cal. Did she want to be one of these sharing couples? Or was this a vacation dalliance?

She watched Cal fuck Cindy’s mouth as she stood up in front of the seated John. He dove his face into her tight ass and tongued her asshole as she gasped.

Angie sat down on John’s prick and began to roll her hips forward as he massaged and spanked her ass with one hand. His other hand running up and down her sexy back, taking time to grab her hair and hold her as she grinded down hard on his large prick.

“uuuuhhhhhhhhhhh.” Cindy said with a huge gasp of air as a long strand of spit and cum glistened in the sun as Cal pulled her mouth off of his cock. She looked over and saw Angie riding John like a cowgirl.

“They don’t make white dicks like that often!” Cindy shouted as Angie was now bent forward and dropping her silken pussy atop John’s massive member.

“Let’s not let them have all the fun, stud!” Cindy said as she stood up and kissed Cal.

The sight of Cal bending down as Cindy curled her arm around his neck for a sexy French kiss enraged Angie abit. She put her hands on her knees and began to fuck John even harder. “Fuck me!” she screamed at John as he stood up and began to ram Angie.

Cal saw his girl fucking John and didn’t want to be outdone. “You want some black cock baby?” he asked Cindy.


”Then come get it.” Cal said as he sat down on a bench near the edge of the boat. Cindy hurriedly put her knees no the bench as she put her bald pussy atop his purple cockhead.

She slowly sank downwards biting her lips and closing her eyes. She opened her eyes, her teeth biting her bottom lip and smiled at Cal. She thurst her huge tits at his face as he bit on a nipple. The stocky blonde began to bounce her fat ass up and down on Cal’s foot long.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkkK!” Cindy screamed as she stared at the clear blue sky. He was splitting her in two as he grabbed her skinny waist and forced her down on his huge cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” Cindy panted as she bounced on Cal’s black cock. His balls bouncing back and forth every time that thick white ass dropped into his lap.
A Beautiful Thing Ch. 04

Angie began bucking back against John who was now throbbing. “C’mon baby, fuck my sexy ass.” Angie said to him.

John couldn’t hold back much longer. “C’mon spank my ass. You like this ass don’t you.”

“Uh-huh was all John could muster as he had to concentrate to make sure his slap landed squarely on Angie’s firm ass cheek. Soon Angie was shaking and her head was down as he doggied her.

He finally pulled out and sprayed his come along her back as they both fell back onto the seats atop the deck overlooking the black and his blonde.

Cal and Cindy had switched positions and she layed on her back. Angie watched as Cal’s black buttocks pistoned his massive spear into John’s cheerleader.

“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me,” Cindy continued as Cal had sweat dripping down his body. He forced his cock into this tight pussy and held her legs as wide as possible by her ankles.

She began to rub her clitty and began to throw her head back and forth. Her hands banged on the floor of the deck and on Cal’s shoulders as he held those legs up in the air and emptied himself into Cindy. The four lovers laid back as she afternoon sun engulfed them.


That night the couples enjoyed a lovely dinner and retired to their rooms. Both were exhausted from the day, the sun and sex draining them of their energy. After some quick showers and watching a movie Cal and Angie had fallen asleep.

Cal awoke, in the middle of the night. It was cold and the air conditioner was working overtime. Angie wanted to keep the room cold, she was bothered by the heat easily. Cal decided to step out onto the balcony and enjoy the summer’s night heat.

He looked to the left of the balcony to see Cindy sitting there smoking a cigarette. She had white panties on and her huge breasts were exposed to the moonlight.

“Good evening.” Cal said watching the sexy blonde sitting with crossed legs.

“Trouble sleeping?” Cindy asked.

“A little cold in there.”

”Looking for a little heat I see.” Cindy said taking another puff of her cigarette before standing up and putting out the cig. Her panties were a white satin that looked as though the bottoms had darkened from moisture.

“Never hurt. Some prefer it.” Cal said admiring the thickness of this girl.

“I love it.” She said looking out into the night.

“We had a nice time this afternoon.” Cal said.

”Yes we did.” Cindy said indicating something a bit different.

“So how was your second white girl?” Cindy asked. Cal smiled at her.

”Very nice.” He said while he too looked out into the night.

“How was your second black man.” He asked her back.

“Very nice, I loved it.” Cindy added taking a look at him. He was shirtless and had some long pants on. He had no underwear on, his thick log evident along the linen.

“I didn’t know you smoked.” Cal commented.

“I don’t, John hates it. I came out here to enjoy myself and afterwards I always need one.”

“Enjoy yourself?” Cal asked. He had an idea but wanted to hear it from her.

“Well you don’t fuck a girl with a big black cock and expect her to forget about it do you?” she asked back defiantly.

“I guess not.” Cal said looking her up and down.

“I was out here with my fingers in my tight little pussy. You stretched me out today you big boy. Taste what you did to me, I’m still soaked.”

Cindy guided her hand down into the satin covering and held her hand up. Their balconies were at least 4 feet from each other.

Cal gave a smirk and shrug. “I’d love to taste it. But I’m here and your there.”

“Then do a girl a favor?” Cindy asked.

“What’s that?” Cal asked. His cock was hardening.

“Drop those pants and let me take a look at that fuck-meat of yours.”

Cal said nothing and dropped his pants exposing his large erection.

Cindy groaned in appreciation as she put her hand back into her underwear and began to play with herself. “I can imagine that big dick inside of me.”

Cal began to stroke his massive erection. He looked like an African warrior brandishing a weapon. He watched her play with her tits and pussy. He slowly pulled his cock back exposing his head from the foreskin.

“Cal….go unlock your door.”

Cal was torn. He had immense feelings for Angie. Yet the man in him was taking over. She had suggested today that he fuck Cindy and even though she wasn’t there why would it be different? It’s not like they hadn’t done it before.

He walked to the door and unlocked it. He opened it slightly to see Cindy in her white panties standing in the middle of the hallway. It was 2 in the morning and no one was roaming the halls on account of the weeknight.

“Follow me.” Cindy said as Cal pulled up his pants and followed her. She had a baby tee in her hand and put it on. The damn thing stretched so much Cal was amazed it didn’t tear.

Cindy walked him out to the sundeck that was on the 5 floor of the hotel. During the day women came to worship the sun, during the night, Cindy was bringing Cal to worship his black cock. She kissed him hard, and grabbed his cock through his pants.

“Suck on my titties.” She hissed as she squeezed and stroked him through his pants.

Cal was sucking on her hard titties roughly, but carefully. Her implants were so big he thought he make her burst if he did anything too roughly.

She stepped away from him and pulled her shirt off her head. Her breasts raised with her arms and dropped down with almost a thud. She stepped out of her panties and walked to the railing overlooking the first floor pool area. She exposed her bald pussy to him as she raised her ass.

”Come give me some of that big dick.”

“You’re a bad bitch you know that?” Cal asked as he dropped his pants and stepped out of him towards Cindy.

He grabbed her chin and brought her face close to his. “I think someone likes her some big dick.”

“I can’t get enough. You’ve got to give me some more.”

“Let me see if I can help you out.” Cal said as his big black hands grabbed the hanging bags of silicone. His cock was slapping around between her thighs and on her wet lips. She cooed and hissed at the touch of him.

“Fuck me, please……” Cindy moaned as she reached behind her and took hold of his cock. She jerked the head furiously in her little palm.

”Right here?” Cal asked as he smacked his cock against her pussy.

“Yesssss…..put it in.” She pleaded as her hands gripped the railing. She was about to bend the steel from the pain she felt as he shot almost half a foot of cock into her pussy.

“You got a tight pussy girl.”

“Fuck my tight pussy. Stretch it out for me Cal.” She hissed as she held her arms as stiff as she could.

Cal began to glide in and out of her pussy and soon she was cumming all over his cock. She thrashed her head all about her blonde hair flailing in the air as she felt her squishy pussy melting around his big cock.

Cal was still hard as she worked against him. She turned around and stroked his cock as she walked to a lounge chair. “Take my ass.” She moaned as she dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and began to lube her asshole.

Cal walked behind the thick blonde and slapped her jiggling ass.

”ooooh yeah spank that big ass baby.” She moaned as he fingered her pussy and again began to stretch her asshole. It was surprisingly looser than her pussy.

“John been working this ass girl?”

“Yeah, I like it in my big white ass.” She moaned as she arched her back.

“I’m a work this ass out now.” Cal said, pressing his cock into her asshole.

“mmmm, Fuck yeah. Work this white girl!” she yelled as he sank into her. He pulled out and pressed into her pussy. He soaked his cock and then back into ass he went. Several thrusts and he was soon buried in her ass. He spanked her ass leaving a large hand print and admired his work as sweat dripped from him.

“Put that black dick where it belongs!” she said as she rocked back and forth on his pole.

Soon she was crying in pain and ecstasy as Cal fucked her like a wild animal. She couldn’t get a word to come out of her mouth as he ravaged her big ass. Jiggles resonated through her ass hips and legs as he pounded her. Slap, slap, slap, his body against hers as she played with her pussy. Slap, slap, slap, the orgasm built up in her and she squirted out of her pussy as her face collapsed forward and Cal adjusted himself to attack her prone asshole. Several thrusts later he left a gallon of cum in the blonde’s asshole.

“Oh fuck.” Cal moaned as he unloaded himself. He rolled her over and fed his cock to her as she cleaned him off. He titty fucked her while her tongue licked him clean.

“Angie is a lucky girl.” Cindy said.

Suddenly Cal realized that this wild fuck session was nothing like he had experienced with Angie. It sucked!

Cindy was hot by anyone’s standards but Angie was a sexual dynamo. Her pussy wasn’t as tight Cindy but she could work it on his cock like none other. She was the only girl that left his cock sore the next day, not from her tightness but from the workout she gave him. Her personality was golden and while Cindy was a hot fuck and piece of ass. Angie bested her in almost every category even though Cindy was good.


Around noon Angie awoke to the sensation of Cal’s lips on her pussy. He was gently kissing her pussy and his tongue would brush along her sides causing her to shiver. His hands intertwined his fingers with hers as they used the leverage to drive her pussy onto his face. His tongue delved deeper and he would alternate his licking with a sucking on her clit.

Soon Angie’s large breasts were heaving and she threw her head back, squeezing Cal’s head between her strong thighs.

“Oh god, baby, what was that for?” she groaned looking at the ceiling.

He climbed up the bed and kissed her, “I wanted to show my appreciation.”

“For what?” she asked.

”I wanted to worship the best pussy I’ve ever had. And now I want to worship the amazing woman who owns my heart.” A tear welled up in her eye and she kissed him. Her decision to leave her life wasn’t wasted. She kissed him with an amazing passion. They’re hands roamed each other’s bodies. They never touched each other’s genitals, just enjoying the feel of the other’s bodies. Arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks, they felt each other as their tongues played with each other. Angie clamped his thick cock between her legs as it rolled against her pussy lips.

Cal broke the kiss. “Angie I have to tell you something….I fucked Cindy last night while you were asleep.”

She was taken aback. “What?”

“Last night she came by, I had trouble sleeping. I fucked her on the sunning deck. “


“Look I was weak and I thought it was ok, but after I fucked her I though of you. That’s when I realized it was just a fuck. It wasn’t what I feel for you. When we’re together, it’s not just a fuck. We can make love we can fuck and with her I could only fuck her like a slut. She wasn’t even close to you, and that’s when I knew……You’re the one for me.”

Angie looked at him, confused by what he was saying. It started to make a little sense and then he continued.

“Look, I don’t know why I reasoned it and I’m not going to defend myself. You’re the best I ever had, and the only one I want to have. If you want to leave right now, I’ll understand.”

Angie looked at him. She heard every word he said. She had left her life for him, but on the same he had done so too for her. He wasn’t lying to her and she knew he was being genuine. She looked down at the cock she was grinding between her legs and asked him, “Did she beg for it?”

Cal was shocked, “Yeah.” He answered with a broken breath.

She rolled on top of him and spread her legs about his waist. She rubbed her pussy along his cock.

“Did she beg for my stud’s black cock?”

“Yeah” Cal said a little more confidently.

“Did you give her this dick?” she said as she reached behind her and rubbed his cock against her ass.


“You fucked her like a little white bitch didn’t you?”


Angie slipped the cock against her slit and slowly sank down on him before clamping her pussy around his magnificent cock. She closed her eyes and shook at the feeling of him inside of her.

She put her big breasts inches from her faces but pulled them back when he tried to lick them.

“You made her scream for your black cock didn’t you?”


She slowly rotated her hips and Cal had to close his eyes trying to control himself.

“She cried for my black cock didn’t she?” Angie asked as she slowly worked his cock.

“Yeah, baby.” Cal moaned.

“This is my black cock.” Angie said as she slammed down on his cock. Her sexy ass feeling his balls against her bottom.

“Yeah baby.”

“From now on, this cock belongs to this pussy.” Angie said, reaching her hands back and putting them on his knees as she rose up and down on his cock.

“Oh Angie baby.”

“Whose cock is this?” Angie yelled as she began to buck up and down on his cock. Her hips rolling with her thursts.

He grabbed the back of her knees and began to fuck upwards into her pussy, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“This your cock baby and this is my pussy!” he yelled as he bent forward and began to fuck her. She leaned forward and began to slam down on his thrusts. She brushed her dark, wavy red hair to the side of her face as she leaned forward. Her breasts wobbled with the vibrations created by their impact. Her hand guided his chin to her as they shared an amazing kiss. She sucked on his bottom lip and bit down on it as he held her tight. They froze, she sucked hard on his lip as she came and his cock throbbed and emptied itself into her.

They broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. Heavy breathing feeling the room with it’s sound. An amazed stare was shared by both as he let go and leaned back and she lurched forward, sitting atop him. His mast nestled within her womanhood. Limp and thick it stayed within her as she rested her sweaty forehead on his shoulder. She was still shaking and breathing heavily. His cock was still throbbing and spurting forth his seed.

“Wow” they said in unison.

A Beautiful Thing

“UCLA, I met mark while he was at the Law School. Your going to have to take a left here.” Angie said pointing.

Cal began to turn the car when a white Ferrari came speeding the other way. He quickly slammed the brakes as they stopped in a jolt. Cal shot his arm out to keep Angie back his entire arm pressed against her large chest as she shot forward. There hearts beating incredibly fast he asked “Are you alright?” He realized he hadn’t removed his arms and pulled it back quickly saying sorry.

“Wow, that asshole was in a hurry.” Angie said catching her breath. Perhaps it was the adrenaline but having Cal’s arm against her chest seemed gratifying. She hadn’t had another man touch her there in awhile.

Following the near accident they pulled into the studio lot and entered the photographer’s building.

“You two here for the diet shoot?” the photographer asked as they walked in. He was balding and had a long ponytail that went down to his ass.

“Yes sir.” Cal answered.

“Wardrobe is down that hall. We only have the one on the right, number 19, open. We’ve got you scheduled for two outfit changes. They’re both in there. You’ve got 20 minutes.” He quickly instructed as he left to another studio with one camera in his hand and another draped around his neck.

They opened the door to the small dressing room. One wall had a rack, which had some clothes hangers with their costumes on them. The other wall had a long desk with make-up accessories and large mirrors ran along the entire wall with bright lights surrounding their frame. Before the both of them could point out the lack of a dressing wall for privacy a portly woman walked in.

“Hey there kids. We’re a bit behind schedule here. We’ve got the costumes in order there so just get dressed and we’ll send a makeup person in here. You’ve got 20 minutes till our make-up gal get here. She’s over in studio 4. Just make yourselves comfortable. There’s water in the fridge and the couch is clean. Trust me I know you models get anal about that stuff.” The portly woman yelled as quickly as the photographer did and walked out of the room.

Cal was sitting on the couch and rubbed his palms on the material. “Doesn’t seem that clean.” He said.

Angie let out a giggle as she walked to the rack eyeing her first costume. A black string bikini. “Well I guess we better get dressed.”

Cal had gotten up and grabbed his costume. A pair of bike pants. “I’m gonna have to do some quick sit-ups before I go out there in this.” They both chuckled at the joke. “Um, do you want to turn around first while I get into this?” Cal asked Angie.

“Of course, be my guest. Ladies first.” Angie joked with Cal as she walked towards the makeup desk. She began to look at the bottles of nail polish when her vision spied Cal in the mirror. She had turned in the wrong direction it seemed. With his back to her and the mirror she watched his reflection as he lifted up his shirt revealing a powerful and muscled back. He dropped his shorts and she saw his proud butt.

“Nice butt.” She joked.

Cal looked back in shock and as he quickly turned back with his ass to her and did a little dance before putting the spandex shorts on. When he had turned Angie could have sworn she saw his penis. She hadn’t seen all of it though. It must have been his leg she thought to herself.

“Your turn. Do I get to peek in the mirror too?” Cal asked.

“Of course not.” Angie said with a smile as she began to get dressed by the mirrored wall. Cal turned away and had no view, whatsoever of her. When she said OK he turned around and his jaw dropped.

She had looked good before, but he never knew she had it like this. Her abs were as defined as his and her chest was bigger, but for good reason. He couldn’t take his eyes off her legs as she walked around the room.

Then the makeup woman came in and did them both before hurrying them to the studio.

They waked into the studio which had a white background with lamps all around. There was a stool in the scene and the photographer took charge.

“Ok kids I’m gonna need you here big guy. Stand on this stool and I’m going to need you to put your right leg up on this stool. Put your hand here, and ma’am if you can just sit here in front of his leg just kind of wit your head of to the side of his stomach so we can get a shot of those abs.” He directed.

Cal had taken position and with the light on his body Angie really began to appreciate his physique. She also noticed a large bulge in his tight pants. There was no way that could be what her dirty mind told her it was. If it was then Shauna was a lucky woman. She laughed to herself that if it was a penis that large in his pants that she was safe cuz Mark then had no chance with Shauna.

Cal watched as this statuesque red head approached him and sat down in front of him. Her silken hair rubbed against the inside of his thigh and if he looked down he was treated to an amazing sight as the orbs of her breasts were held in the air by the tiniest black strips of cloth. He tried to contain himself but he felt his cock beginning to expand.

Angie tried to focus as the photographer took more and more snapshots of the too. Against her left shoulder she felt Cal tensing his leg.

She then thought to herself “Doesn’t feel like his leg, is he getting hard?”

She hadn’t noticed but here nipples were now very excited from the cold studio and the prospect that she was arousing Cal. She arched her back even more so her shoulders could come in contact with his body even more. She shook her head and let her hair graze against his thigh. That’s when she knew.

“Wow, that is him. All him behind me. What am I doing? Shit, does he know I was trying to rub his cock?” She tried not to show any worry on his face as the photographer yelled out “Ok now ma’am why don’t you stand up in front of him. I’m gonna need you to stand too chief., can you take a step to your right and put your left hand on her hip.” He said as he walked up to them and positioned them the way he wanted.

“God, I hope she thinks that’s my leg.” Cal thought to himself not wanting to get slapped by his new neighbor. Not to mention the wife of the man who got him this little gig. Not that he needed the money, but he thought of the embarrassment he would experience if she turned around a slapped him for popping a boner during a photo shoot.

The photographer then instructed Calvin to pull her closer to him and step to his right. This caused Angie’s bottom to press right against his bulge. Given their height it was a perfect match so to say. Angie could definitely feel that cock and she couldn’t believe it was what she thought it was.

“Ok now your going to have to reach behind him and act like your trying to keep him close to you just like he is. Buddy your going to have to reach your left arm all around her waist but lift your arm so we can get a shot of her abs.” The photographer instructed.

Cal was nervous but slowly lifted his arm up and around Angie as the top of his forearms brushed the bottom of Angie’s massive breasts. The feeling excited Angie greatly and her nipples were protruding greatly now. Cal tried not to look down at her but at the focus point for the shoot.

With his arms gently grazing her breasts and his warm body all around her Angie decided to take advantage of the photographer’s instructions. She wrapped her right arm behind her and around Cal. She tried to press them together even more and it was then that she could definitely feel a cock against her ass.

“What am I doing?” she thought to herself. She was a married woman but more than that she had never acted like this. Still she enjoyed the moment and kept telling herself that she was imagining the girth between her cheeks.

“Ok that’s it.” The photographer said, “Don’t bother with the second costumes. I think we’re done here. This should be enough. You guys will get paid in the mail. Thanks for coming.” In a flash he grabbed some more cameras and headed to another studio.

Angie breathed a sigh of relief and felt a really embarrassed at what she did. She didn’t look back at Cal and quickly made her way to the dressing room.

Cal became very nervous because of the speed that Angie left with. Had she noticed his hard-on? What if she’s pissed at him?

Angie was in the dressing room and Cal peeked his head into the room. “Ok to come in?” Angie was in front of the mirror in just her panties and her large breasts were exposed to the bright lights. “Oh shit sorry!” he said as he closed the door. He did manage to watch those magnificent tits jiggle as she gasped and tried to cover them.

“Oh shit did I fuck up! First I grabbed her tits in the car, she feels me rubbing my dick on her in a photo shoot and now this shit. Fuck!” Just then the door opened and Angie was dressed in just her panties and a t-shirt. “Well are you going to come in?”

“She’s not pissed?” he thought to himself. “Sorry about that.” He apologized to her.

“No big deal. I mean I got to see your chest today.” Angie said as her eyes darted to his crotch, which now looked as those a giant snake was growing along his leg in the shorts. “Um, why don’t you come get dressed silly.” Angie said hoping he didn’t notice her looking at his cock.

They got dressed in proper manner with neither of them getting anymore peeks at each other. They drove him in relative silence.
The next day Angie walked out around noon to sit by the pool and tan a little bit. She wore a modest two piece red bikini. The bottoms were actually tied at her hips accentuating her long legs. As she walked out and laid out her towel she saw Calvin at work in his garden.

“Hi.” She shyly said to him. He returned her greeting also with a bit of hesitation.

He was shirtless and in some basketball shorts. He had been out awhile judging by the amount of sweat that covered his ebony body. Cal figured he had better try to cover his ass after yesterday and walked to the fence.

“Hey Angie, um, could I talk to you?” he asked her before she could lay down.

Angie was a bit startled. “Oh shit is he gonna say something about me rubbing on his crotch?”

Cal started to speak, “Look I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to peek in on you.”

Angie giggled, relieved that he was worried about that. “Oh Cal your sweet. Really it’s no big deal. Actually I was going to sunbathe topless right now.” She didn’t mean that. Had any man peaked in on her she would be either greatly embarrassed or mad. For some reason she felt neither since it was Cal.

“Are you serious?” Cal said. Knowing some women were usually ok with that kind of thing.

“Not really, but it’s ok. No harm no foul.” Angie said. “Hey why don’t you go get some swim trunks on and come in for a swim. You look sweaty.”

Cal couldn’t refuse, not wanting to look like a scolded thief. Ashamed of his crime.

“You know I would, but I don’t think I packed any swim trunks.”

“Well you can borrow some of Mark’s. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind borrowing them to his newest client.” Angie offered.

“Um, Ok.” He answered as Angie walked into the house. She returned a minute later with some white swimming trunks.

“I bought these for Mark and he hasn’t used them yet. He keeps wearing his old crappy pair.” Angie said tossing them to Cal. Cal then turned to go into his house when Angie said, “You can just change here. I’ll turn around no mirrors here you know.”

They both chuckled and Cal added, “Yeah I guess so. Considering we’re the only two houses here. Don’t have to worry about the other neighbors peeking.” Cal quickly put on the shorts as Angie turned around. He hopped the fence and walked towards the pool.

“Coming in?” He asked.

“I’m just here for the sun.” She said as he jumped into the pool to cool off. He took a couple laps around the pool and Angie couldn’t help but watch. His shoulders and back working to propel his body through the water. She actually found him attractive. Which was odd because since her marriage she has never even looked at another man.

Cal came out of the water and his white shorts were nearly transparent. Angie’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head as she eyed his crotch. She could now make out a cock and now knew that was what she felt during the photo shoot.

“How could they come that big?” She thought to herself. “I wonder if it gets bigger.”

She laid back on the lounger with her book as Cal took a seat in the lounger next to her.

“Whew that felt good. Thanks Angie.” He said as he wiped the water from his head. He then looked down and saw that his cock was almost in full view through the white shorts. He quickly sat up and towards Angie to hide his manhood. He know had to find away to divert her attention. If she saw this she’d scream bloody murder on him.

“Hey why don’t I rub some lotion on your back?” he offered wanting her to turn away from him.

“Oh thanks for reminding me. I forgot about my lotion, redheads get sunburn pretty easy you know.”

Angie stood up and sat on the end of Cals lounger. She grabbed her hair and brought it in front of her over her shoulder as Cal grabbed the bottle. He worked the lotion into his hand and gently applied it to her rich, soft skin.

Angie bit her bottom lip as she enjoyed the feeling of Calvins strong hands on her. She realized he was having trouble around the knots of her tie top. She reached behind her and pulled on the bottom string, the lower half of her bikini top sprung forward and hung off her large breasts like curtains. Cal didn’t think much of this as his hands worked their way lower.

His hands went lower and lower until he was just above her bikini bottoms. Her full ass spread against the seat begged to be squeezed. His hands then worked circles on her side as his hands went higher and higher. They were both now enjoying the sensations their bodies even swaying back and forth a little bit. All you could hear was their heavy breathing as Calvins hands came higher with his fingers tips gently grazing the sides of Angie’s breasts. Scared, he put his hands on her back and worked higher by her neck.

He neared her neck where the other tie was and she never thought twice about her next decision. She reached back and untied the knot on her neck and let her top fall to the lounger. Cal noticed the predicament and decided to stay where he was. This probably was not an invitation to fondle her breasts. His hands began to rub lotion on her shoulders, then on her arms. His hands neared hers and she moved hers on top of hers.

There was no thinking now as she guided his hands on her ribs again and eased back against him. His hard body like a chair as his hands rubbed her ribs and strong stomach.

“I told you I like to tan topless. See? No worries about yesterday?” She really wanted to make amends and felt bad about his guilt of seeing her topless. Calvin took a deep breath as his hands gently cupped her breasts. They were firm and held their shape in his hand. He bounced them a little in his hand as if testing their weight. They were heavy and beautiful. He rubbed the top of her breasts before his circular motion was encompassing her breasts. She leaned back even more now and could now feel his cock. It was very long and very hard.

Her eyes opened and it was then that she realized what was happening. “What if he thinks I’m trying to seduce him?” She sat up and got off the lounger. “Um I better go inside. I have to make dinner for Mark.” Mark, that name sounded so foreign to her and as though it didn’t belong being mentioned between the two of them.

“Yeah your right. I promised Shauna I’d make Chinese tonight. I better get going. Do you want the shorts back?” Cal said without thinking. All he could look at was her perfect nipples pointing upwards upon those beautiful breasts. Angie looked at the shorts since he mentioned them and then saw what she had felt. About half of his large hard black penis was coming out of the leg of his shorts.

“That’s ok, you can keep them.” She said smiling walking backwards towards her house. She turned away and went inside. Calvin watched her great ass sway as she jogged inside. He felt something cool against his cock head and looked down to see his cock out in the open. “Fuck” he said tucking his cock back in his shorts and leaving for his house. “Shit she saw me there with a fucking boner. I’m fucked now.”
The steam from the boiling spaghetti noodles rose in the kitchen as Angie couldn’t get her mind off of what she saw. Part of her was proud that she could arouse him like that. Another part felt ashamed of herself. She was shy by nature and had never done such a thing in her life. She nearly fell off her chair when the phone rang. It was Mark and he wasn’t going to be coming home for dinner. She looked out her kitchen window and could see through the darkness. Calvin was sitting at his dining room table leaned back in his chair and his arms folded. He looked alone and sulking.

“Poor guy. He must think I’m a horrible person. First to tease him like that let alone look like a slut.” She said to herself. She was going to try and make it up to him.

She got out of her robe and dressed in some pajama pants and a small t-shirt before making her way to Calvin’s house. She rang the doorbell and felt some tension between them as he answered the door.

“Hey, I hope it’s not to late.” She said shrugging her shoulders looking into his house.

“No not at all.” Cal said. Trying to guess what she was going to say next.

“Well Mark called me and he’s not going to make it home tonight. He has to go out of town. I have all this food and figured it shoudn’t go to waste. Would you like to come over?”

Calvin accepted the invitation and went over to Angie’s. He was in his wife beater and sweat pants. He took a seat at the dinner table as Angie served him the spaghetti.

“Look I’m really sorry about all the things that have happened.” Cal said before taking the fork in his hand. I hope you don’t think I’m some kind of pervert.”

Angie was surprised that Cal felt that way. “Cal really its no big deal. You got to see my breasts and I saw something else. So I guess we’re even.”

They both chuckled and actually carried on a great conversation over dinner. They had several glasses of wine over dinner and long after the spaghetti had finished they were still talking.

Giggling Angie took another sip of wine, “I still can’t believe you thought you were the pervert. I mean I was the one trying to seduce you.”

Another chuckle came from Cal.

“Hey you know Mark just got this entertainment center installed in our living room. You want to watch a DVD?” Angie offered.

“Sure you lead the way seductress.” Calvin said.

Angie led him to the living room and he took a seat on the large couch. Angie went to a box in front of the big screen TV.

“Mark’s been representing Demi Moore lately so her studios sent us a bunch of her DVD’s. Anything you’d like to see?” Angie asked.

“Well I’m sure striptease is good.” Calvin said with a big grin.

“Your such a guy.” Angie said while popping the DVD into the player.

Angie plopped down next to Calvin as they began to watch the movie. The wine was making them both feel so loose and comfortable around each other. During one of the early strip teases Calvin watched Demi’s legs gyrate.

“She’s got great legs. You can tell she works out.” Angie said.

“Just like yours. You’ve got some great tone.” Calvin returned.

“Yeah but I think you like hers better.” Angie said as her eyes met Cals and she looked down at Cal’s crotch. A slight bulge was growing. Cal was going to sit up and cover it and Angie chimed in, “Oh it’s not like I haven’t seen that thing before.”

Calvin let out another low chuckle. She loved his deep chuckle. “Then that should prove to you I like your legs better.” He told her.
A Beautiful Thing

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Well you saw this afternoon how big you got it. Demi’s not doing much for me right now. She can dance though she might give you a run for your money.” Calvin said.

Angie now let out a giggle. “I can dance better than her.” She said looking up at Cal.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Calvin said looking her in the eyes.

“Well you said already I got you harder than she has.” Angie said thinking to herself “did I really just say that?” She then looked at his sweatpants. His bulge was growing as they watched the movie. The strip tease had ended and the bulge was growing smaller.

Then the strip scene in which Demi uses a feather boa came on and Angie noticed his cock start to grow. She was actually jealous that Demi Moore was turning Cal on.

“You know I have a boa like that from an old Halloween costume. Bet you I can use it better than Demi.” She chimed.

“I doubt that.” Calvin said his eyes fixed on Demi Moore.

“I’ll see about that.” Angie said as she ran to her bedroom and looked for the box from last Halloween. She found the boa and her competitive nature was starting to show. She was not to be out danced by this silver screen bitch. She went to her drawers and put on her sexiest pair of underwear. It was a light blue see-through thong. She put it on and some shorts as she made her way to the living room.

With just the light from the big screen TV glowing she saw Cal stroking his long cock through his sweatpants.

“Hey pal, why don’t you save that for the real show?” Angie said as she wrapped the boa around her.

“What’s the real show?” he asked.

“Just watch.” Angie said as she went to the CD player and put on the radio. Nelly’s “Hot In Here” was playing and Angie began to shake her hips. As a teenager she loved going to clubs and dancing. She definitely could. Following Demi’s move in the movie she pulled the boa around herself and discarded it as she gyrated over to Cal.

“How am I doing?” Angie asked. Her nipples were about to rip through her t-shirt as she danced towards Calvin.

“Pretty good. We might have a winner.” Calvin said as Angie mounted him. Her knees on either side of him, her hips still shaking she was bouncing her firm breasts inches from his face. She was feeling so hot she reached under her shirt and pulled it up and over her head.

“Remember these?” she asked.

Her hips were no longer swaying but she was rubbing herself up and down his hard cock. His sweatpants were so thing she could every ridge of his long cock.

“I show you mine you show me yours.” She said leaning back as she reached her hands under his shirt helping him lift it off his head. As he threw the shirt to the side he sat up a bit readjusting himself his mouth went to her large breasts. His hands squeezed them as he teased her nipples with his teeth and tongue.

“Oh God,” Angie moaned as her hands guided his face to hers and they exchanged a passionate kiss. His hips were bucking as she rode his cock through his sweats.

They continued kissing and dry humping each other as Calvins hand went down her back and down her underwear. His fingers went past her asshole and found her pulsing wet pussy. His fingers traced the outline of her lips and she broke their kiss.

“Wait,” she said out of breath. “Not here.”

She stood up and walked towards her bedroom. He followed closely behind. She walked into the room and turned around. Her lips found his and they continued kissing. Their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Angie’s hands found their way underneath the waistband of his sweats. He wasn’t wearing underwear. She broke their kiss and she planted kisses on his chest and abs. As her kisses went lower her body went lower. Her hands, lowering his sweatpants freeing his large cock.

Now on her knees in front of his nude body he stepped out of the sweatpants. His cock swayed as his legs moved and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. Her kisses went around his cock and started on his balls. She then lifted the heavy cock in the air with her hand. Her tongue licked along the bottom of his shaft and she gently took the cockhead in her mouth. She was not an expert at this. Her competitiveness emerged as she tried to take more and more of him into her mouth. She kept teasing his cock head with her tongue to the point he fell backwards onto the bed. She crawled between his legs and kept sucking away at his rod.

His hands caressed her face and he bent over and planted a kiss on her forehead. She stood up and he looked up at the tall goddess in front of him. Her dark red hair flowing and her large breasts standing proud with her pointed nipples aimed at the sky. He planted a loving kiss on her stomach as he lowered her shorts and panties. Her pussy was trimmed thanks to bikini waxing but her pubes were a dark red color. He put his arms between her legs and lifted her up into the air onto his shoulders. He leaned back on the bed so that she was now sitting on his face. He delved his tongue deep and far into her. He found her clitoris and gently nibbled at her innermost being.

She was amazed at the ease he lifted her tall frame and onto the bed. She had never been with a man that had such power and expertise in love. He was eating away at her and she couldn’t stand it. She was not one to be out done. She turned around and bent over to again work on his cock with her mouth. They both concentrated on each other’s bodies. Calvin tried not to focus on the amazing sensation her mouth was giving him as she tried to block out the great feeling of his thick lips and tongue against her.

After several minutes they both were nearing climax. Angie was now pumping his large cock with her fist furiously as she slurped, kissed and licked his cock. He was now fingering and tonguing her pussy as they were both now bucking their hips while trying to remain focused on each other. Then at almost the same moment a wave came over Angie. Her pussy felt on fire as an immense rush came through her body. As her pussy fell on Cal’s face he bucked his hips one time in the air and his cock started to erupt. His semen shot onto Angie’s chin and she instinctly clamped her mouth on his cock and began to swallow the sweet tasting seed.

Angie collapsed onto of Cal and rolled off him as the two lovers laid there panting and breathing heavily. The only sound was the radio in the background coming in from the living room. It could be faintly heard of their heavy breaths.

Angie’s hair was sweaty and sticking to her head as she sat up and cuddled up next too Calvin. He was laying there, sweat covered his chest and streamed down his forehead. Angie licked his nipple and her hand stroked his massive, flaccid cock. It felt so good in her hand as she pumped it up and down. Her hand left his cock and pinched his nipple as they began to french kiss again. Like the first time they attacked each other’s mouths with a fervor.

Calvin could feel her heaving breasts against his side and he reached over and grabbed her knee. He draped her leg across his torso as their tongues tasted each other’s juices. There kissing was so passionate their bodies were rubbing furiously against each other. Angie could stand it no longer as she felt his hard cock against the back of her leg as they kept moving back and forth. She mounted his body and could feel his large cock standing straight up inbetween her asscheeks. She rested her head on his shoulders as she raised her pussy and rubbed it up and down the length of his cock. Cal held his cock straight as she began to lower herself onto his cock head.

His girth startled her as she bit his shoulder. The pain caused him to buck his hips and force a large amount of his cock into her.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god,” she said picking her head up in pain. They looked at each other and laughed. They shared a deep kiss as Angie grimmaced and worked herself onto his cock. As she accustomed herself to him she sat up flipping her red hair into the air. She began to rub herself back and forth feeling his immense cock reaching her where nobody has before. She grabbed his hand and tried to pin him and down as she began to get more and more into it.

Angie was grunting and riding Calvin like nevere before. She was wriggling in circles, then back and forth until finally she began using her strong legs to buck up and down on his cock. She gritted her teeth and an amazing orgasm crashed through her body. Her hair covered her face as she panted. “Oh fuck,” she said as the orgasm came over her.

Her animal riding had gotten Calvin going though and he grabbed her waist and flipped her around on the bed. Laying on her back her breasts gently splayed downwards. Laying there she tightened her pussy as he began to move back and forth into her. She was trying to milk him for everything he had. He bent his head down and mauled her breasts with his mouth. He was sucking on them like a greedy man. He was nearing his end and began fucking her with all his power. She wrapped her long legs around him and her hands cupped his face. His hands stood like pillars on either side of her as he concentrated. His thrusting was filling her like never before. She reached up, kissed him on the lips and said, “Give me everything.” At that moment her body tensed up from her own orgasm and her legs squeezed him tight as he emptied himself into her. He fell down onto the bed as they continued kissing.

Their lust had no end. His large flaccid cock was still within her as they kissed. She held him inside of her with all her might as she moved underneath him trying to excite him. She felt him start to harden and she rolled on top of him. His cock came out of her releasing all the cum he had emptied into her. She crawled over him as he sat up. His cock hardened as he saw her ass move while she crawled. His hand cupped her cunt and his fingers stroked her clit. She grabbed the bars of the headboard and tensed up. This man knew how to touch her. His hand left her cunt and his two hands grabbed her breasts. He pulled her close and she reached down between her legs to grabs his giant cockhead. She guided him to her aching pussy. She couldn’t get enough of him.

Calvin watched her sexy back tense as she would push back against him. He in turn thrust into her with all he had. He was going as far as he could go and she loved it.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, C’MON BABY!!!!” She screamed in ecstasy as Calvin grabbed her dark red hair.

“You want this baby, c’mon, c’mon take this shit!” he yelled like a warrior conquering a land as he slapped her rock hard ass.

“MMmmmm, I like that shit baby. Give it to me again.” Angie said as he once again slapped her ass. Then his strokes started to shorten and both their breath’s were quickening. With one last thrust he pulled back on her hair and emptied himself into her. Angie screamed out in pain and pleasure. Sweat dripping down their backs they both howled like sexual predators in the night. Calvin was exhausted as he laid back. His cock plopping out of Angie’s meaty pussy.

Angie was still in doggy position, panting. She said in a barely audible whisper, “holy fuck” as her huge breasts heaved up and down. She laid down to her side and laid back. Her head rested on his leg and she looked up at his cock. She took a hold of his ebony spear and licked the soft cock clean. They fell asleep in that position exhausted from their love.

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